Max Supply: 5,000,000,000 That is a bunch, good luck with this project

5 billion is a bunch? The number of humans on earth is more than that. Many of the top 100 coins don't even have a max supply including DOGE with currently almost 118 billion coins adding 5.2 billion coins every year, as well as STEEM. And neither of them need you to wish them luck! SWIFT's maximum supply which is gonna take at least 200 years to reach is what DOGE adds to its current 118 billion supply every year lol. You seem to have no idea what you're talking about. TRX is another example with almost 100 billion coins rank 10. Also stellar rank 8 lol...

I am sure it will do well

Lol so when you said that is a bunch; good luck, you meant it in a good way? I thought you were smearing 😂

It was just more of an observation after reading the white paper. I will be taking part in POS and I meant it in a good way when I said good luck. Its a crowded space with many talented individuals so everyone needs a little luck to go with that talent.

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