Working Group Election Process | Important Town Hall Election Information

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Working Group Election Process


Site wide, there is a call for proposals in the works for a Foundation to foster the steem ecosystem.

What's Already Done

We have already formed a Discord server that is open to the public, and have formed an ad-hoc working group. This group was tasked with facilitating formal elections of a community-backed Working Group.

The Current Step

The current working group is now managing the election of the New Working Group.

The Next Step

Next, the newly-elected Working Group will manage the call for Proposals for the Foundation. It will ensure that the proposal and selection process is done in a fair and orderly manner.

The Final Step

The Foundation proposal(s) with the most support will work with Steemit and the community to gather initial funding and start operating.

What Happens Next?

We have an election of the official working group. Here are the steps for that-

Notice went out for a town hall to be held in the Steem Alliance Discord on Jan 27 at 1pm EST // 1800 UTC). The election is for the working group that will facilitate the Calls For Proposal for the Foundation.

Nominations to the New Working Group can be accepted on chain through a nomination post that will go out Saturday Jan 26. Nominations can also be accepted during the Town Hall Meeting. All post nominations are closed at Sunday, Jan 27 at 11am EST // 4pm UTC.

Nominees can voluntarily choose to share why they are running in the #candidates-wg channel in the Steem Alliance Discord.

Once nominations have been received, a voting list is produced and presented in Discord in a channel only open to registered users. Registration in this case simply links a discord name to blockchain account to reduce sybil attacks and potential bot spam.

Community members have 12 hours to vote, and then voting is closed.

After votes are tallied the 11 users with the highest votes will be declared the official working group. In the event of a tie at 11th place each member of the ad hoc working group votes on the last member unless they are vying for the 11th spot.

The ad hoc working group will be dissolved and the new working group will take over planning the steem wide call for Proposals.


I want to be on the working group. What do I do?

Make sure you sign up on the post going out on Saturday or show up to the Town Hall on Sunday. You can also add a description about yourself in the #candidates-wg to let folks know more about you. Details for the post going out Saturday can be found here.

During the Town Hall how will Nominations be accepted?
There will be a brief introduction of what's happening, and then a speaker for the Working Group will request nominations. At that point anyone seeking to nominate or be nominated can put a "1/emoji" into chat and after they've all been collected they'll be processed in chronological order.

I want to vote for WG candidates. What do I do?
When nominations are concluded in the town hall a voting page will be presented. Registered users will be able to vote for 12 hours after that has occurred.

How Do I Register?

The working group has selected Ginabot as a means to register users for voting. The purpose of this is to limit fake accounts.

Ginabot allows for linking of a STEEM account to a discord user via transfer memos, and once registered will automatically grant access to the channel where voting will be take place.

Here is how to register (if you already use Ginabot, this should be unnecessary, but if you do not see the role assigned, feel free to follow the steps here):

  1. Join the #voter-registration channel in the SteemAlliance discord (click the link).
  2. Type ..reg yoursteemitusername
  3. GinaBot will respond with instructions to send a memo.
  4. After sending the requested memo, Ginabot will send you a memo confirming the registration. Check your wallet for the confirmation. The memo from Ginabot will also let you know if you sent the wrong memo.
  5. If successful, you can right-click your name and see "Validated Steem User" as an applied Discord role, and you will have access to the voting channel when it's publicly available.

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The voting system is very easy to manipulate. And this system will give the same weight to a 70 rep user and a 25 rep user.

Most 70 rep users are real people. Most 25 rep users are not real. They are either bots or soc puppets. And manual checking can't do much if a user uses anon services to create their accounts.

This system also could be manipulated by giving bribes like jarrybenfield did with witness votes. The voting system should be based on stake and reputation.

Yes, agreed in principle, but we still felt it was a sufficient enough barrier for puppet accounts. Also for a role that is a lot of work and has so little power.

Now for actual foundation proposals it does make sense to look at stake, but that's not what we're deciding here.

Bribery is an orthogonal issue and would still be a problem in stake based system.

We have a channel called #working-group-feedback in the discord server and welcome all ideas 🙂

stake and reputation has been discussed and I hope will be a discussion the new group has immediately. But as with everything, many feel this method is also unfair. So, it’s definitely an interesting topic.

Rep can be bought so that's not really trustworthy either.

What? How can rep be bought?

Bid Bots.

send 50 steem to me and see your rank boost...

NOT !!!


