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RE: Offer to Purchase for Custody of the Steem Community

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I dont think we need for any reason. It has a bad image, the condenser code is OS and there are alternatives.
Through the multiple dApps, extensions and communication channels, we also have means to draw the traffic away from it and redirect it to other UIs.


This domain is part of the legacy history of Steem, most of the community used it and there are backlinks all over Google, Most users have felt it to be their home, it's a symbol for them and important to preserve the legacy of the community.

I agee about the backlinks. Idt the rest matters that much.

It's the sentiment, taking back our home into the hands of the community is everything, for many is home because they aren't technical at a blockchain level.

Furthermore, the Condenser UI looks atrocious and the codebase itself is a messy React application that is overly complicated and difficult to change. I think this blog post is a case of confusing the Steemit domain ejgg the blockchain itself.