Question to the Steem Community. Would you like to spend your Steem on the High Street and with Merchants that have existing Fiat Payment Infrastructure already in place.

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting Strategic #Steem Partnerships around the World - Smart Cards, Contactless Payments and Mobile Applications

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Strategic #Steem Partnerships around the World

Over the past couple of years, I have been working closely with a number of Strategic Partnerships working on Projects that will enhance the utility of the #Steem Blockchain and Ecosystem.

One of those Projects is with a business that is working closely with a number of major Global Financial Institutions specialising in providing seamless Gateways between Fiat and Crypto Currencies.

Fiat and Crypto Currencies Gateways

These Gateways allow real-time Point of Sale Transactions for those looking to spend their Crypto on the High Street and with Merchants that have existing Fiat Payment Infrastructures already in place.

Smart Cards, Contactless Payments and Mobile Applications

With a number of options available to us, including Smart Cards, Contactless Payments and Mobile Applications, I am pleased to say that we are near to offering the various solutions that could be on offer.

Appetite in the #Steem Community

The purpose of this Blog is to simply gauge the appetite in the #Steem Community to launch such a Project.

Please leave your comments

I will send a link over to the Strategic Partner working on the Project to read any comments you may have.

Please feel free to leave any comments you may have on this topic as this will help steer the direction and pace of the Project over the coming few weeks.

Thanks again for reading.



Hi Stephen

I know you have worked hard for this over time. Everyone will definitely get this opportunity. With such an opportunity, Steem will also reach new heights.
I am posting a promo on world of xpilar with a link to your blog


I have sent a copy of the link to this Blog to the Strategic Partner working on the Project for them to gauge the appetite from the Steem Community as to whether this is the right time to launch a Project like this.

It is an ambitious Project but will be made easier if the Steem Community wants something like this.

Comments left are going to be vital to determine the pace and direction we take over the next few weeks.

The more exposure we get the better.


Yes, here everyone should give their comment and show their interest in this

Thank you @stephenkendal, of course this is something that we all Steemians wish, we are here and being active in order to make the blockchain spread across the world. How great it will be when people would be able to use Steem simple like we do with our cards.

Steem is only blockchain where we have control of our own wealth and fame. For many it might become their primary work: to publish creative content posts, to contact people, to sell their works and to be free in any place where you go, that is the future and there are so many who would love to share this opportunity.

Thank you for your promotional work Stephen!

Cheers, @stef1 even being located in Scotland my home is Steem

Thanks @stef1

The Strategic Partner working on the Project is reading the comments and it is great to see so much support and appetite from the #Steem Community to see the Project pursued.

Having a facility to make it accessible for people to spend their #Steem will make onboarding to #Steem more easier and especially for those playing The Shopping Game.!!


Hi, Stephen

Your idea is amazing! It would be great if you succeed. I especially love the Smart card idea!

I have a prepaid Payoneer card for freelancers. This is a very handy thing! But in our country, the government has declared war for prepaid cards :-(
And I'm pretty sure that they will be pissed off by the Steem smart card)))))

Hi Stephen!

Anything that can increase the network visibility and use cases for earned STEEM is great. There are endless possibilities and services like prove there is absolutely appetite for certain innovations. Steem holders can even stake their earned or bought Steem and earn atm 3.8 % annually on their "card".

We will go to a complete digital monetary system, and to a more stable distribution and decreased inflation of the Steem token itself. Atm inflation is 9%, even a not-economist will see this is not sustainable and needs to change ASAP. (at least if we ever want to see a more stable higher price).

To expedite things, witnesses can come to consent that we reduce inflation drastically in the next 4 years. Lower the distribution and increase demand.

We (steemitcommu) do great by implementing the RRR strategy and get as many users using Steem as quickly as we possibly can. Then projects like this have a greater chance to have impact, as more users just have a Steem Wallet and more people that would want to spend it.

Likely users would spend some STEEM on things they already buy and spend worthless money on.

Instead of users now trowing it to the exchanges, merchants and business-minded people will have the possibility to opt-in for staking their Steem and to grow their business as it earns them more in the future.

Like in any system, the working class will spend it, the higher class will find ways to make the earnings work for them. This economy will never go away, so if truly believe you and this project are on to something!



With so many positive comments from the #Steem Community, I am looking forward to discussing the options open to us with our Partner and rolling out the Project when it is ready.

A #Steem Smart Card, Contactless Payments and Mobile Applications at the Point of Sale will in itself be a great promotion for #Steem as it will allow users to seamlessly spend their #Steem with a Merchant as the would with any fiat based card or app.


