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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 91 - A Roadmap With Three R’s

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As you will have noticed the comments are getting a bit 'crowded' on the 100 Days of Steem posts.

This makes it difficult for us to deal with all the comments, and particularly to spot those comments most relevant to the daily post.

Please therefore do not post links to your latest Diary Game posts - we find them through the #thediarygame tag (make sure you include that spelt correctly as one your first five tags).

Only drop links to diary posts if we have not voted on them by Day 6, or if it is your first post.

Please also do not include links or screenshots to Twitter or other social media - they should be in comments on the diary post itself.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

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Glad people are Telling the truth about #steem and #stinc today. Justin Sun has ruined a good thing here.

People waking up to this is a good thing.

Is there something other then his acquisition and subsequent theft of peoples steem going on? I don't come on steemit much anymore.