I won't post quality content until my payouts are high enough

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The title is a position that I hear often enough but, it isn't mine. Lately I have mentioned relatively often that being on Steem can be somewhat like a game and in actual fact, game theory itself appears heavily in the design. All that really means is that there are models made based on interactions between players, whether human or otherwise. It looks at rational decision makers meaning, logic but, that is somewhat deceptive because, human behaviors are only logical to the person making the decisions. Everyone rationalizes their actions despite how illogical it may be to other players.

It really does suck to write for pennies, if that, doesn't it? It sucks to see people earning much more on low quality or content that is easy to produce too. It sucks to see people who you may not consider worthy, earning more, doing better, enjoying themselves will you yourself might be struggling. It sucks to once upon a time enjoy high payouts and possibly status only to struggle again like a noob here too as it feels like failing all over again, falling from a position one feels they earned. A lot of this experience here sucks.

Well, suck it up buttercup. Harsh? No.

This is the game. There is a survival aspect, a testing process, a proof of brain, commitment whatever you want to call it and there are many, many, many paths, dead ends and forks in the road or forks in the chain as the case may be. The entire platform is based on decisions of the players and how they interact and what they are willing or unwilling to do. Everyone makes their decisions and no matter what they are, everyone else will make decisions also. Sometimes those decisions help ones cause, sometimes they harm ones cause and because of the way the platform works, no one can force another to act in a certain way but, influence is possible.

Influence seems to have become a dirty word of sorts at Steem, as if it is something that isn't used to gain favor in any other arena. Influence is used everywhere and it is always a manipulation.

This doesn't mean that it is a harmful manipulation, it just means that influence is something that is used to nudge or change someone's mind and this happens in all kinds of places, from a speech at the dais, the greasing of palms or, the flick of the hair and a gaze across a room held a little longer than social convention dictates. Influence and manipulation is everywhere and it pervades our experience always.

It is the weather on a cloudy day, is it going to rain, do I take a jacket, an umbrella or, do I think it is going to clear up? All of these are little decisions that may seem inconsequential in the moment but, if one is going on a picnic or heading to a job interview, preparing for the rain just in case might be recommended. Turning up to an interview soaked to the bone because one didn't prepare for likely rain doesn't scream, attention to detail or contingency planning expert.

When it comes to Steem, the many paths, the many decisions lead us on but, we are continually influenced by the environment we occupy and all of the others here doing their own thing too. We are pushed and pulled and we make our decisions based on what we think is best for us. This is why when price drops some people decrease their posting frequency while others increase, this is why some people will write their best despite return while others will not put their all in because the returns are too low. These are decisions and they are not forced by the system, they are made by the individual.

Where people place their vote, whether it is an autovote, a sold vote or whatever is a decision too. They can use it to influence for themselves, or reward others and there is the potential to do both simultaneously. There are many other ways to use a vote too, more decisions, more complexity. The voters decision can of course be influenced in many ways but in general, people vote on what gets them a return and despite what many believe, it isn't always what maximizes their personal wealth. At least not monetarily.

When it comes to what people find valuable enough to pay for it generally comes down to whether it entertains them or, whether it offers them something that provides utility, possibility and increases their potential. Unfortunately we have developed an online model where information is 'free' as long as you will be willing to endure the adverts, more manipulations. Paying for the thoughts of others is no longer the norm but, it should be and potentially will be if we make a system where people can be rewarded for creating something that the audience finds valuable enough to reward. More decisions.

When it comes to consistent earning on Steem you will find that if you go back into the past of the real content producers, you are likely to find that most of them weren't earning highly at the beginning and reward was erratic at best but, they were consistently producing content that appealed to their audience. There are obviously a wide range of opinions on what quality is and, what is valuable but in general, those with stake supported content that appealed to them or they thought would encourage engagement, bring new users and essentially build their worth indirectly and through the curation algorithms. This has somewhat changed as many have decided to increase their value indirectly though vote-selling etc.

