Please help me ! I WRONG MY WALLET

in #steem2 months ago

Today at 12 o'clock, while trying to send 700 steems from my @steemwomenclub account to my binance account to my deepcrypto8 account, I accidentally transferred to @ deepcrypto8. Upon finding this account, I want 700 requests again. I am forwarding this to the Steemit team.

I would like to know if you have any suggestions to solve this problem. I'm so sorry for this. Help !!



The account you sent is a fraudulent account. A few people like you have also sent it. The Steemit team cannot do anything about it. An account opened via @dlike. There is nothing he can do either (Actually, it can, but that wouldn't be the right thing to do.). Unless your account is stolen, there will be no intervention.

Get well soon.


Sorry to hear you made the mistake when transferring the STEEM.

You have to be very careful with account names.

Why are you taking all that STEEM out of the @steemwomensclub account?

Especially as you have already taken out 700 STEEM only two days ago.

We give big votes on the @steemwomensclub posts on the understanding that this will be used to build up the voting power of the community account - not to be taken for personal gain.

You are very right, I am trying to use it for this, I wanted to take more steem and strengthen the steem power. I struggled to have more voting power. but I got a mistake like this I am in a very sad and devastating situation. I don't know how to save. thanks for writing a comment

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