Comprehensive new user orientation video

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One of and the first of many videos we're working on to help new users.
So I (@jarvie) took an old acquaintance who found his way to Steem and explained 68 different subjects to him
Thanks @paulmp and you're a beneficiary of this post. (Go check out his great photography)


Audience = New users... aka if you're reading this... it's your friends.
But you can brush up on things if you want.

This is the kind of video that is meant to be a very thorough explanation of Steem, the kind of video that gives the user a foundation they can answer most of their own questions from then on out. I'll likely do a series just going through steempeak pages for new users.

However if you have any requests for videos that will help YOUR FRIENDS let me know.
And this is the important part... these videos are meant for NEW users. Let me know if you as a new user are helped by these videos. Share it with a friend and see if it answered their questions. Let us know what things still confuse them. We can keep working on it until we have a good solid option.


Feel free to watch on 1.5x speed... that's how i re-watched it
If you do watch it let me know what you think... if parts of Steem still confuse you maybe it may help and let me know if it irons out any questions you have had for a while. That will help when making future content.
I remember last year when I started I feel like every video or blog I read to help learn about steem was just full of misinformation or get rich quick schemes. I haven't checked recently but I think we need to be pumping out some really good solid information.


With that said I'm trying to force myself to do a shorter introduction videos after this which will be easier knowing they have a place to go get a really solid foundational knowledge for a new user who has enough interest in steem to commit to watching a longer form video.
Now i'll have to make shorter videos that peak their interest and have more teaser type stuff.


I'm also interested in doing some Q&A videos so ask a question in the comments and they may end up in a video.



On the youtube video description all these times are clickable
2:55 Lots of usages of the word "steem"
3:44 Describing Blockchain
6:45 Examples of different posts
7:30 Discussion about long form content
8:45 Types of content allowed
9:15 Steem is public and open compared to other social medias
9:40 Steem can have many interfaces like steempeak
11:00 evolution from myspace to facebook to steem - Now consumer decides their experience
13:25 Making direct connections to users as opposed to dependent connections through companies #censorship
17:15 Start discussion of Top bar (Feed, profile, explore)
17:50 SteemPeak lists (private following)
19:50 Preview of Tribes
20:30 Creating Posts
22:00 Markdown and HTML discussion
22:45 Continuing discussion about creating posts
24:50 Advanced options on SteemPeak
25:50 Drafts
26:15 Templates
27:00 Word Snippets
28:30 SteemPeak philosophy of adding in feature requests
29:25 Discussion about curating voters and the steempeak home page
31:25 Signing up for an account
32:45 No one owns the blockchain but how does it run?
33:50 Logging in (steemconnect and keychain)
34:30 Keys vs Passwords
36:27 Adding an account on keychain
38:12 Switching accounts on SteemPeak
39:00 User history of transactions and notifications
40:00 Changing notification defaults
40:45 More from steempeak user dropdown
41:40 Transparency on Steem
43:50 Advanced options (Activities, witnesses, proposals, Tools)
44:55 SteemPeak Services page ... including downloading keychain
46:20 Votes (including automated votes)
48:30 Comments (Including automated comments)
50:10 Why do some posts get more votes but less money? (Question)
51:30 How does Steem economy work?
54:50 Continuing discussion about economics with First look at wallet
56:00 Values of votes
57:40 You do not need to care about earning rewards on steem
58:20 You will not become rich from posting
59.00 Recap of steem economics
1:00:12 Liquid tokens and exchanging for bitcoin/dollars
1:00:40 Utilities of SteemPower (voting, making transactions)
1:02:10 The value of steem can go up and also the vote value
1:02:50 7 Day voting period
1:05:10 3rd party tokens (steem-engine)
1:07:20 Tribes and 3rd party thematic reward pools for alternate tokens
1:08:20 Utility for 3rd party tokens (voting, promoting)
1:09:20 Sorting posts by rewards (even on tribes)
1:11:10 You don't have to care about the economics if you don't want
1:12:00 How Steem and votes can benefit content creators
1:17:50 Account details and sending tokens
1:19:00 What each key does (active, posting, owner)... continuation of previous topic
1:22:00 Try not to put a key into the internet... keychain can help with this
1:26:00 No one has access to your funds but the person with the keys
1:27:10 NSFW content
1:28:10 Plenty of these things you don't need to know if you're new user
1:29:00 SteemPeak FAQ


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I would propose to run an ad in LinkedIn, to catch attention of more people, because it has the maximum no of people who are IT savy. And I do see many people earn money from Linked in from story writing. So may be we will get some of them onboarded here.

How do I post a video in Steempeak ? like dtube ? Do I need to upload in youtube and use the link ?

Just share a link to a video and it is good to go on steempeak

Thanks for having me on the video, it was great to get an indepth run through! I'm really enjoying steem and steempeak!

this is great for newbies to the platform and those who want to more of what we do here .... big ups to @steampeak

Let us know if any newbies you personally know watch it and tell us how it helped them or what is still needed.
But also they'd probably need to be really interested in steem to watch it all... more than just a fleeting interest as this isn't a marketing type video it's thorough investigation.

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Exhaustive make it sound so tiring!...

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Haha ... is it?
Comprehensive better?

With that said I'm trying to force myself to do a shorter introduction videos

Great idea, way too much fluff for me in this one

Fluff? You're gonna need to expand on that.

fluff - extra information, not 'to the point'

Also you said "for me" ... you do know that this video isn't even sorta slightly for you as an audience. This would be more for your friends who don't know anything about steem or even much about blockchain.

This is definitely great, I just ran into this issue, that is trying to explain steem to an outsider newb, it was very difficult... I haven’t watched the video but I must say I find it rather amusing it takes 90 minutes to introduce steem.. This further leads me to believe it’s just too much for the average person...

It makes me think of time shares pitches where I at least might get free breakfast hahaha..

Love the effort it’s just out there to think it takes 90 minutes to explain monetized reddit...

haha and we'll be doing shorter videos but wanted to make a base video that acted as the comprehensive. To someone that doesn't care about everything it could be more like 10 minutes.

Also the video was geared to content creators... serious content creators on other platforms spend way more than 90 minutes learning their systems.

If you think about it I have lots of friends who go to 3 day long conferences 10hrs a day to learn youtube.

Fair enough, keep up the great work! 10 minutes sounds perfect for the basic steem intro video..

I'm hoping I'm right to be anticipating a steempeak dedicated mobile dapp in due time.. 😉

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