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Finally I have found some time for introducing my new development. I think the tool is now in a state where I can show it even if I am not fully satisfied yet. There is still a lot to do for me and I come to new ideas nearly every day, but as I have seen in the last weeks there are many people on Steem(it) who already use it daily. That is really an awesome feeling guys! There will soon be many more great features to discover in the tool ;)

So let us begin to dive a bit deeper into my world and to get to know some of the features we can already find in there...

The Top

Voting Power

In the upper left corner there is a circle that displays our current voting power (VP) in a graphical way. The center of the circle contains a label with the VP in percent (rounded to 2 decimal places). By moving the mouse over the text it will show a hint with a more precise value. The $ amount at the bottom represents the worth of a vote with 100% strength and the currently displayed VP (in this case also 100%).

The element is interactive so that we can simulate different VP values by clicking/touching it as shown in the following animation:

Voting Values

The table on the right to the VP control shows a preview for votes with different strengths. So all this together enables us to simulate a VP to see how much a vote would be worth with the chosen VP for various percentages in strength.

For better understanding

The “Voting Values” table does not show the worth of votes for different VP percentages. It shows the worth for different vote strengths in conjunction with the current/chosen VP.

This might be a bit confusing at the beginning and the best way to learn how it works is to play with different values and watch the resulting amounts for a while.

Rewards of the last week

The table in the upper right section displays a summary for our recent rewards grouped per day. All SBD amounts are being calculated by the use of the current median price. I plan to add a switch in the settings so that each of us can decide how it should be calculated and displayed.

Then we could choose between “market price / median price” and maybe even the target currency (SBD, USD, EUR, ...). Currently I still have some things of higher priority on my list but I will definitely make some changes regarding the mentioned points in the future.

Account Tabs

Tab “Stats”

This tab gives us a compact overview of our Steem account. Most elements in there should be self-explanatory.

The button “Simulate SP...” lets us change our current SP to be able to see how much a vote with the desired power would be worth. The values in the VP circle and the table in the upper area will then show us the vote worth with the chosen SP and of course we can play with the VP control in this case too.

The field “Voting Value” displays a preview for the worth of a vote with current SP, VP and the chosen strength. The slider can be used to set a manual voting strength.

“VP ~> 100%” tells us how long it will take to recharge the VP to 100%. This is also bound to the VP control so that we can choose a desired target VP and see how long it will take to reach a specific percentage or voting worth.

The table for rewards at the bottom is nearly the same as the one in the upper right of the page. The only difference is that the data is grouped differently and they show the total rewards for a wider time period.

Tab “Balances”

In this section we can see our account balances and a button “Redeem” for redeeming our open rewards. The area in the middle holds the exact amount of own, received and delegated vesting shares (SP). In the bottom we have some details about active vesting withdrawals for our account.

Tab “General Data”

This panel displays some general data about our account. Nothing special but I think it is nice to have all this information in one place. The referenced accounts (blue text) can be visited on SteemWorld by clicking on the icon next to the account name. A click on the name opens the account on Steemit (or on the in the settings defined Steem Site).

Tab “Account Details”

Here we have some more details about our account, a list with witnesses we have voted for and some information on bandwidth and our public keys.

Tab “Witness Details”

This tab is only enabled for witness accounts and it holds some stats about their work as a witness. There we can also see the producer rewards that are not included in the rewards table at the top, because I need the space there for the other totals. Perhaps I am going to put them to the section above too with an extra button for toggling between author and producer rewards.

Tab “Delegations (In/Out)”

This section should be self-explanatory. In the next weeks there will come some controls for editing the existing outgoing delegations and for delegating SP to other accounts.

Tab “Followers”

This tab contains a list of our followers and the accounts we are following. With the controls at the top we can switch between various groups and search for an account by name. The limit defines how many items we want to see in the list at maximum. In case of an account with more than 5000 followers it might get a bit slow to show them all at once, therefore I have set the default to “1000”.

Tab “Steem Info”

Here we can see some general information about Steem. The current price on the Steem(it) Market with daily change and volume for STEEM and SBD. The current median price shows the price that is used to calculate rewards for votes in the system.

Below that there are some details about total vesting shares, the reward pool and number of Steem accounts/witnesses. The “Next HF” field will show the version and date for the next hardfork (once it is available).

Tab “Settings”

All settings for the tool can be edited in this section. The currently still disabled “Steem Site” setting will soon be available so that users of other platforms than Steemit can set it to their desired site and all links from SteemWorld automatically will point to it.