@stephenkendal During the time that I have been using the Steem platform I have been analyzing how to achieve the massive use of Steem coin in Venezuela. I've designed a marketing plan, but it would only be efficient in places where merchants and consumers are using technology platforms. The economic crisis that exists in my country has become fertile ground for Steem since the banking institutions are not giving much fiat money and due to high inflation the use of the dollar is being resorted to.
For the use of a new digital currency to work there must be a computer system that allows the constant movement of a circle of transaction between currencies , in this case from Venezuela that is from Steem to Bolívares and from Bolívares to Steem. In other words, that merchants can easily convert the received Steem to Bolívares and from Bolívares to the dollar.
Currently the financial authorities have wanted to impose the Petro , but the initiative has failed in not giving technological freedom to merchants to exchange the Petros in bolivars or dollars, so nobody wants petros and so on. the transaction circle between currencies stops.

Yes, this would be a great thing to have @stephenkendal, especially if it were a "branded" card like Visa or MasterCard that's widely accepted everywhere.

I'm a big fan of anything that makes it easier for people to use and understand Steem... particularly, answering that pesky question: "What do I DO with these tokens?"

Looks like a dream come true idea. In my opinion it will be one of the most successful project even before launching. It will be great helpful amid covid-19 pandemics. Love the idea by big braing @stephenkendal

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yes great idea - sign me up i am keen for a card like this

I do believe that Steem has to move forward to this direction. We've removed cancer which sells milking SBD for everyday. So now, we need to find a way to make people need Steem. If there is a gateway between FIAT and Steem?

Steem will be the fascinating asset.

Promoting #Steem and #Steemit.

Shared on twitter.

Massive shout-out to everyone in the #Steem Community.

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Hola Esteban saludos, Realmente este proyecto es ambisioso y muy benificioso para toda la comunidad Steem, y por supuesto que estoy de acuerdo sería muy benefactor poder hacer transacciones de una forma simple y sin tanto protocolo en todo el mundo, apoyo este proyecto... Dispuesta a apoyar y hacer crecer Steem!

Hello Esteban greetings, This project is really ambitious and very beneficial for the entire Steem community, and of course I agree it would be very beneficial to be able to make transactions in a simple way and without so much protocol around the world, I support this project ... Willing to support and grow Steem!

@stephenkendal i can see you are really doing a beautiful underground work to see to the success and progress of steemit and steemit members, this is so nice of you.
This new project is so beautiful, i pray it turns out successful, especially the steem smart card; it will be so unique.
I am glad i joined steemit at this point, i am loving all this beautiful developments.

Waiting for this type of opurtunaty from steem community or steem blockchain.
It is the great idea which i think,i think this project take forward the steem community.
Have a good day.

Sign me up as well... i just love the idea!😉

Its a wonderful idea, would love to know more about the project as it goes on. shared on twitter👍

Excellent idea. It would be an extraordinary thing for the platform and very practical indeed.

Your idea is really awesome. I really like your idea. I hope others will like it too.

It is a great idea, I would definitely try it out.

Hi, I would like to know if this project includes #steemit communities in Latin America. For example, Venezuela has a number of users that will grow over time.

Hi stephan,

It's a great idea to have partnership in such segments.
Steem while being used as a payment system should also supplement with reward system where even people who pay with fiat currency can get steems as rewards, thereby increasing community.

Also steem can be used in multiutility cards such as PARIS Pass.
And of course we want steem to be implemented in e-commerce giants such as Amazon.
Good luck for all the plans, would love to see them implemented.

This is the greatest idea to promote steemit, the smart card idea is very good. We have to promote steemit. Stemit want now more and more promotions, the idea of mobile App is very better, best, because people will able to trade steem sell and buy steem with mobile, I think for significant app for steem. Which will start trading with steem and sbd.

Without any kind of hesitation i can speak this is a great idea.

Hi Stephen
I keep thinking about this card. I know card issuers often allow many choices, if we could find one that lets you put a picture of yourself or some other photo on your card that would be perfect!

Did you design different Gifs for this project?
The black is cool, but a blue motif would also be nice.
I think if we find a card issuer which allows uploaded pictures we could have our first Steem credit card.

Of course it wouldn’t be a card we could deposit Steem into and spend yet!
But it would be a step forward.

It seems to me that there was a recent card issuer which allowed cryptocurrency deposits. Do you recall ?


I guess it could be a contest to find a credit card issuer who will let us deposit Steem and spend fiat!

This is a rough draft for a post I am writing, but want to see where you are first with the initiative.


Recently @stephenkendal posted about a strategic partnership with a credit card company.
I am raising the topic again to ask questions.

Does anyone know of a credit card issuer open to using Steem to Fiat, Fiat to Steem transactions?

Does anyone already use a Steemit credit card?

I know the South Brisbane Airport went to a system where you could buy everything with Cryptocurrency using a single system which placed the needed machinery at each airport merchants business, and it accepted multiple currencies including Steem.

Anyone from Brisbane or anyone who travelled through South Brisbane Airport have any experience with the system.

Anyone know of any credit card services integrating ShapeShifter Application?
That company was an early pioneer in multi-Cryptocurrency wallet technology.

I will pay rewards in Steem for tips and information.


Title: Steemit Credit Card Initiative by @stephenkendal

This is a complicated project as there are so many pieces of the jigsaw to put together, including: International Legal Framework Agreements, Set-Up Costs, Expected Volume of Transactions and Fees, to name just a few.

