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RE: I want a balance at somewhere else, the reason of my voting for the witnesses

in #steem7 months ago

it is an explosive time right now and either we all may win if we make our decision based on well thought and realistic ideas and mutual respect to each other or we will lose a lot that we have build up during last 4 years. The world of Steem blockchain that so harmonically started. I completely agree with you that we should find a golden middle and choose thoughtfully the witnesses not to plant a seed of populism here, that like poison can spread and destroy everything that we achieved.

I think many Steemians just want to keep doing what they got used to posting, sharing their routine, chat to others, curate and communicate and as witnesses the guys have their responsibility for those little users and need to behave in good will for Steem blockchain. Tron is now a part of Steem community and we should take the best from it, it is in the interests of both us as Steem communities and Tron who invested a lot in Steem and will try to get best from it.

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