With the “Steem Node” setting we can choose our desired node for loading the data from. I still play around with the default node by testing the speed in different scenarios, but the selected node ( powered by @themarkymark ) is the fastest one I could find so far. It is also possible to add custom nodes to the list. If you should be running a full node that is not in the list, please let me know and I will add it there ;)

Each visit on steemworld.org starts with connecting to the default node. If the node is for some reason not reachable the next node from the list will be used and so on until a connection can be established. I have planned making the load a bit more balanced (for example by choosing the default node automatically per country) in the future. Currently it's working fast and I'm thankful for all witnesses/users who are supporting this kind of tools with their public nodes!

The “Refresh Interval” controls the interval for refreshing the stats and account operations. The default value of “30 Seconds” should work well for most of us and it assures to have a more balanced node performance even with millions of users. Many tools that I have seen are doing the refresh far too often and I'm asking myself how it shall work with millions of Steem users who are requesting data from a handful of public nodes every second.

The “Author Rewards” setting lets us decide how the rewards in the tool are being displayed. Currently it uses always a fixed rate of 25%, which of course will not give us the exact payout value, but I am working on a better solution so that I can calculate the exact pending curator payout.

Account Operations

Here we can see all operations regarding to our account sorted chronologically in descending order. The tabs on the left enable us to choose a specific day. Currently it shows only the last 7 days (+ today). In future I want it to be more configurable so that we can go further back in time and will be able to select a date via a date picker or so.

The filter controls on the left can be used for filtering operations by type and direction. For example, if we want to get an overview of the incoming votes we just have to set the direction to “Incoming” and the type to “Votes” and the items will get filtered immediately.

I will add some more filter possibilities in the coming weeks. Thanks to @themarkymark for the great suggestion regarding the new “Hide Producer Rewards” option! If you have not already voted for him as witness you should definitely consider to do so ;)

For most operations I have added an icon and a summary on the right for giving a fast overview of the relevant information. Each operation in the list can be “opened” by clicking/touching it so that we can see the details for the selected element.

For all in there contained account references we have a direct link to the Steemit (or in settings defined “Steem Site”) account and a button for showing the account on SteemWorld (steemworld.org/@your_account).

I will extend the shown details for some operations in the future as I have done it for the “vote” operation, where one can see the vote worth and a button to open the pie chart with all votes:

Recent Posts

This section displays an overview for our recent posts on Steem(it). Active posts are being displayed with a blue text color. Since all of my posts have already been paid out there are currently no active ones and therefore all items are in black text color. As in the account operations, we can show the details for each post simply by clicking on the desired item:

In the details section we have some general information about the post and its payout values. There we also can see the curators payout in percent and the total payout that the author has received. The shown data varies and it depends on the state of the post and the used features what fields will be shown. If there are any beneficiaries defined they will also be displayed in the table.

For this example I have taken a screen capture of an active post by @twinner. As the article is still active we also can see the payout time and pending payout amount there.

The transfer amount is a total of all transfers from the own account to boosters and resteem services, so that we can see how much we have paid to promote our posts. This feature is currently only available for active posts (for performance reasons), but I am working on a faster solution for it.

This tab contains all used images of the selected post. It enables us to have a compact overview for accounts with beautiful photographies like in this case. The images can be shown in full size in a new browser tab by clicking on it. If we minimize the selected post and switch to an other one, the active tab will stay the same so that we can easily click through the pictures of all the posts, which we find interesting. I plan to make the size for the images in this miniature view selectable/configurable in the future.

The votes tab displays the received votes for the selected post in a tabular way as well as in a pie chart. The rows in the table are sorted by the vote amount in descending order.

Here we can see a list of all users who have resteemed (shared) our posts. As for other linked accounts, a click on the icon opens the selected account on SteemWorld and a click on the name opens it on Steemit (or on the defined Steem platform from the settings).

The transfers tab contains a table with all executed transfers for the selected post. The sum of the amounts can also be seen in the details tab in the “Transfer Amount” field.

As some of you might know, we sometimes get some SBD back from @minnowbooster because they have detected an open value or the whole vote could not be made with the sent amount. These cases are also listed in here (as good as possible) and subtracted from the sent amount, so that we can see what exactly we have paid for promoting our posts.

As mentioned before: This feature is currently only available for active posts, but I am working on a solution for older posts.

Coming Author Rewards

Here we can see our coming author rewards. The rows are sorted by payout date in descending order so that the next coming rewards are always shown at the top of the list. A click on the pie chart button opens the displayed dialog with vote details for the desired comment or post.

As soon as I am done with the formula for calculating pending curation rewards (a bit tricky), I will add a new section with "Coming Curation Rewards".


While developing I realized that I need some tools in my tool. Maybe I should call SteemWorld a “platform” from now on... :)

Manual Vote

This feature enables us to be able to vote on posts and comments even in case of a downtime or performance issues on our usual Steem sites. Here you can always make a vote in about one second.


The mentions overview will come in the next few weeks and it will display a list of all comments and posts where our account has been mentioned. It also will be possible to go further back in time to see older mentions.