However, proof of brain still has a place in my opinion and perhaps more so as since the number of organic voters is smaller or, there is less active stake, having the ability to produce good content consistently is imperative (for a content producer) to having a chance to attract and influence voters. There are many ways to do this also and while some target niche groups, Dapps or content areas, I prefer to be myself ad try to bring my life experiences into play as I would in the real world because in all of the world, no one has my experience nor my exact perspectives. What this hopefully means is that I am able to offer something unique to the audience and, they can choose to support it or not upon reading.

It is quite a straight-forward transaction and much less complicated than requiring and being influenced by advertising middlemen in order for me to earn. The reason I like it this way is there is a type of direct relationship built between me (or my content) and the audience and, if they choose to support, I am grateful. A good rule of thumb is that if you find value in something even if you may disagree with it, support the person who put the effort in to make you think differently in some way, as you do not know what the future value of that tiny piece of information may bring.

Again, these are my views and the way I play the game is not really an efficient way as it takes an incredible amount of time and effort to do it in this manner but, I have been consistently doing it for what on Steem is considered a very long time. The way you or others approach the environment, the various weather systems that form, how people interact and behave and most importantly, how you behave and feel are decisions you can make.

You can be influenced by the doomsdayers, inspired by the shillers, driven to try new approaches by the Dapps or learn any number of things from how to identify plants in your garden to methods for dealing with stress, kick an addiction or find out about the latest technologies. The power is yours to choose what you consume but there is one area that you have total control over and that is, it is you who decides what you put onto the blockchain.

No one is forcing you to post quality nor are they forcing you to shitpost. No one is forcing you to comment or vote or act in any way you decide you do not want to act but, there are many influencing factors that are going to manipulate your decisions and change the paths you may choose. Everyone is a rational player here, at least from their own perspective.

You may not see the value here and you may try to influence others who do to take your position also, that is up to them if they listen. You might be waiting for a higher reward before adding your brilliance but, from my perspective and experience, those who are passive and holding back rarely get rewarded for it. Don't expect the weather or others to just do what you want, how you want, when you want as it will only lead to suffering. Your approach to life whether on Steem or in the real world is your responsibility, always.

I will continue consistently posting what I consider useful, valuable, interesting, helpful and quality content whether it earns 1,10 or 100 dollars. If you find it worthy of your support, I am grateful. If not, that is fine too.

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I m always trying to contribute quality content for Steemit and supporting who has quality content.

For example ı founf you today and I follow you. You have a new subscriber who support quality contens on Steemit :) it will surely take time to reach the right followers..

Thanks, glad to have you aboard :)

Suck it up, buttercup. Indeed.

And don’t forget that for most the alternatives are writing for claps, likes, or non-financial upvotes. Or an own blog and trying to monetize that.

Oh btw, buttercup... don’t let the door hit you in the back on the way out. Don’t worry about the light, it’s app controlled.

Don’t worry about the light, it’s app controlled.

Lol. Dapp controlled soon enough.

Not sure I want to decentralize the light control. LOL

Panic.com have built a by the public (color) controlled sign(*) on their office though.

(*) Was too lazy to look for the intro/release blog post.

Not sure I want to decentralize the light control. LOL

At least, not in the toilet.

You can earn AT LEAST $20 per hour if you are a decent writer, with freelancing, affiliate marketing or whatever.

That's why Steemit is filled with such filth. The platform is associated with "make digital fake money by posting and upvoting". Guess who this statement attracts? People who want the fake money, but are shitty writers unable to successfully have a writing "career".

Albeit a small minority (including me) who write here because they see future potential, the majority of writers SUCK!

Your comment in no way sheds a new light. Preaching to the choir.

Yet, the reason why they’re here is because the majority would never get 100 views/day on their own site. That’s what is the meaning of “the alternative is...”

People come to these platforms because there’s an existing audience and it may or may not be easier to capture attention than with an own site which needs to grow traffic first.

