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RE: Steemjet Roadmap and Official Steemjet Records Logo entry post (5000 steem in prizes) – and NEW ART CONTEST (dimimp the donkey 1000 steem in prizes)

in #steem3 years ago

Hello dimimp, here is my official logo for steemjet records..




this is a great design, top 5 right now, excellent proportions, lines and balance, and the font and lettering style is perfect.

very simple and minimal

Too bad I can't think of a way to integrate shartzys plane form our logo.

I give you permission to post several more pictures.

blow it up and let me see.. I checked your blog and cant find any more mock ups.

I love the simplified wings, headphones around the record.. I am thinking that if you removed the 6 lines on the record and spun the steem logo to the position of our logo and put shartzys plane the record, then this would be incredible

very compelling design, great work!!!

Thanks sir... I will make immediate corrections

Sir @dimimp please permit me to comment of the brilliant piece!!!

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-15 at 9.55.18 PM.jpeg
@stevendion please try and fuse our official logo somewhere.. look at my arrows!!(on the both sides of the headphone or the center)

This is a real class masterpiece!! Good job!

Thanks sir... I will make corrections as soon as possible

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