StellarX lists STEEM and SBD

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Just a few days ago we introduced Steem Anchor which enabled Stellar based exchanges to list STEEM and SBD assets.

Today we are proud to announce that STEEM and SBD are now available as listed assets on StellarX decentralized exchange.

Official listing means STEEM and SBD markets are now visible to all users of StellarX without an additional authorization step and trustlines are automatically created for those who want to buy STEEM or SBD directly from the market.

What is StellarX?

Launched on September 28 by a team which previously built products like Kickstarter, Headspace and OkCupid, StellarX is one of the newest decentralized exchanges out there.


Zero trading fees coupled with a simple and modern interface and powered by Stellar's decentralized blockchain technology also makes it one of the best decentralized exchanges worldwide.

We suggest reading their announcement and launch posts to find out more, or head directly to and start trading!

Why StellarX is a huge deal for Steem?

This listing opens new liquidity paths to major crypto and fiat currencies through Stellar's decentralized network, an already impressive list which is poised to grow:

  • Fiat: Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Euro, Nigerian Naira, British Pound and Philippine Piso and soon Australian Dollar
  • Crypto: Stellar, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Kin, Basic Attention Token, Salt, 0x and many others...
  • ICO: hundreds of natively issued ICO tokens and airdrops

For the full list, please visit markets page on StellarX

Steem Anchor - Product Updates

  • Steem Anchor has been updated to support SEP 0006 standard for Anchor/Client interoperability. StellarX will soon release an updated interface supporting this standard which will enable users to deposit and withdraw STEEM and SBD easier directly from StellarX interface.
  • You can now see the amount of asset holders for both STEEM and SBD in our Vault section.

Who is behind Steem Anchor?

Steem Anchor is brought to you by the @sweatshop team - a dedicated blockchain project incubator led by two Steem witnesses - @upheaver and @therealwolf.

How can I contribute?




First netcoins now this one!
More and more listings each passing week.

For DEX, I only like Bitshares as bitUSD and BTS are absolutely safe.

however there's a lot to admire about the Stellar Consensus Protocol.

Indeed there is. My guess is it will probably overtake the rest of them the not-too-distant future. It has great potential, I've already used it, not once, but twice. It's probably going to be a weekly thing for me. And, don't forget about the inflation destinations. Basically that means free lumens every week, which means more for us over here. In other words, more chances to buy.

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The greatest DEX by far!

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Technology is sweet people when you are in the right place

Hello to everyone, we need to support this 2 Steem witnesses @upheaver and @therealwolf. They are doing a great job by launching SteemAnchor, building interblockchain communication.

Very cool. So cool I signed up an account. :)

Thanks for the great news!

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And still no pump?

Everyone is welcome to create a new market on Stellar by depositing their STEEM and SBD and opening positions on the Stellar DEX, and hey - maybe a pump will follow at some point in time.

good news
thanks :)

Awesome news let’s get steem everywhere!!! I hope that we not going to experience wallet issues like we always do with other exchanges

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This is great news! I recently moved all my XLM to StellarX and I'm enjoying the experience and the staking.

Steem is getting spread to various markets recently in addition to Netcoins listing.
This is only the beggining of the huge coming things for steem and steemit in general.
Keep it up

Let's support it by trading steem into other cryptocurrency. Just buy steem and sbd there.

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Ohhhhh yeah... Keep the amazing news like this coming. Let's get STEEM and sbd all over the place. Thank you for having us and making this happen.

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Wow amazing.. Steem now list on many marketplace

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Tagging fellow Steemians here who expressed their interest in supporting witnesses who work to get STEEM and SBD listed via socky's campaign - this might be of interest to you.

@a0i @acostaeladio @adelsz @aiyub99 @ajii @aleecnavarro @alspir @amazonasomos @amico @andyrc @asaha @azzelarab @badmusgreene @beatdragon @bigtakosensei @bitjunky @blewitt @boiboi2020 @boyasyie @brisby @business.trends @cannabisguy420 @celinavisaez @chadrona @cinderhouse @cloudspyder @coolguy222 @cryptocopy @cryptojiang @crypto-luke @cryptothoughts @d00k13 @danielvehe @daudimitch @daveyz @dianclasher @denissemata @doomsdaychassis @dreamryder007 @drginecoweb @drusca @duarte9sousa @dynamicrypto @echowizard @ecoinstant @edryne678 @elizabethbit @embomb701 @erikklok @erodedthoughts @everosy @ezinwakenneth @farmergreen @fbslo @felipejoys @fervi @fher @fishaikh @fitinfun @fortunee @foxkoit @franciferrer @fremy @freyman @funkylove @galactic123 @gclipse @glastar @hanamana @hardaeborla @hashcash @haunting @idiongo @ironshield @itstime @jadnven @jahangirwifii @jam29 @jigsindian @jk6276 @jyoti-thelight @joanstewart @johnspalding @jordanlove @joseda32 @josefpius @josteem @Kaliju @karthi66 @kbr @ketcom @klippengeist @kpreddy @krishnackt11 @kutrulaju @landmine @lanzjoseg @learnguitar @lets-steemit @leodelara @lucyho @luis01gs @lunaticpandora @makinstuff @marcusmalone @marius19 @marivic10 @maxipiano @memox17 @mepatriot @mikeycolon @mkesh @moderndayhippie @momogrow @mow @nameless-berk @natepower @nevies @nnadi-philip @oleg326756 @omnimacedonian @oodeyaa @palomot @pandasquad @pataty69 @pdtrain @phgnomo @praise-eu @presteamed9-oh66 @princejain123 @princewahaj @r351574nc3 @ragav-daga @rahul.stan @rainieraveradio @ramesh10 @rextyge @richatvns @riovanes @rokhani @ronaldoavelino @roselover @rsalmeron @saarinout @sacra97 @salmahi @samstonehill @sapper11g @senseicat @sgt-dan @shuvomahfuz @silvertop @sivehead @siomarasalmeron @sjrocks @smartsocial @somasekhar @ssgdude @ssjsasha @stahlberg @steem0 @sulgeykarina @sultanofking @sweetjoy @synrg @taimoorahmad @tesaganewton @topfivefamily @trayan @triptybarsha @tsnaks @ulises06 @valikos @vegaron @victorialanz @vieira @watersnake101 @watwrongwitunews @webcoop @wmendoza @wstanley226 @yesslife @yuki-nee @zainenn @zohaibrauf