This tool will give us the possibility for searching content by text and operations by values. Search for transfers with a specific text or a minimum amount of X for example. It may take a while until I find time for implementing this feature.


Here we can transfer STEEM/SBD to other accounts in case of a downtime or performance issues on our usual Steem sites. By changing “Transfer Mode” to “To Vesting” it is also possible to transfer STEEM directly to vesting shares (SP) of other accounts.

Before the transfer will be executed there will pop up a confirmation dialog with a link to the receivers account so that one can click on the link to see if that is the right account. I have planned to add some extra security checks later to prevent sending private keys in the memo field and maybe show some more information about the receiver in the dialog.


This tool displays an overview of the top 100 witnesses ordered by position (votes/weight). The button on the right opens the witness introduction post. The check box in the column “Vote” shows if we have voted for that account and enables us to add/remove a witness vote simply by clicking on it.

It is interesting to see that there are still some witnesses currently using version 0.19.1... Is there any benefit of using an older version?

Some Closing Words...

Since English is not my mother tongue it took me several days to write and translate this post. As developer, web designer, tester, self promoter and translator in one person this is the best presentation I can give you at this point in time.

It were some really busy months of planing and developing for me and I hope that it was worth the time, which I have spent for all this on a daily basis. I love to build such nice tools and now comes the time where I have to decide if I should continue to do it. Your vote can have a major impact on this decision!

My coming posts will just contain new features and updates for the tool so that I have enough time to fully concentrate on my main mission:

Building the SteemWorld ;)

Special Thanks

I want to thank all developers and witnesses who really care about Steem, providing us with fast nodes or creating awesome Steem APIs that make our life easier! All of you who focus on solutions more than on problems deserve a big thank you from all of us.

A big thank goes out to @double-u and @afrog for their great suggestions that have always helped me to bring my tools to the next level!

And of course I want to thank all who have supported me with their votes, resteems, ideas and promotion for my tools! Maybe this is the beginning of the best story in my life and you are an essential part of it ;)

Thank you for reading and for supporting my work!


If this is not trending, then what should be trending at all?

Thank you very much for all your great support @jaki01!

If this is not trending, then what should be trending at all?

Nicely said! That's exactly how I see it :)

95% of what is trending shouldn't be trending. :)

Exactly what i was thinking. Im new here and checking out a lot of posts. Some get a lot of upvotes though its not as good as this.
Its very informative to newbies like me. Thanks!😉

Lieber @steemchiller,

wow! Super guter Post! Und du hast dir damit sehr viel Arbeit gemacht.

Ich hoffe, da kommen aus der englischen Ecke noch viele Anerkennungen!

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

Danke dir @double-u! Ich hoffe, es ist okay für dich, dass ich einen Screenshot mit den Transfers aus deinem Post genommen habe. Ich wollte dich eigentlich noch fragen, aber war total in meinem Wahn, das endlich fertig zu bringen und habe es dann irgendwie vergessen... Das Beispiel mit @minnowbooster passt auf jeden Fall perfekt rein ;)

LG, Chiller

Lieber Chiller,

das war mir gleich aufgefallen mit dem Screenshot. Ist aber völlig ok.

Danke auch für die freundliche Erwähnung!

So, jetzt geh' ich aber schnell an's Basteln der "Wochenseite".

Lieben Gruß, @double-u

is it ok, that this tool is showing me my posting key and owner key ? is that mean that anyone can have the access to the keys ?

It's showing you the public keys, not the private ones. Your should always keep your private keys in a safe place. The privates can't be derived from the public keys ;)

so when we can use those public keys and for what ?

They are internally being used and are public for everyone. With your public key one can validate the signatures of your operations and see if your account has been used for signing them. Nobody knows your private keys. They are nowhere stored but can be derived from your master password. For security reasons you should always login on Steemit or similar Steem platforms with your private posting key ;)

Take a look at some of the articles by @noisy on this topic, to better understand how this all works. I would suggest you start here:

Die "SteemWorld" ist für mich inzwischen ein von mir überaus geschätztes, unverzichtbares Tool geworden. Die Entwicklung ist unglaublich - immer wieder entdecke ich neue hilfreiche Features!

Ich wünsche dir sehr, dass deine Arbeit neben der ideellen auch die materielle Anerkennung erfährt, die sie schon längst verdient hat und dass du im Sinne der Steemit-Gemeinschaft weiter an diesem großartigen Projekt arbeiten kannst!

Vielen Dank @vieanna! Ich glaube, das habe ich schon bei meinem letzten Tool gesagt, aber es ist jetzt wahrer als jemals zuvor:

Das hoffe ich auch!

Ich bin gespannt, ob man als deutscher Entwickler auf der Trending-Page landen kann, ohne sich selbst nach oben zu boosten. Die Hoffnung bleibt noch eine Weile bestehen... ;)

Halte die Daumen... klasse Arbeit und Danke!

