My post was worded unnecessarily aggressively first, so I should be the one saying sorry stoodkev.

We probably don't agree on a lot of things that's happened lately but I respect the work you do. I also hope things work out well for everyone in the end.

Hi! Sir, i was just curious to know why you skip my content these days :( ? I don't know where else to contact you, so i am trying to reach you here. It really breaks my heart to see contents being voted posted before me or after me. I'm very new here, and with all respect sir, if i have done some mistakes then i will appreciate your advice, guide me please :) ..

sludos friend I hope you are well God bless you.

I would to say thank you for upvoting posts in my community much appreciated 🤝 if you could delegate any amount to this account it would much appreciated

hi @trafalgar

I've been wondering - is there any way I could contact you directly and DM you? Perhaps telegram or discord?

If you do not feel comfortable sharing your account details, then maybe I could ask you to drop me a message?

You could find me on discord by joining our PH community server ( or directly: crypto.piotr#3426

I would appreciate,
Yours, Piotr