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RE: Different teams with different goals for the future of Steem

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I don't really want to move, but will go where the community is. I am definitely not going to stay anywhere where the chain is centralised, or has no decent devs. Starting a witness node and coding a development hardfork are two different things.


I don't really want to move either, but hey, if you have a lovely house and then someone decides to block the view buy building a skyscraper in front of it suddenly your lovely house might start feeling a lot less like home, even though much of it stayed the same.

I'm definitely in mourning. I hope I will feel celebrative in a few weeks time when I see how everything comes together.

Who knows, perhaps @theycallmedan and @starkerz will pull off a miracle - but I am not sure what condition the community would be in to accept terms with Justin Sun now.

i don't know why but i feel it is to late for that. he had a month to do something positive, and there were a lot of options where he would earn money and community would be ok with it. if he just came out today and said i am giving 50% of the stake to SPS i would still feel blah.

Yep, I agree. It is going to be interesting to watch it all unfold though. Steem isn't dead, just as we know it.


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That's the thing, I feel a naive hope we can 'stay on Steem' but I can't see how that could be achieved, it seems too much damage was done.

Here's hoping