Schön, dass du diesen Schritt endlich gegangen bist, @steemchiller. Ich freue mich für dich. Deine Anwendung zeigt im Browser einen Sicherheitshinweis, ein gelbes Warndreieck. Das geht jetzt schon eine ganze Weile so. Falls du die Ursache nicht findest: In den meisten Fällen wird dieser Fehler durch irgend eine, von der Anwendung aufgerufene Grafik verursacht die du noch mit http:// aufrufst, anstatt mit https://. Ja, das funktioniert, http unter SSL aufrufen. Ich habe den Fehler auch schon mal suchen müssen und mich darüber gewundert, dass http überhaupt noch funktioniert hat. Viel Spaß beim Suchen. Es sind ja nicht sooo viele Grafiken an deiner Wahnsinns–Anwendung beteiligt.

Danke dir @afrog! Das sind in den meisten Fällen externe Profilbilder, die nicht auf einer sicheren Domain abgelegt wurden. In meinem Tool werden alle Bilder mit SSL-Adresse geladen. Für externe kann ich nichts machen, aber es ist hier auch nicht so wirklich ein Sicherheitsproblem. Der Hinweis lässt es gefährlicher erscheinen, als es tatsächlich ist.

Wie ich ja schon mal meinte, brauchst du ein neues Profilbild, mein Lieber :) Jetzt weiß ich, warum ich darauf gebracht wurde (ohne den wirklichen Grund dafür gekannt zu haben):

Klasse Chiller! Dass es mein eigenes Bild ist, trägt zur Sache die komische Note bei, über die ich erst Mal herzlich ablachen muss. Kann mich gar nicht erinnern, dass der Bildserver kein SSL hatte. Den benutzen wir ja gar nicht mehr. Danke für den Hinweis. Dass Du noch weißt, mir das schon einmal nahegelegt zu haben, ist eine respektable Leistung.

Liebe Community,

Steemimg.com wird ja kaum noch benutzt, aber wer den Server noch für das Profilbild einsetzt (meist ohne es noch zu wissen!), sollte mal bei Gelegenheit sein Profilbild auf Steemit.com einpflegen. Wie das geht, weiß mittlerweile jeder: Bild in Editor kopieren – Neue Adresse heraus kopieren und in die Settings eintragen. Fertig und verschlüsselt!

wow @steemchiller, long time since i heard from you but the tool just keeps getting better and better!
Thanks alot for all the hard work you are putting into this!
Kind regards

Thank you @jedigeiss!

long time since i heard from you

Yes, developing the SteemWorld has taken much of my daily time and I don't think that this will change, as long as I'm not done with it ;)

I hope this post will find its way to the trending page...

Kind regards,

trending page here comes @steemchiller ! :)
a lot of people really love what you are doing there!

Right, but as expected the majority of circle voters didn't notice it (they are fully concentrated on upvoting each other). :-)

I hope this post will find its way to the trending page...

It finally did! :) Well deserved reward.

This is an awesome tool for steemit!
The best one currently available I would say. I use it everyday!
I hope that this post will go on top of the trending section.
Thanks for all the effort.

Bin schon auf die weiteren Ideen und Entwicklungen gespannt.
Wird natürlich resteemed.
Liebe Grüße :)

lieber @steemchiller! eigentlich wollte ich mich zurückhalten mit einem kommentar und einfach nur zusehen und staunen. deine steemworld lässt mir die kinnlade herunterfallen. naja, und während ich mal eben nach ihr suche, lass mich dir sagen, wie groß meine freude ist, über dein werk, diesen post, das du bis hierhin durchgehalten hast und nun endlich gebührende aufmerksamkeit und anerkennung bekommst! über 700 views aktuell und mehr als 400 votes - ich reihe mich ein in die lange schlange von begeisterten gratulanten :-)

kurz zu etwas, das mir in der steemworld des Öfteren passiert. wenn ich auf den Refresh button in der sektion Coming Author Rewards drücke, hängt sich der fortschrittsbalken auf, erreicht also die 100% nicht. zwischenzeitlich rauschte die zählung sehr schnell und flüssig durch. aktuell aber stockt es wieder. ich habe es gerade erneut versucht und just hängt er bei 36%. das für mich nötigste funktioniert ansonsten sehr gut (ich habe noch nicht alles ausprobiert). soweit erstmal zu meinem feedback. lg

Vielen Dank @pawos! Ja, so langsam komme ich in einen interessanten Bereich, was die Einnahmen betrifft. Etwa 23% oder so gehen ja noch an die Kuratoren, was bei so einer Summe gar nicht mal so wenig ausmacht. Wenn man die Zeit mit reinrechnet, die ich für die Entwicklung in den letzten Monaten da reingesteckt habe, ist es längst noch nicht da, wo ich sagen würde, dass es sich gelohnt hat, aber die Woche ist ja noch nicht vorbei und der nächste Post kommt bestimmt :) Vielleicht sollte man diesen auch nochmal auf Deutsch machen... Wollte eigentlich noch einen Boost gegen Ende machen, aber die Kurse lassen es einfach nicht zu, die gesammelten Steem in SBD zu verwandeln. Wäre wahrscheinlich ein zu großer Verlust.

