Steemitri The Mannequin soon on TRON? But with which nickname?

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Dear Steemians!

I don't have much to say about the latest STEEM and TRON news. It is full of posts here on Steemit.

Obviously I am very worried too ... above all I still don’t have in mind a suitable nickname to use on the TRON blockchain!!!





I will wait for Saturday's AMA with Justin and Ned to ask for advice !!!

Do you have any good names to suggest ???

Big hug,
Steemitri The Mannequin


Steemitri can only be Steemitri! Eventually, Steemitri Classic.

Hahaha, yeah! There can be only one... Steemitri!

SteemiTron, duh :D

Oh cool... This is the name!


:D If you get famous I only need 5% of your income with that name! :')

Ok... Deal ;-)

Ahahah non ci avevo pensato XD.
Ecco alcune possibilità, anche se steemitri rimane il mio preferito:

Hahaha!!! Tronaldo e Troncesco fantastici!!!! Tronald Dump meglio di no, LOL!!!

Ahahah può sempre essere Tronald MC Donald

Io direi ci vuole un nome unico che racchiude tutto:

Grande!!! Valuterò, anche perché mi sembra ancora un po' troppo corto, hahaha... ma probabilmente userò questo nome per tutte le mie password!

Tronequin, mi piace Tronequin, mi ricorda te...

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Tronichino, manichino!

TRONITRI sounds good to me

I like It!!! Sounds like the male version of Trinity :-)

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