Delegating to some new users I've onboarded.

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So it has been a while since I last posted here, but those of you following me will notice I've been re-steeming/upvoting some content and delegating some SP to some users.

I'd honestly nearly forgotten about Steem for a while after some life upheavals, and then came across it again a while back.

Anyway, I've onboarded a few friends I made along the way, and you should check out their stuff. Their content tends to be quite interesting.

I'll introduce you to these new users below.

Firstly, my former-coworker @balor is now doing neat things hunting down phishing and scam sites, something I used to do way back when. I'll probably donate some time to their Fried Phish project at some point...

Secondly, a person I met at an art opening, @alteredspectrum, is doing some really cool stuff with IR/Near-IR photography with a hacked camera. Really neat stuff, and I gather they are busy creating more content at the moment and just need to get around to uploading it.

Thirdly, I'm donating some time to the "Onion Guide" project over a @onionguide with @balor and a couple of others, trying to document the stuff that actually exists on the Tor network. It is super weird and wonderful out there!

Finally, @dataexhaust is working on documenting all the ways in which the current state of surveillance capitalism is eroding your privacy, freedom, and rights. Their content promises to be very, very interesting and I look forward to reading all the scary stuff they are writing about.

I hope you interact with and chat to or find interesting some of the creators I've brought here, I'll be onboarding a few more in the coming weeks, and collaborating with some new users on interesting projects they are working on.


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