Die Zahl sieht für einige Leute so mächtig aus und ich habe auch gleich mal ein paar Follower aus der deutschen Community verloren, von denen ich das nicht gedacht hätte, aber man lernt ja nie aus. Ich saß hier so gut wie jeden Tag von morgens bis abends dran. Um meine Rechnungen bezahlen zu können, mache ich noch ein paar Nebenjobs, aber Leben ist zur Zeit gar nicht bei mir. Ich glaube, das alles scheinen viele Leute nicht zu wissen, aber ist mir inzwischen auch egal. Ich weiß, dass ich auf dem richtigen Weg bin ;)

Die Sache mit dem Refresh-Button hatte ich auch mal gehabt, aber seitdem ich meine Internetverbindung (läuft über normale Stromleitung) umgestaltet habe, hatte ich es jetzt seit Wochen gar nicht mehr. Wenn er hängt, ist wahrscheinlich noch keine Antwort von der Node zurückgekommen und das könnte mit Netzwerkproblemen zu tun haben. Sollten wir weiter beobachten. Bei mir tritt es (auch mit deinem Account) gar nicht auf, aber ich werde das nochmal zu verschiedenen Tageszeiten prüfen.

Liebe Grüße und danke nochmal für deine super Unterstützung!

Du machst eine großartige Arbeit!!! Vielen Dank für deinen Einsatz.

@steemchiller thanks for the overview of steemworld.org! This is an extremely useful tool to help track the analytics to your account.

I've ran into an issue with delegation, any suggestions?


das absolut beste tool überhaupt!! Ist bei mir immer geöffnet! Klasse Arbeit @steemchiller

Hi!... May I write a translate of this post for the Spanish-speaker community? This tool is amazing. Thank you for your help. :)

Thanks! You can translate the post but keep in mind that you won't earn much with it ;) In most cases there don't come strong votes for translation posts. I would not recommend doing it. If you should still want to make a translation, please add a link to the original post.

This is really wonderful, more like an updated version of stemd and steemnow more value and cool features added..... Thanks for doing this. I think a lot of people will find this tool to be of much use... Kudos to @steemchiller.... Keep up the good work

Hello @steemchiller, I want to congratulate you for the work done with steemworld... superlative! I always use the tool and I consider it exceptional. Since there was not a tutorial in Italian, I thought about writing one. I would be happy if you looked at it and maybe you upvoted for it, if you think it's well done. https://steemit.com/ita/@girolamomarotta/steemworld-org-il-tuo-account-ai-raggi-x
Thanks and again congratulations!
I follow you

Thank you @steemchiller I use it everyday. Would you consider a "Follow All" & "Unfollow All" buttons in your "Flowers" section. I think this will be very handy.

Like many others, I've been using steemnow.com, this looks way better and offers more functionality. Well done, keep up the great work, upvoted.

Hallo @steemchiller. Ich nutze die Steemworld auch fast täglich und finde sie mega nützlich! Habe beim Lesen deines Artikels bemerkt, dass ich noch längst nicht alle Features ausgecheckt hatte - super umfangreich! Tolle Arbeit. Danke dir dafür!

Very good! I'm glad that you manage to post it. The tutorial is super good! Thank you for the tool!

Thanks for all your support @alexvan! I finally did it :)

Amazing tool, made my life a lot easier! THANK YOU!

I'm so glad you did a post about this. It is one of the coolest tools I have used here. Well done! (My vote is super weak right now so i am going to send you a little steem. You deserve it!)

In täglichem Gebrauch seit Release :) !

Wollte eigentlich vor einer weile noch vorschlagen, dass zu sehen ist, wann die VP wieder 100% erreicht (Zeitangabe), aber joa, auf einmal wars zu sehen xD

Somit - PERFEKT!

Vielen Dank für deine Mühen :)

Danke dir @schlees! Ja, ich baue ab und zu mal ganz heimlich ein paar neue Features ein :) Manches entsteht auch ganz planlos und spontan nebenbei. Ich versuche jetzt auf jeden Fall regelmäßig mal einen Post mit kurzer Beschreibung der Updates im Tool zu machen.

