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RE: “Steemit joining the Tron Ecosystem” - What it means

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Know if the new Tron-Steem chain will issue stake-based voting for a share of a rewards pool for content creation, etc., or those glory days will be gone? I use the word term glory days loosely.


Tron likes inflation and the rewards mechanism is what their competitors will be doing. I would bet it stays on the new platform.

Thx. To power down or not to power down. That is the question. Counting all my blessings for not buying the car.

Honestly I am going to have some of my so to liquid steem. I am not sure when but we will probably see a peak right before the steemtron go love, then a nosedive to near zero on steem price.

But that also depends if we will have a viable fork or not.

Some of these tokens go to a silly price when they first launch. Tron like huge total supplies too, so they could easily do 1000 of their tokens to 1 steem. That would make it cheaper for them to airdrop the token to TRX holders too. BiTorrent has a 990,000,000,000 total supply :)

Who knows.. could pump pretty high and the airdrop May be great for many. I do very much believe there Will be some sort of incentive for stake holders to convert etc.. we will have to see how that goes down.. and if everyone just gives in or fights 🤷‍♀️ Not sure.. imo consensus can be controlled easily, which is my concern