You mean that thing one can buy using bidbots ?

You have to actually pay Steem to bidbots to increase reputation. By doing that you are using Steem. On the other hand, in the system proposed above won't require you to spend much steem to become a voter. There is a big difference between the two.

Hey guys, specificallly those from the Working Group. Just wanna say thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing, and the time and effort you put in. Everyone morning when I check out the Discord channel there's a long string of chat from overnight so really appreciate what you are doing for the platform.

If we can have more of you guys and less of the selfish self centered me only morons on Steemit this would be a much better place.

Thanks again.

I posted an article introducing this election to Japan.

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i dont see how ginabot verification would prevent fake accounts from multiple votes its only a fraction of cent to verify

example i have 5 accounts currently registered with ginabot

It’s a step implemented to help prevent, but manual checking will be done as well. It’s a tricky thing to completely remove the possibility of. We just hope a election for a non leadership role won’t bring on too much multi account voting.

Future elections will be done in a different manner and believe that process will weed out multi accounts much easier, a just aren’t quite there yet.

i dont see how it prevents much maybe forcing someone to join each account manually

it would be more effective to restrict discord access by Phone (SMS) verification as the cost to abuse is 100 times more

leadership role or not it would give a platform to someone to promote themselves being seemingly reputable by means of "votes" from the community

Yep, lots of wonderful feedback and advice for the current volunteer working group 🙂

I have the exact same concern as you, and we are doing all we can to prevent it. We would love to hear from you in the feedback channel.

SMS is too prohibitive of a condition and I suspect few would be willing to do it. Plenty of complaints about even the old steemit sign up flow for this reason.

how is an AUTH code by SMS prohibitive?

it is one thing the majority of the world would have access to especially if they are using the internet already

also discord provides this service

the problem with steemit inc signup was there was only a handful of people doing and there was little demand anyways since the majority of accounts were made in 2 months when bitcoin was over $10k with most being inactive

without an efficient means to show individual users it would be as well to have no vote and just declare the ones with the most accounts

Well I'm just citing a fair amount of complaints on Reddit about it and also people generally unwilling to do phone verification. Besides, it didn't stop faucet accounts either if you recall.

maybe for a standard non income based mainstream site users might have a problem but for a site that is based on creating value and having an economy every step should be taken to ensure quality is maintained rewards are managed and to prevent exploitation.

i suspect the purpose for a good amount of accounts created by steemit inc was to farm rewards also to inflate user numbers
but that isn't much different than those in the top 20 witness with over thousand accounts used to farm the rewards.

Please consider for future election.

haha baller

Wait till community feature is enabled on steem. Then do everything on the steem blockchain using community feature to avoid all these issues.

When the Discord invitation link is dead only after 5 hours ... and you have only 12 hours to vote.

I’m confused by this as the discord link is still active and while yes, there was a previous post that had a link used that was set to expire by mistake, the issue was resolved. So, just a comment to state a possible issue?

This is excellent! You give me great ideas to do something for our presidential election. Thanks and good luck!

I was just thinking how this whole process will be an interesting look at elections on a blockchain as well as a community ran, well anything. A true study of human behavior and what happens when a community is given control to decide how it is done. Will the masses be able to make the right decisions? Or will it turn into a mess? While this has been an extremely tiring experience so far, I find it quite fascinating as well. 🙂

I am curious as well... At the moment I try to introduce people to join Steem and my discord channel where I can help them to know first about Steem and the basic principle about blockchain, which I think it is important. They have to understand that steem will be so much different than other sos med, which at the moment collaborate with the government to have strict regulations for the opposition. A lot of accounts are banned just because they are very outspoken and provides the truth, and even with WhatsApp, now we can only forward pictures/videos/news just to 5 people only. Only in my country. It's stupid, isn't it?

Anyway, good luck, please do keep inform the progress, I want to learn about it as well. Thank you.

Thanks for providing us with these continued updates.

I've been out of touch with SteemIt for a few months, and have returned to a real shitstorm brewing!

It has been incredibly difficult to piece together what's happened, why, where we're at today and what tomorrow might look like. These updates really help us regular folk stay informed about how we can engage with the process.

I must admit I had no idea there was so much contention at STINC until I saw the new MD announcement and started digging further.

Resteemed for a wider diffusion...

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Loving the organization going on!!!

sounds like a real positive a reallllllyyy long time !!

any way we can do voting on steem itself ...dpoll or something ?