Falls du mal eine Idee oder so haben solltest, kannst mir das gerne mitteilen ;)

Ich danke :) !
Ja, habs bemerkt, sind hier und da immer wieder Kleinigkeiten dazu gekommen neben besagter Anzeige xD

Bei "Recent Posts" der Payoutbetrag, von Steemnow kenn ich das in STEEM und SBD unterteilt, statt nur in SBD (author) und der "Follower Reiter" darf wenn es nach mir geht auch gerne die Komplexität von Steemspectacles mit bestehenden funktionen kombinieren sofern möglich. Dann vielleicht noch ein Vote-Info wie bei Steemreports zu sehen mit rein (in listen/Diagramm- form?)... sonst wüsste ich nicht was man noch haben können wollte, um aus Steemworld den nicht nur perfekten, sondern ultimativen Shit zu machen :) ! So nach dem Motto "eins für alles" :) ?

@steemchiller I love your work and am glad someone has worked out a better ui with much more indepth info. Cannot wait it try it out. Thanks

A great tool with lots of important data to keep tabs on. Thank you very much for creating this.

A very thorough work. Can't remember any other tool with this level of detail. If this is only a beginning, it's very promising indeed.

Amazing tool. Just saw it, very useful

Puh, grad noch rechtzeitig gesehen um upvoten zu können.
Benutze dein Tool täglich, um maximal geschickt upvoten zu können.
Danke, danke, danke!
You rock!

Great job! I use your application on a daily basis since a couple of days and I love it :-)

This is the sleekest website I've ever seen. Resteeming.

That's an amazingly useful tool! Thanks man! Upvoted hard and resteemed.

Wow, this is amazingly cool! (my technical response ;)

You laid it out beautifully, and the translation is very good. Thank you so much! I have steemworld bookmarked. It looks to be the best tools platform I have seen so far, and I am sure looking forward to using it.

Impressive work! I look forward to using it. Thank you.

WOW, I just found out about this. Excellent work @steemchiller! I love the tools that you make! My experience with the STEEM blockchain is better because of your work.

Thank you!

just fantastic. very handy. nice interface. best I've seen so far. resteemed.

just a little suggestion - separate number of posts (1st level posts) and comments (2nd and onward level posts). Steemit's number of posts doesn't quite make sense.

thanks for developing this!

It's so great and useful!Thanks!

Hey dude

Ich habe dich auf steemit.chat angeschrieben ...
Kannst du mal rangehen :P ?

Yo dude, gesehen ;)

Danke, @steemchiller!

Du machst eine fantastische Arbeit. Mein Freund sagte gerade, dass hinter die $ 155,41 bei denen dein Post zum Zeitpunkt meines Votes steht, noch ne Null gehört. Ich habe zugestimmt.

Besten Dank für deinen Einsatz und den superguten Service. Ich bin besonders beglückt über den jetzt funktionierenden "Re-Esteem" Button, auf den ich mich schon gefreut hatte.

Herzlichen Gruß!


Thank you, @steemchiller!

You're doing a fantastic job. My man just said that behind the $155.41 where your article is standing at the time of my vote, there should be another zero to the end. I've agreed.

Thank you very much for your commitment and excellent service. I am especially happy about the now working "Re-Esteem" button, which I was looking forward to.



Thank you very much @erh.germany!
Yes, another zero at the end would be great :)
The week is not over yet... ^^

maybe you are reaching the 400,00 - I watched your post all week long and hold my thumbs for you! Now: 382!! :))

Inzwischen benutze ich auch nur noch die Steemworld :)
Danke für deine unermüdliche Arbeit.

Great app. I've been using it for some time now and its been wonderful.

I like the tools you created. As a newcomer to steemit this is hard to follow but seems really important to the operations of steemit. How can I use steemworld practically in my steemit account? I just don't get how this works. Is there a "steemworld" for dummies?

Thanks! Just open it with your account name ( https://steemworld.org/@mineopoly ) in a new tab or so and try it out my friend ;)

Thank you. I will do it.

neat and very professional looking UI. UX is quite impressive too - apart from the initial load time which I believe is because you are pulling the data from the blockchain ? Needless to say, I have been using it everyday, almost open in my FF tab all the time. Excellent work.

Great write up. I use your app everyday. It is the only one I have found that give what I'm looking for in one place.
Much of the info is redundant for me. (I don't understand what it is)
The pending curation rewards is one thing I would like to see.

thanks for putting app together. Great work.

Thank you @steemchiller, I am using it for a few days now and this is a very powerful all-in-one tool ;-)

Hi @steemchiller

I use your perfect tool every day. THANKS!!

Sehr gutes Werkzeug für immer mehr Jobs mit der täglichen Arbeit auf Steemit/Steem.

Es ist ja bald Weihnachten, was wünscht dur Dir von der Community.

Thanks for your great support @detlev!

