Now Offers Paid Steem Accounts!

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As we all know the sign-up process for a steem account can take quite a long time. At least nowadays newcomers have to wait more than one week if not even more than 2 in order to receive their confirmation and be able to access the platform.

Now steemit has taken some action, before an eventual future implementation of an automatic instant sign-up, by simply offering people instant access through a paid account. The possibility exists for some time already but now it's finally getting shown to the public right away.

On their website one may now see the following after a click on the sign-up button:


A popup will appear from which the user can choose the service he or she wants to use to get a steem account and hence instant access respectively.


It might not be the easiest way still but will definitely make it way easier for people to join the steem movement right away instead of having to wait. That said, I like the step steemit has taken here to make the paid option available on their homepage instead of having all new users wait while some might be willing to pay for their account.

What's your opinion?

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Two weeks is not all that long, people really can’t wait?

It's not that they can't... They won't.
They have no clue that the site is worth waiting for... so they don't.

Well, when you think that our generation grew up with instant results gaming, instant results messaging and instant *results?) news. Few weeks seem a lifetime in comparison.

True and a little sad

yes I also waited yesterday for more than 1 week of his process when the list and I new 1 day in steemit please support me ya 😄 @elsacantik

Thats good news. But many users are already selling their account. It is a bit weird, as you dont know who will be the new account holder. Accounts with high reputation and steem power available on the market.
I dont know what to see about this topic and if it is a positive or negative step. But what is frustrating here is that many spammers are signing in with about 10 accounts and using them for phishing purpose. I think everything must be controlled and checked before it is too late.

Paid account doest mean that everything is safe, unless they ask for ID to prevent abuse.

By the way, paying to sign up a new account isn't the same as buying an established account with some Rep/SP if that's what you mean... I think one of the selling points of the platform is that nothing is controlled.

Yeah it means there will be/Are lots of scammers, but it also means the creators one can "censor" your account if they didn't like you (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube... etc.)

If people downvoted you to negative, your posts won't be shown in the front page and will be hidden in your page, but they'll still be in the blockchain and people can still find/read them if they wanted.

This is one of the flaws of the freedom, but I think we need a platform like this in our world right now.

Of course we need a platform like this, but in case the accounts will be sold without any security, we will face the same problem. What I mean is: If a scammer can buy about 10 accounts per day without showing is ID, we will face the same problems we are facing now :(

Really i wait 3 weeks for my account to approve.

I understand that they let people pay to stay anonymous, but taking money so people could skip the line is just another way of saying that their current sign-up process is slacking.

dont forget .... when you enter for free... they pay fees for you as soon as you are confirmed... maybe thats why sorting out bots and other stuff

That's true, but I paid back the 25 STEEM they borrowed me! :D

its working nice... payment processed fast .... site working just fine.... but dont forget to read it all... i think you need not to close the tab of purchase... recomending this to yall if you hate waiting just as i do

Free account has been abuse in the past. Paid account I think will stop the abused made before.

I think it's a good move. With a free account having value it was bound to be abused by spammers and bots.

It is a good filter that actually adds to the platform and should improve the content quality bar over time.

Since it's already there and people consider it a feature of the platform. It's a good move that the platform announced it as a feature!!

I don't get it. When I joined SteemIt, I was warned not to open more than one account... There were multiple warnings not to open more than one account, or I could be punished.

Now they offer tools for anyone to open multiple accounts? What the f...?

I don't agree with this, we have enough jerks already, using groups of 10 or 20 bots to self-vote every one liner comment they make...

I'm afraid this "feature" will make it a lot worse.

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