Steem 20.6 Officially Released: RC System Update and Optimization

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Hello Steemians, we have released version 0.20.6 of steemd. This is primarily a bug fix release, featuring several optimizations and fixes for the RC plugin which will reduce reindex times and create a smoother experience for users.

Steem Velocity 0.20.6 Release Notes

This is a bug fix release primarily targeting the RC Plugin.

Note: witness_api plugin no longer exists, and should be removed from config.ini if present.


  • Nodes running the RC plugin need to manually force a reindex with --replay.

  • Nodes that do not run the RC plugin do not need to upgrade or replay.

  • At this time we recommend witnesses and API nodes upgrade.

  • This is an optional release for exchanges. While the RC values will be different on 0.20.5 and 0.20.6, we have determined through our testing the difference will not be significant and should not cause problems for exchanges. If an exchange wants to update we recommend reindexing 0.20.6 up on a separate machine and switching only once the 0.20.6 node is functional.


  • RCs are no longer calculated prior to HF20 (#3007)

  • Removed the old bandwidth system. This includes the removal of several API fields that were specific to bandwidth and the removal of the witness_api, which was used exclusively for returning information related to bandwidth. (#3029)

  • Changes were made to the RC parameters to conserve current pricing while more aggressively protecting blockchain resources at high usage levels. (#3061)

  • The state byte cost for votes has been reduced as votes are only required in consensus before a comment has been paid. (#3064)

  • Negative RCs are limited to 2 hours worth of regeneration. (#3050)

  • The execution time cost of custom json operations has been reduced by 20 times for all custom json operations except those used by the follow plugin. (#3027)

  • RC Execution Time was not charged against ops. This has been fixed and execution time is properly being checked. (#2972)

  • Fixed command line interface compatibility issues with boolean flags. Flags work as intended on the command line but are settable to boolean values in the config file. For example, on the command line you can set --enable-stale-production or set it as enable-stale-production=true in the config. (#3025)

  • The account creation fee in the command line wallet uses the correct HF 20 value. (#3019)

The Steem Blockchain Team


Thanks for the update.

My Witness test results are here :

Gave a full upvote because I missed the original post.

The execution time cost of custom json operations has been reduced by 20 times for all custom json operations except those used by the follow plugin. (#3027)

Great for @steemmonsters if I understand it correctly? :)

That's how I would read it as well. I had been noticing that searching for a match would take a noticeable amount of RCs, but with it being reduced by 20x, it should be negligible now.

See you on the battlefield, @theaustrianguy!

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What exactly does it mean? What will run faster for steemmonsters?

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Nothing will run "faster" - But minnows are going to be able to play way more games before running out of RCs. For people with hundreds ore more SP there won't be a difference.

Thats awesome, thanks!

Sweet. :)

I did a post with my thoughts as a consensus witness with regards to v0.20.6rc1 which may still apply here based on the issue tickets and PRs involved. What's the most effective way to engage with the Steemit developers on these questions? Should we add comments and questions to Github? I imagine responding to 20 (or more) individual blog posts by witnesses may not be possible or the best use of the core devs' time, so I'm looking for feedback on what does make sense. Thanks!

We'll announce future releases here before they happen and will welcome questions from witnesses in the lead-up to release.

What is the best format and process for getting those questions to the team? In this case, I've blogged them (as other witnesses have also), but would Github be a better place for lead-up to release questions? I see some activity on the SteemCommunity repo including questions about how to test certain features. Will that be monitored by the core dev team? I think many of us are willing to work with whatever process works best for the Steemit, inc developer team. Thanks for continuing to improve the process of communication with the witnesses and community.

GitHub is usually best for specific questions on stories the team is working on. General questions about the release would probably be best asked in the release announcement thread so everyone can benefit from the answer.
We don't currently follow activity on SteemCommunity as a team but we do read and listen to a lot from the community from many sources. It isn't always practical to respond but feedback is very appreciated and very useful.

Excellent. Thank you. :)

Nice... will update to 20.6 very soon...

thanks for the information update appreciate your kind of effort.

WeLove #STEEM community!

Thanks for the update!

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thanks for the update

Keep up the good work

Very good

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