Stimmt, Weihnachten kommt immer näher und ich bin noch ganz woanders in diesem Jahr :) Nicht mal die Vorbereitung der Vorbereitungsphase hat bei mir gestartet. Also ich wünsche mir nichts bestimmtes... Wenn wir weiterhin alle gut zusammenhalten und uns auf das Positive konzentrieren, ist das schon ein super Geschenk für mich ;)

Na dann plane ich Dich einfach mal in das erste steemit meetup aachen im Januar als aktiver part (remote oder lokal) zu der Erläuterung des tools ein.

Gute Idee??

Das wird rein zeitlich mit mir wohl nicht hinhauen und ich habe es grundsätzlich nicht so mit festen Terminen, aber Fragen kann ich auch so gerne mal zwischendurch beantworten. Wir haben ja auch noch gar keine deutsche Anleitung zu dem Tool... :)

Ich bin mehr so der stille, vor sich hin bastelnde Freak, weißt du. Für Präsentationen usw. bin ich nicht zu gebrauchen... ^^

Ja, dann lass uns mal abstimmen. Würde da gern etwas zu Steemworld machen.

Als "Rampensau" übernehme ich das gern. Wenn Du magst kannst Du ja mal auf den Event hinweisen oder bei Interesse per VideoCall hinzukommen.

Congratulations on a great tool for the Steem blockchain.

Seriously cool tool man. I'm currently working on my own dev project, which is very exciting, and I wondered if we might be able to have a chat on telegram/discord sometime. I'm keen to speak to people who have already done really cool things with the steem blockchain, and I have to say I think this is one of the most comprehensive tools for users I've seen yet. Truly brilliant!

I've been playing with it for a while XD It's a nifty little tool, become my new favourite for checking various bits and pieces :) Has dragging the dial always been a thing? It never occurred to me to try that! So of course had to go have a play with it XD

Thanks for making it, think you've done a great job! (and also a great writeup)


@steemchiller You've built a feature-rich platform that has been well described in this excellent post! Thank you!

I've been using your tool for a while already, always wondered why not more people use it. Lots of info in one place and it works great!

Sensationell gutes Tool, das ich immer häufiger benutze!

Der "eierlegenden Steemit-Wollmilchsau" näherst Du dich
frappierend nah an! ;-)

We use this tool all of the time. It’s great! Going to resteem and read through this thoroughly because you have updated some of the functions. Fantastic work! Thank you.

Awesome work man, great to see people developing tools for the benefit of a whole community, resteemed :-)

Holy smoking doleto!
Danke dir tausendfach - was für ein super Teil! :)
Bin hier noch einigermaßen neu und hab das mit der Voting-Power bis heute nicht ganz kapiert. Durch deine Hilfe kann ich da nun besser durchblicken.

Das sollten sie dir gleich abnehmen und direkt in steemit implementieren mMn. Hast du wirklich gut hinbekommen!
Hoffentlich bekommst du hierfür noch richtig viele Upvotes.
upvoted, promoted & resteemed! ;)

btw: darf ich mir deine Trennlinie stibitzen und in meinen Posts verwenden? :)

all the best,

Vielen Dank! Jo, kannst die Linie ruhig verwenden ;)

thanks a lot! Super useful for all steemians~

Super gute Arbeit! Wow, leute wie du treiben Steemit voran. Danke!

This is a very well made and an excellent tool! I absolutely love it. Incredibly handy and easy to find all information. So simple to understand that anyone can find everything they need to know about their account.

Hi steemchiller, Ich kann nur eins sagen SUPER SUPER SUPER!

Ich gebrauche steemworld sehr sehr häufig! Ich finde dass es das umfangreichste Tool is, dass ich bis jetzt gefunden habe!
Und es wird immer wieder kompletter! toll!
Mach nur weiter so!

Ich hätte da mal eine Frage (oder Vorschlag ;) : Ich bin noch auf der Suche nach einem Tool, dass mir historische grafische Statistiken anzeigt über die Entwicklung meiner Reputation, Wallet und following/followers. Hast du schon so etwas geplant?


Danke! Geplant noch nicht, aber klingt ganz interessant... Ich schau mal, was ich da machen kann, aber die nächsten Wochen bin ich auf jeden Fall erstmal bedient mit Arbeit ;)

Super! Und nochmals vielen Dank für deine super Arbeit!

Great tool. Already love it.

possible feature: Show reputation of followers in the follower section.

Very nice post @steemchiller, this is very interesting and also very beneficial to our users steemit, very detailed explanations, this was supposed to be a trending topic on steemit, this kind of thing is a very we need. I hope your hard work will pay for what you get, because this is indeed very useful for all steemian's. Thank you for willing to share to all of us, Resteem and Upvote.

I just wanted to echo everyones sentiments. This site is awesome!

