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RE: Rejecting HF21 in its current state

in #steem2 years ago

I agreee that for now 50/50 is too soon for the STEEM blockchain. If you look at @penguinpablo stats You will see that Steemian voters OUTNUMBER content creators.... so to give content creators a 33% "hair cut" makes no sense right now... maybe maybe a 60/40 but 50/50 I don't think makes sense if you will lose content creators and give UPVOTERS less to up vote.

And for FREE FLAGGING, Bernie already does a great Job of it without the FREE, JUST ask Kawaiicrush or lyndsayBowes or anyone else who has watched the BOT WARS between various Steemians......oh boy!

I say NOT TO THESE CHANGES but I am not a witness.... maybe WE need a Witness POLL to see where they Stand and WE STEEMIANS can then up vote them in or out as witness if they support this madness about to be unleashed!!