Ohh I saw this but missed the part about you being a witness! I need to review who to drop, I’ll vote both of you in the morning along with every other account I have access to.

Great job!

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Lo que indique @socky y el profesor @lanzjoseg

Wow, thank you so much for the effort and energy you put into this project. I didn't know Stellar before and now I use it almost every day. 👍

You are welcome!

Let me get this correct. It is not really STEEM and SBD traded on StellarX, but instead the tokens created by you that are backed by STEEM or SBD and held in your vault?

All cryptocurrency tokens on Stellar blockchain are essentially debt instruments and are issued through a process called Anchoring - you can read about it here:

It works pretty much the same on every other exchange out there (users deposit money into a wallet, exchange prints "tokens"), the difference with our implementation being that it's fully transparent and on chain - we are not able to cook order books or print STEEM or SBD which users did not deposit to the vault.

Thanks for the clarification.

So what this really means is that the STEEM/SBD token wallet functioning on StellarX will rely on the steemanchor node operator to keep that node functioning instead of relying on the exchange techies to keep the STEEM node functioning. We all know exchanges are terrible at keeping their STEEM nodes functioning.

If this can be implemented on major exchanges, this would be a game changer. The problem is trust. We trust exchanges to a point that they are not going to pack up and skip town with any assets at the exchange. In this case there is a single entity holding the key to steemanchor. How do we trust that a person doesn't skip town with those assets or just drops dead and the key is lost forever?

That's absolutely right, trust is the main factor here, that's why this project is only viable if done by someone that the community knows and can trust.

As for keys - that's a valid concern and we will provide several levels of contingencies as the vault grows in size in order to be able to recover the funds.

On the other hand though having a well guarded master key is excellent for ensuring secure operation of the vault, and storage of the customer funds.

Awesome! May this be only the beginning of a big wave for Steem, starting with Netcoins listing and now on StelarX. :)

wow, that's amazing, steem will be popular soon

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Good job, now to watch how this changes stability over time.

Hopefully for the better

A lot of awesome news for steem lately :)

We are trying to start a new trend!

To be honest, i'm getting more confused by the day. but from the looks of it, y'all are doing a great job

Great news for Steem. We continue to keep moving forward in terms of development regardless of price performance. Eventually the intrinsic value in the network will be realised.

This certainly seems like a really good thing! As largely a "non-blockchain-crypto-person" I am always looking to developments that will make this whole gig less complicated and convoluted for the average person on the street to understand.

Bright Blessings!

Cheers! Thanks for your support

This is fantastic news! We need steem and sbd on as many exchanges as possible.

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good news for steemitians

Great news, thank you for sharing it with us !

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Our pleasure

Hey dudes, I didn't know Stellarx existed before now, and I've been looking for a more streamlined way to purchase Steem from USD, so thanks for that.

On reddit someone was saying that to use Anchor to load in USD from a US bank, you had to deposit a minimum of $1000 with a $25 flat fee. Can anyone confirm if this is actually the case?

There's several USD anchors on Stellar and their rates / requirements vary a lot, check out which one is better for you:

That’s awesome ! Next: Steem on Coinbase !

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cool another good news in few days after netcoins contest. Hope soon we will also see the difference in the price😊

So cool thanx for it
I signed up the account
It is cool reading this

Awesome news by the way it's good to hear that
I headed to see the stellarx website it's great to have @therealwolf as the witness

amazing! this is really a good news! :)

This is great exchangers ,I suggest it .

Time to moon baby !!!


That’s indeed a very good new

Good news all crypto-currency traders

Great Job to put steem on the StellarX exchange is a very wise decision. Thanks for bringing that to life!

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I wish I would've known this before I purchased on Binance. I recently joined the Stellar x exchange and I must say that I love it. It has a lot of benefits and I'm currently watching a coin with the symbol CJS that just hit the exchange

I will make sure I remember in the future because I'm trying to build my xlm up

Great job! Thanks StellarX for listing.

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Wow just join stellarx last week and ready to trade as soon as possible and its great news to add steem on the platform.

Nice to see them adding both Steem and sbd

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Two birds with one stone. STEEM vs SBD market on StellarX will come later this / early next year

Good news for steem. Great work.

Will it bring steem and sbd to the moon?

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@steemanchor, very nice news!
Is StellarX connected with Stellar Lumens (XLM)?

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Yes! StellarX is a decentralized exchange built on Stellar network - XLM is the native currency of Stellar Network providing liquidity for all the trades.

@steemanchor, that's great!

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Good news for the stemians and certainly makes it easy to carry out carious financial activities and can increase the value of the STEEM or SBD......and i will share this good news with frends.

Excelente noticia

Please am new, I need up votes and follow

This is some great news!

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Thank you for your support

The problem that Steem and SBD had they havent been listed on many exchanges.
As time passes by more and more exchanges are gonna list Steem and SBD.
Steem will be ready for the next Bull market 👊💪

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