Steem - Current Price = $0.4381 +15.20%

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#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem around the World

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Promoting #Steem around the World

It's great to see #Steem finally get some attention it so rightfully deserves.

Current Price = $0.4381 +15.20%.

This is awesome news and hopefully there is more still to come.

Thanks again for reading.


#Promo-Steem - Promoting #Steem Communities around the World

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Last I checked, we are very close to an 18-month high... and if we break through that, we'll be close to a two year high! Nice to finally see some positive moment... perhaps even more so for those of use who have patiently been waiting for this to come along!

Nice work! You just got yourself a $2.63 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

Yahoo go to the moon


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I decided to have a closer look at the BTC - STEEM chart and what we might be witnessing is technical reversal in the BTC/STEEM pair.

If this is correct and continues to play out, we may see a +$2.50 #Steem sooner than you think.!!


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Great information and go to the moon.

Your post is really good

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