A majority of bloggers don’t make it past 18 months because they underestimated the challenge of getting traffic.

The demographic the title appeals to are the content quality elitists who think their content is worth more.

I challenge them to show me how much it I should worth.

PS: I have pushed 20-40m uniques/month in a previous life.

See, the problem is that you think it takes 20mil visitors to make money :)

Hell, you don't actually need visitors if you are a writer. You need a free account on a freelancing platform or 10 cold emails per day to companies that seek writers.

Anyway, I've written 3-4 posts already bitching about the low quality here (hint: the readers aren't that bright themselves eg "Nice text, vote up me").

I believe that Steemit is tighed to the ups and downs of Steem (obvious, right?) and unless it goes mainstream, we won't be able to see quality.

But that’s not the targeted in this case demographic.

You don’t need to tell me how it works, we operated a top 5 then freelance writing gigs site.

The problem is that you don’t want to see, or maybe don’t know, the attitude of the writers targeted by the title.

They think that, maybe correctly, they’re Salon quality. New Yorker even. Many will never ever touch an affiliate. I can tell you stories about that audience. We’re talking a different demographic.

Anyway... argue what you want. I don’t care. I know how this drum rolls.

If you think quality is an issue here, then you don’t really grasp the platform either. But that’s fine. You could have discovered some if you made some effort to find some articles in my feed.

I know the demographic.

Decent writers/shitty marketers.

I am just pointing out that most people aren't honest with what they want.

If they want money, they should gtfo of Steemit. But no. They want validation, status.

For me, I have seen people say that they will not post until the price of steem goes up. I see it similar with what you have said, But for me I just post daily whether the price is high or not.

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I think it depends on the person or at least, their attitude to the future here. In my opinion, this is the best time to discover, improve, learn and earn steem, especially for the newer accounts.

Yah, that is true

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If you intent on using the platform then price is irrelevant anyway. Most people will power up earnings and what you are earning is steem.
If you intend to sell then earn steem now and hold until the price rises. There is not much point in pissing away the time until then. If you want to be here and earn then you will have to do something.

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yeah but it would be nice to get a little SBD

All that needs to happen is for steem to go up by about 50 cents or so ;)

that would be nice too!

Funny thing about this place..... quality doesn’t always mean rewards.... nothing’s guaranteed here.... I post what I think is the best thing I’ve photographed all year and it makes 30 cents.... i don’t get discouraged I just try for next time!! Yes I haven’t been posting as often as this time last year but that doesn’t mean I’m not here and not engaging... i too appreciate every single person behind any vote I receive and do actually go look at peoples content that support my posts! Long story short I love this place still and support content that I like.... hell some of it I submit to curie if it’s that good and deserves more than my 20 cents.. anyway... keep on steemin on..

Quality per post may not matter but, quality over time might. Consistency, engagement and how one generally interacts is all part of the quality of an account in my opinion. People put too much weighting on individual posts.

Absolutely man...one photo doesn't make a photographer... one poem doesn't make a poet.... i'll just keep on keepin' on!

I'll keep posting almost everyday. Maybe not four times a day like I was when we were really paying out well.... but I have consistently posted in the nearly two years I've been here and I'll continue to do so.

I think being consistent is the main thing, rather than letting it drop completely and expecting just to come back when price goes up.

Ah the precious little snowflakes are going to be upset. You didn't mention them.LoL. So they just need to be like the buttercups and suck it up.

I enjoyed this read. I pretty much just post when I feel like posting. I have actually been trying to post a lot more with the down price of steem vs the dollar because it seems as if I am getting more Steem in rewards.

Quality is and always will be subjective, if I don't like a post I just move on there are a ton out here on steemit. No need to waste my breath or my button pushing fingers by typing out your post sucked go get a life type comments to people. Sometimes the "shit post" is not really a shit post, just some typo's or formatting issue and correcting them a post changes, so when I see that I try to help.

there is one area that you have total control over and that is, it is you who decides what you put onto the blockchain.