In a growing Community with say over +100k daily active users and International Legal Framework Agreements in place it would simply be down to the cost to set up and the acceptable fees to use.

Sadly, I am not sure that there are enough Active Users currently in place and the International Legal Framework Agreements still need to be resolved.

We could launch a Pre-Paid Card in Europe ring fenced in a Single Market without the need for International Legal Framework Agreements but I am not sure that this would be enough to justify the costs.

The design of the Card and how it looks is not the problem, it is simply whether there is a business case to fund the launch of the Card without some serious weight from the Community behind it.

Over the past few years I have funded the Promotion of Steem out of my own pocket, but this Project is going to need deeper pockets and someone with more weighting in the Community.

I am more than happy to help promote anyone wishing to pursue something similar, but sadly I cannot fund it at this time.


Definitivamente @stephenkendall, #Steemit está abriendo una nueva etapa en la blockchain: la interacción con el mundo físico. Esa tarjeta es la tarjeta del futuro. Ya la imagino en mis manos. Sueño con esa nueva realidad.

Definitely @stephenkendall, #Steemit is opening a new stage in the blockchain: interaction with the physical world. That card is the card of the future. I already imagine it in my hands. I dream of that new reality.

No doubt this would be a wonderful project, we would be all steemit users very happy and convinced that we will have support through this card. An ambitious project that is well worthwhile.

Hi @stephenkendal
I think this is a great project and I would love to have access to such a card. Thank you for your efforts in this regard.

I have a current project to promote Steem and @steemcurator01 suggested I get your input, and I thought that was a great idea, so please forgive the link.
Please review this link.
Thank you

Hello @stephenkendal,
This seems to be a wonderful and innovative idea.
My query would be regarding the tax impact on this and how would it be handled?
Will this attract some deduction or collection at source of income?

Good question @negrita-cursiva.

This is the sort of questions I wanted people to raise and will be addressed as the project is rolled out.



It would definitely be a great step for STEEM. Very good.

great idea :)

Definitely, it seems to me a great idea, this to be able to use steem through a smart card. It would be spectacular

Absolutely! That is the only way . The only way steem will be valuable is if it has use cases.

Greetings friend @stephenkendal-

This should be one of the objectives of Steemit, to expand towards the street markets, to increase their use or fluidity, in this way it will increase the social interest to deepen their knowledge towards the BlockChain, towards Steemit, and towards our Steem.

Economies are completely shaping up towards the use of crypto-currencies, and we have to be the precursors of this success. I vote for this project, even though at this time of sanctions, Venezuela could be left out of this project.

Such a fantastic way to make use of Steem as well to make it more popular. In fact I had the same quistion on the recent talk channel post of @xpilar. I will surely like to have such a wonderful project come up.

i really love your idear, its very powerfull and infact i want to work under you,,
thank you.

Steem Debit Card would be a cool idea and that would make my purchase easier if steem is accepted on my local supermarket or shopping mall or online purchases

This is an absolute great project which in line will boost the credibility of steemit hive community among user in the world with these integration making payment using STEEM will be more convenient and easily accessible by other users it will make the price of steem surge high.
I'm 💯 percent in agreement with these project and can't wait for its launch.
Cheers to steemit community great work!
Contactless payment and application are great idea😍

This would be a great step forward in the crypto space. I am looking forward to those times when I can do my shopping directly with my earned steem tokens. I believe this would save time and lots of resources.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Amazing idea @stephenkendal. You are taking us one step forward on the road to the digital world. I am thinking about using steem while buying groceries on the high street. Loved this idea. Steem on

This is great and would like it to become a reality. Thanks Stephen

Will the project spread across all country.i feel it should be targeted to countries who have a larger population on Steemit so as to test run it

Will the project spread across all country

This is a very good question and is something that we are looking into.

It all depends on the necessary Legal Framework in place for Point of Sale Transactions per Country.

i feel it should be targeted to countries who have a larger population on Steemit so as to test run it

We will roll it out right across #Steem inline with the above Legal Frameworks in place per Country.


That's lovely and a nice way to go around it

Wow, this would be a great addition. I'll be glad to spend Steem or any other Crypto with my credit card.

Hello, I think all steemian want to use steem using debit card.

do you know MCO card? I used MCO card. for it, i charged my money using XRP and used this card on street.

If I can top up money using steem at MCO card, it would be really great..


this is fantastic. I would love to use this.

without doubt I say, this is a brilliant idea,, Loved

Can you imagine a steemit credit card, what a good idea

Thank you @stephenkendal

The use of the debit card using steem must be internationally accepted in the ATM machines @stephenkendal @xpilar so it is a big step in solving humanity's problems which is pverty so I am a bit excited if that would happen in the future. :D

Hello @stephenkendal.
I would have to read more about the project. Where can I use the card? In which countries can be used the future card? What would be its support in the physical world? Are we ready to link cryptomonies to world currencies?
I have too many questions.

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