Introduction to SteemBulls - A Steemit Community on Discord for Cumulative Growth

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What is SteemBulls?

SteemBulls is a Discord Sever or Steemit Community on Discord to help minnows. We as SteemBulls don't believe in Admin drive community rather it's designed for cumulative growth. We strongly believe everyone should have a say in the community.

There are many people on Steemit generating valuable content but many of these wonderful writers get discouraged when their content is not getting appreciated. It's very important for everyone to understand the basics of a social network. Where just uploading content or writing blogs is not enough.

We need to engage with each other and appreciate others as we expect the same for us. SteemBulls was started with the goal of helping good talent and try to create some recognition for everyone who is interested. It's not just a platform to connect like-minded people but also a family to support each other. Everyone is welcome to join us on discord:

Talent of the Week by SteemBulls

To encourage the talent on Steemit. We have a "Talent of Week" Initiative every week. Where one blogger from SteemBulls family got picked up and introduced to everyone. Where Founders & Allies also make a request to everyone in the group to upvote the selected content to provide a boost and encourage more people to bring out their hidden talent.

To participate, One has to use steembulls as a tag on the post. To enable us to find and evaluate the content. our group members talent can also be seen under the link:

Highlights of SteemBulls Channels

  1. Council

  2. Since we believe in becoming a community which should be driven by the people for the people. Council is a channel to discuss group activities as well as decisions. Since, it is restricted for Allies & Founders to make decisions for the group, it's also open for everyone to read, making it more transparent in the community.
  3. Suggestions

  4. We like to get improved and welcome everyone's suggestions and feedback about the group. We believe, the more minds we have the stronger we get.
  5. Contests

  6. We don't like to get contests restricted. So we welcome everyone in our family to announce their own contests and share the link on contests channel for everyone to participate.
  7. Worth Sharing

  8. Everyone finds interesting content over steemit but they don't share it much. We encourage our family members to share the content with everyone they find worth sharing. The only rule is content being shared should not belong to self-promotion.
  9. Upvote Exchange

  10. We understand everyone loves to receive upvotes, one of the major reasons on many discord servers, post promotion channels are flooded with post links, The Major problem, everyone like to share their link but no one upvotes. To make things better we encourage everyone to upvote at least the latest post in the channel before dropping own link.
  11. Crypto Airdrops

  12. This is the channel, where everyone can share the information they have for any upcoming airdrop in crypto space. The only rule, existing information should not be repeated.
  13. Crypto News

  14. This channel is not only for steemit posts but any link containing news related cryptocurrencies that anyone wants to share with the community.
  15. DJ Bull

  16. Who doesn't like music? It's a part of our life. We welcome everyone to play their own music in the group in this special channel. Be our DJ anytime you like.

Meet our Wonderful Allies

We highly recommend, following our Allies to checkout their wonderful blog posts.

Meet the Founders


Internet Marketer by Profession and an Entrepreneur by Evolution, Bunny Chum pursued the career as a self-employed Internet Marketing Consultant. A reputed IT Consultant helping plenty of happy clients. Co-Founder of ExEyes Technologies Pvt. Ltd. under which he developed patented technology of New Generation QR Codes.

Currently developing a project with Blockchain Technology to overcome the complications faced in documentation authentication. With over 3 years experience in crypto-sphere, he is currently working as a full time Blockchain consultant and holding Seminars in & around the state to increase awareness of this wonderful world-changing technology.


With work experience of more than 15 years, P.Kalra is an Enthusiastic Result Oriented Professional having ground experience in Quality assurance and customer relation management. A proven and appreciated record of having an innovative creative mind to introduce new systems and procedures for better efficiency.

Expertise in Financial Management & Legalisation. Former Branch Head with Vodafone Associate. Former Finance Head at Reputed IT Firm. Founder of IT consulting firm providing all kind of IT solutions to overseas clients. Cryptocurrency Consultant & Technology Enthusiast.


A full time blogger and columnist, Honey Chum, is an influencer writer with many online followers. Hold a master degree and worked as General Manager at Canadian Incorporation in India, he soon developed his interest in Cryptocurrencies.

Currently working as a full-time trader in Cryptocurrencies and blogger. Passionate writer & editor, he is also guiding newbies and writing enthusiast to make writing as a career choice and showing a path how they can earn a living via writing good quality content.

We Would Love to See you Guys becoming a part of SteemBulls Community.

Join us on Discord:


Hello steembulls! Welcome to Steemit! Hope you'll like the community here. As a start, here are 5 tips that we believe will be helpful to you:

  1. Keep your passwords safe: Unlike conventional sites, Steemit has 4 types of passwords. Each offers varying degrees of access to your account, so know where and when to use each of them. Also, make sure to keep them all safe and secure.
  2. Get Steem rewards: When writing a post, you'll have the option to choose how to receive your reward: "Default 50%/50%" or "Power Up 100%". As of this moment, choosing Default 50%/50% is the better option. But this can change over time. Check our post to know more.
  3. Upvote wisely: When upvoting, wait at least 30 minutes after the post is published to maximize your curation reward. Also, make sure not to upvote too much too fast so as not to drain your voting power.
  4. Know your Steem, Steem Dollars and Steem Power: Steem and Steem Dollars are the 2 main currencies here. Convert and power up more Steem into Steem Power so you can have higher values on your upvotes.
  5. Have Fun and Enjoy!

For a detailed writeup, check our post Getting Started: 5 Essential Tips for New Users.

Good luck on your Steem journey! Follow us if you like to receive more helpful tips and maximize your Steemit experience.

Its clear now. Im new at steemit..
I had some confusion about this.
Now i understand my maximum problem. Thx

Sounds like a great initiative. Sharing and support is what Steemit is all about! I don’t even know what Discord is, but I’m feeling the vibe, so I’ll go check it out! Way t’ be guys!