And how often, what works for one may not work for another, many people think there is a secret to all the rewards, a pattern if they can just find it they will be rich rich rich. There is nothing like that. The only way to be rewarded is to make a post or make a comment. That simple for me really.

And how often, what works for one may not work for another, many people think there is a secret to all the rewards, a pattern if they can just find it they will be rich rich rich.

The secret mostly is, find what you are good at and work work work :)

Yes, and for steemit rices, post post post. or comment comment comment. LoL. I am satisfied with just doing pretty much as I please on steemit, you can't please everyone, so pleasing yourself kind of works on steemit when it comes to posting. Sometimes it's work, like finding the right words for that story contest, or the right idea/plot. Picking which picture out of almost hundreds you want to share, and then the words and formatting, yeah, all of it is work, whether a high or low quality post so may as well try to make them look nice. (I just wish that the post preview gave an accurate preview of look, especially when it comes to picture layouts).

(I just wish that the post preview gave an accurate preview of look, especially when it comes to picture layouts).

Me too :)

I don't know if peoples concept of fair means everyone gets equal payouts all the time. Its a combination of proof of brain, influence, community support, timing and so many other factors but that's what also makes it exciting. You never know which contribution might moon or not!

The money is cool and all don't get me wrong im here for the free internet money I just think that steemit has now become a habit for me, its where I dump my thoughts and If you want to share in that cool, if not cool too! My other social media accounts where pretty dead in any case so to me getting insightful engagement regularly is pretty cool

You would never see comments of this length on other platforms unless its to do with something political or personal identities! Which in fact is most of the time not even useful discussion!

Steem on buttercups!

You would never see comments of this length on other platforms unless its to do with something political or personal identities! Which in fact is most of the time not even useful discussion!

It is interesting isn't it. Some people think that engagement is low here but on Facebook, it is mostly 'nice post' kinds of comments unless like you say, politics or some other charged content that is mass media driven. I much prefer the style of engagement on Steem and I am glad I have done the work to get it consistently and I am grateful to those who take the time.

Think it depends greatly on type of content. Get more engagement on my fiction here but much less on my health/nutrition posts.

Nice post.


well i advocate for quality which is relative in the sense that we all have different yardsticks we use in assess information. Everyone has their opinion of what's great or trash and should express these views in terms of what they choose to support. We cannot coerce people into accepting our ideologies, but we can promote them. there will always be contents on this platform I consider to be below average, and I choose to ignore them.

There is no problem to ignore content or content producers it is also good to open oneself to a wide variety to avoid creating an echo chamber.

As you say, it all depends on what ones intention for being here is.

I realised this year that if I worried about whether people were engaging with my work, or ‘liking’ it didn’t matter.

When I allowed others to influence what & how I created, then I wrote nothing.

Now it’s just for the love of it. Hopefully some people will love it and get some value from it.

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Just enjoy yourself and generally being yourself gets ore engagement as it is authentic and those who like it, like it. The problem with targeting the audience means it is easy to lose the self, always chasing.

Hi Taraz. That is the same story i hear across the platform. Who says their quality content will receive the rewards they expect anyway. There are loads of mediocre posts getting decent payouts for what they are already. The ones that are saying it are the ones who don't understand the concept of the platform and will most likely not achieve success here anyway.

The ones that are saying it are the ones who don't understand the concept of the platform and will most likely not achieve success here anyway.

There are many paths and a lot of confusion :)

I think it is better to look at the amount in Steem you make instead of Dollars, because Steem can rise again and then your past earnings also appreciate in value.

That is precisely right in my opinion and since I am planning for a longer term here, it is the Steem that matters. The price only matters when cashing out.

When it comes to what people find valuable enough to pay for it generally comes down to whether it entertains them or, whether it offers them something that provides utility, possibility and increases their potential.

So true. I am also not worried about payouts. I am not responsible of the decisions others make on the value of my posts. That is their choice. Understanding the game sure helps. Thanks for a quality article.

