It my 1000th post on Steemit! 💥🎉steemCreated with Sketch.

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What's up my friends? It’s been a long journey and now, after 2 years on Steemit I’m writing my 1000th post. This time I want to thank everyone who supported my content. Since my start the price of the STEEM has dropped from $3 to $0.18 but I have no doubt we will come back stronger than ever. There was a lot of drama and all sorts of twists and turns, but it was definitely a great experience. I’ve been a part of almost every project made on this blockchain such as Drugwars, Steemmonsters, Holy Bread, Appics, Actifit and I'm very excited to see what future will bring to us. I hope that we will last for a long time and that our community will fulfill the potential that is certainly not lacking. Not too long ago I've started trading on S-E and made some profits which will eventually all go to power-up so I can return the favour to the community and to push some newbies. Steem on! :)