Thank you @bunnychum for this post. Now we know what you all actually look like, except for @pkalra because we can only see his side profile. Haha! But that's all right, I am sure we'll see more of him as time goes by.

Thank you @honeychum, @bunnychum and @pkalra for making me one of your allies. I am honoured to be part of @steembulls and thank you for acknowledging our contributions to the growth of our community.

It is also an honour to be an ally alongside these great women of Steembulls. I love sharing ideas with all of you, @shagungupta, @scarletmedia and of course my sister, @dynamicshine. When I am not around, my sister is active on the Discord, which is good, because we update each other outside of Steemit and Discord.

One of the things that attracted me to SteemBulls was that back when I was just starting (and you know how frustrating it is when you're a newbie and your posts don't even get seen, and you only have 3 to maximum of 5 upvotes), I came across the discord link to SteemBulls. I can't remember which post it was. But ever since I joined you guys, I started getting upvotes from the members and admins, too.

So as a sign of gratitude to the Steembulls community, I started promoting the Discord and never missed a single post since then that I didn't promote it.

My tagline for Steembulls is:
"We are a community of people that help each other in having our posts get noticed, read, and appreciated. So come and join and be inspired!"

So thank you so much once again, @bunnychum, @pkalra and @honeychum for creating SteemBulls. I wish you guys and the rest of us all the best and may our community continue to grow.

God bless you all!

I already joined the discord channel.however i cant post anything.everything was restricted. I already upvoted 1 post but how will i koin the discussion? Im still restricted

You have to read and follow the rules there. There is a command that you need to type so that you will be promoted to a "family member", that's when you can drop your link after upvoting posts previously shared on upvote-exchange.

Thank you steembulls and the founders. I am so proud to be a part of this discord group. The whole team is actually working hard to help minnows grow on steemit.
Steembulls Rocks!!!

Wooooowwww finally I have seen all the great founders and gentlemen behind my family, @steembulls! You're all great looking!

I am honored to be an ally of this family and thank you for never ending support and your kindness towards my sis @evlachsblog and I, and Steemians who joined in our community discord.

Now, im inspired to write agaiiinnn!

I love you all founders! 💕

More power to you all and #Steembulls.

Nice post @bunnychum Yes I truly believe in SteemBulls. We all SteemBull family members will definitely take SteemBulls to the height which we had in vision while forming it.

Our allies @ShagunGupta @EvlachsBlog @ScarletMedia @DynamicShine have worked wonderfully as the supporting Pillars of this family.

I thank you for drafting such a beautiful article on SteemBulls. Thanks

When you want to be heard, have new friends, be motivated, appreciated, and if you're tired of being snubbed, join our family :)

Avatar logo ryl3.png

And nice to meet you again. I always beside of steembulls :D

Welcome on board @steembulls. A well detailed post @bunnychum.

Finally, I get to see all your wonderful faces. Glad to be part of this family. Cheers.

Hi, thanks for the information, I am starting in Steemit and I have a little more than 2 months.

Greetings from Venezuela

Greetings, steembulls! Best wishes for the best journey here on Steemit! Life is Beautiful

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link
@newbieresteemday invite link

We asked on the Discord server, if the operator of the bot thinks, that it is fair if users pay 0.5 SBD/STEEM and got upvotes for just 20 USD cents back?
He said yes. We see it differently, especially new users step into such traps.

Our messages have been deleted and we have been blocked for most channels.

We left the server because of censorship.

Also wallet memo spam is a big problem on Steemit. We understand your concerns about competition as well frustration. Please understand different services gets born with different requirements on social platforms.

We also like to invite you to check @BubbleBee 's profile and let everyone know how much percent of new users are using our services?

About Wallet Memo Spam: We never repeat the sender and only send messages to bot users. Spam is defined as multiple messages whereas single message per person is defined as marketing. We think you should also consider marketing but not spamming of course. :) NO HARD FEELING, WE LOVE YOU AND USE YOUR SERVICES AS WELL :)

Additionally, we have clearly mentioned about the service we are providing with @BubbleBee


We don't have concerns about competition and very shure we don't have frustation.
All we want is a fair transparent game on Steemit.
No one seems to be using your service at the moment. And to be honest, think that's good.

It doesn't matter how often you send memos to a person or what target group they is.
Spam remains spam.

Shure,there are bigger problems on Steemit, but you have tried to censor us and we random see this posting, so we have left a statement here.

You want to have upvotes? You have to pay :) don't like these initiatives one bit. Small accounts pay to receive a few cents, big accounts earn the money. That is what is wrong when you think about making money only. I will keep posting and actually don't care if my post are not upvoted. I. Am not here on Steemit to get appreciated but to share what I can with the community.

Cheers from Prague ;)


Another day, another discord channel.

Welcome, steembulls! I wish you a very prosper journey here in this fun-loving community :) Cheers!

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link
@newbieresteemday invite link

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Cool idea guys. I joined your discord channel to learn more! :) See you there! Followed~

hi steembulls, it’s nice to see new face on steemit, hope you will spread positive vibes in steemit.and keep up the good work on steemit...;-) and be regular on steemit it will make grow you faster... ;-)

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Thanks @adityajainxds

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Hi, thank you for contributing to Steemit!

I upvoted and followed you; follow back and we can help each other succeed :)

This type of community is what i have been searching for. I have already given an upvote but unfortunately the join us link is having issues at this moment and I could not join owing to that issue. Please fix the link so I would be able to join. Thanks

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thanks guys.
Im really need like this information.
I will come join on discord
once more, thank very much

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I am proud to be a part of this group. The whole team is working well

I'm new to steemit, can you help me?

@honeychum proud to have you in steemit:)