Problem though, it's not a game, it's a platform, and in holding SP or STEEM we are holding a stake in a platform which value is determined by the quality of the content. Good thing about low curation rewards right now is that it's now a good time to pause posting and upvotes for a bit and cast those flags while they are cheap and help STEEM/SP increase in value by doing something about subpar content with our voting power.

It is all decision making, game theory. Not a game itself although many see it that way. If you think that is the best us of your SP, that is the decision you make and each makes their moves in relation. It is a very interesting platform as it replicates the real world very closely in many ways.

Question: is it possible to post the same article on Steemit and Medium?

IMHO, I joined Steemit not because of a few cents but because I want to net. I don't mind working for free if the platform it's worth. However, Steemit, in general, is mediocre, it's flooded with click baits and cheap articles.

If it is your article and you link to the original, I think it is okay. If it isn't your work though, it would be considered plagiarism.

Postingan yang baik dengan konten yang kontekstual..

Menulis adalah pilihan dan sekaligus ekspresi kehidupan dan ketika tulisan selesai maka bayaran dalam bentuk lain telah kita terima dalam kelapangan dada.

Terimakasih telah membagikan postingan ini @tarazkp

Irman Syah | @mpugondrong

The beautiful one. Liked its atmospher.

I'm not playing games.
Think power not money.

Good luck in the power games :)

Thanks my man but i wont be needing luck. Power doesn't play games.

After reading your other post, with the intense discussion in the comments with @ats-david, I did go to his @ats-witness account and read one of his posts. It was certainly thought provoking and I now see how changing payout to at least 50/50 for curators and authors would not only help encourage the voting, but would also benefit the authors with more likelihood of votes. Ultimately it would also draw people away from investing in the bots if it makes it more lucrative to earn from voting. Currently, if I were to invest in the smartsteem bot you mentioned I'd earn more than double what I currently do curating and I'm not a big SP holder. Without going crazy on self votes, I can't match that.

So with this in mind it made think as I read through this:

people vote on what gets them a return and despite what many believe, it isn't always what maximizes their personal wealth. At least not monetarily.

Very true, but let's be honest the monetary side is the biggest influencer especially when someone can't see a gain in any other way. People donate to charity and that gains them a good feeling of having helped, but it's unlikely to gain them anything else. On the Steem platform charity cases generally attract much more upvotes than standard posters, because they have the advantage of offering that intangible reward. I guess that's why when charities turn out to be lies it can hurt so much more because they've stolen both money and people's goodwill.

If the system can be changed to made it more lucrative for people to support authors then I think that can only benefit everyone all around. David made a very good point in his post about most people on social media being consumers, not producers. So at the moment we are kind of scaring the consumers off and without them there will be no reward for the producers. At this point I fully comprehend @mattclarke's reasoning behind being a big supporter of comments over posts. It's currently the only way we can really reward the consumer.

Oh our 1973 Landrover is called Buttercup...

I couldnt bring myself to shit post but to be honesr Im not as pedantic as I used to be. Its time consuming for sure. But quality is worth it in the end...

I earn very little from my posts . I wasn't here in the good times (I am bearly 30 days here) so I am not disappointed if my post gets a bad payout. So I am laughing. I feel I am in at the right time as well when the platform is going through a bit of a lull. I just enjoy the interaction with some of the contacts and interesting people I met on here. If more people like my posts , great Last week @curie liked one of my posts and paid me out 28 quid. That was amazing. I think some people complaining about shitty posts is wrong. Don't follow the guy then. Some posts may have bad English, grammatical errors but like the idea of writing.Leave them off. No skin off my back. I'd hate to see them demotivated on here. Who knows what else is happening in their lives. The reason I got into Steemit is I needed a platform in crypto that would grow your account if you put in the effort. Start off sweeping the floor and then get promoted so to speak. This is the perfect platform to do it on and I am not refreshing my blockfolio half as much anymore!😄