The First Shipment of Orders Have been Sent Out Today!

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The First Shipment of STEEM Australia Shirts Have Left the Building!

Hey everyone,

Just a quick note to let you all know that your shirts have been sent via Australian Post today! Expect to receive your shirts by Friday.

Thanks for your help in launching my online store! It was so exciting to see the first orders being paid for in STEEM and SBD!

Make sure to post some pictures of you in your very own STEEM Australia shirt!

If you want to grab your own STEEM Shirt from Steemit Shop Australia, get in quick. I only have a small number of shirts in stock.



This is a very nice gesture @steemitshopaus , i just hope that someone will have the mind to replicate this good work over here in NIGERIA...

I hope so too. If you check out my blog you'll find a tutorial that describes how I built this store.

okay dear, i will definitely do that ASAP

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