This looks amazing! Will deffo be using it from now on, thank you

Goodbye steemnow.com
Hello to steemworld.org

Hi @steemchiller,
Like your Steemworld very much. Thanks for this useful tool.
Would like to suggest the money amount at coming author reward be changed to 3 decimal point. 🙂

Very nice work!! I look forward to using this tool. Bravo for all the hard work it must have taken to accomplish this. 👏👏👏

This is cool! Did you use Angular to build it?

Thanks! It's built purely with HTML, CSS, JS & JQuery in Atom ;)
Always wanted to take a look into Angular, but haven't found the time yet.

Nice! Looks great!

gerade darueber gestolpert... maechtiges Ding!!! Respekt!! gute Arbeit!

This is insanely incredible! Thank you

Wow, just wow, this is steemnow.com on steroid! More transparency than ever. Great work guys.

This is an awesome tool for steemit!
The best one currently available I would say. I use it everyday!

Thank You. @steemchiller
this is a helpful post..

thank you for this its very helpful to the new members of steemit like me . kudos!

I am a user of steemworld and more comprehensive and a good up to data provider of steemit account...in my ranking its no 1 among other sides i ever used sooo highly recommended and for developers

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Thanks a lot,
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Thank you @steemchiller for this awesome tool.

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Wonderful I was looking for it as my favorite website giving you all the details about your thank you

All in one under single roof! great! resteemed

this looks fantastic. I have been thinking of making a steem based app for a while, I will have to keep some of your concepts in mind.

The tool is really great... 24/7 on in my screens. Keep it up... I can only hope greatness of this.

This is great. Definitely my new go-to tool for the Steem blockchain! Everything in one place. Thanks for putting this together.

Amazing work. It's very useful. Thanks


Very very cool!

really kool site, now one of my faves.
Thank you for making this!

Use it daily. Awesome work.

Feature request:

I don't know if this is something you want to implement on Steem World, but this came up in my head as a potentially useful tool. As of right now, we really don't have any means of going through the blockchain and taking note of author/curation rewards or the exchange of Steem/SBD.

I'm thinking along the lines of reporting for tax purposes. Something that would query a user's history, find the things that match, and then export it so that it can be imported into whatever tax reporting software the user decides to use. It wouldn't be a difficult query, I just don't have the experience with connecting to the Steem Blockchain/SteemSQL to do it myself.

Has anyone else mentioned this to you? Would this be something you would consider for SteemWorld? Or would a query like this kill your system resources if lots of people are doing it?

This an awesome tool consider that most people dont know what there VP/SP is. When is the projects deadline?

Thank you! There is no deadline. I've built it in a few months and the next few months I'm going to add missing/new features. I think it's more than a "project". There are many ideas that haven't been implemented yet ;)

This is great. Thank you @steemchiller. Steem stats are so interesting.

You do amazing work. Thank you.

wow! dear @steemchiller, This is very useful tool just keeps getting better and better!
I just upvoted this amazing post.
Thanks a lot for your all the hard work you are putting into this!

The best one currently available I would say. I use this tool everyday!

I hope this post will be the top post of the trending section.
Best regard : @akbarbadsha

Thank you so much for sheres steemitword.i like it. Your post always good. @steemchiller

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wow @steemchiller, the time just keeps getting better and better!
Thanks alot for all the hard work you are putting into this!
tank yuuuuuuuuuu

I'm just getting started, too; this Post looks very helpful.

its a great post an it resteemed

Man! This is definitely something really great!!!

thanx for post...super bir yazı benim için...biz bu tarihten 3 hafta once 3 arkadaş @bahadirk @ebruaydogdu ve ben steemit ailesine katıldık.zman geçmiyor ki gelişelim büyüyelim... boyle yazılar da bıze pozıtıf durum saglıyor.hersey gonlumuzce olsun dedık gırdık olaya.stem steem deık ....sen onu yaparsın ben bunu yaparım o onu yapar diyerek girdik olaya...birimiz yazılım uzmanı birimiz araştırmacı ve birimiz de fizibilite yapıyor.şuanda cok cok gerıdeyız ama gun gelecek steem bizden sorulacak. @steemchiller sana yazın için tesekkur ederiz.boyle acıklayıcı ve akıcı anlatımla kendımıze degerler katıyoruz.steemit de ne nasıl ve nasıl işliyor net ortamından bulamadıgımız bilgileri vermişsin tekrar tekrar teşekkür ederiz.
başarılarının devamını dilerim...

Very informative i learn lot of thing from your post thanks you so much

I appreciate it

Thanks @steemchiller....I will use this tool from now.Its looks like vry good than others.Resteemed.

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Could you introduce how to install it ????????? I got tampermonkey going but can't find steem chiller

Wow, someone recommended SteemWorld and I'm going to check it out. Thanks for developing and sharing this!