The Steem community problem Netcoins uncovered

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You have all seen the posts being shared by so many accounts large and small asking people to vote for Steem in the Netcoins competition to try and get it listed on their exchange. If you haven't yet done so, here is the link to go and vote.

Currently, the situation looks like this with Steem nosing ahead:

PACcoin was in first position but after losing many false votes due to so many emails coming in from the same IP addresses (Steem will likely lose some too) Verge and Steem have been battling it out. But currently, Steem is winning so, what is the problem?


7366 measly votes??

This is a competition that has been running for a few days and allows voting every 24 hours and 7366 votes is all the Steem community is able to muster? We should be absolutely drilling these kinds of events without having to use multiple emails. There are supposedly 15,000 unique users here weekly (minus estimated bots) yet 7366 is all that has been possible from members who are hoping STEEM to moon.

Those who have seen these announcements, want Steem to get listed on exchanges (as it boosts visibility and price) and haven't voted really need to rethink their position on what they want Steem's future to be but more importantly, what their own place here is. If you are unable to do such a simple task for the community in an attempt to improve it, what are you actually willing to do for the community?

Whether even getting listed on Netcoins is going to have any effect or not is yet to be seen but the significance of a community that is able to organize itself to perform as one shouldn't be lost on us. I wonder how many individual accounts have commented on Netcoin announcement posts? There were even large accounts like @acidyo and @v4vapid offering vote incentives to take action and still only 7366.

Our ability as a community to come together and act as a community is going to become an increasingly important function moving forward as various challenges and threats arise from competition and centralized authorities. What this small, small test has uncovered is that there is obviously a lot less people willing to actively promote Steem even though all it required was an anonymous email address. That is very disappointing.

Come on. Do you really expect something for absolutely no action on your part?

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Very well stated, @tarazkp...

I'd have to say, though, that it isn't just the "man in the trenches" who is at fault here.

After pouring my heart out to try and motivate the community and its leaders, I'm more than a little disappointed that the Steemit, Inc. 'powers that be' haven't used their unique and exclusive ability to make everyone who logs in to Steemit aware this contest.

As you say, it remains to be seen whether or not a Netcoins listing will do all the wonderful things we hope it will. However, we will never know unless we try. And, at a presumptive cost of $30K to buy a Netcoin listing, what are the odds that Steemit, Inc. will ever try Netcoins if they won't even put up a small banner notice--as was done repeatedly during the HF20 fiasco--to help win the very same privilege for free?



The banner notice is something I have wanted to write about as I think it is a decent tool that should be utilised for various activities. I am pretty sure that if they used it to promote Steem though they would come under fire from other sectors. Silly isn't it, we all want much of the same thing but play the narcissism of small differences card time and time again.

Hey, if we don't stretch our necks out a little bit, they won't be cut off... but we won't gain much either.

Steemit, Inc. promoting Steem? How much criticism could that possibly draw, and why should they really care? Yes, silly indeed! It's past time for some bold action!

Thanks for your response!

Pareto fits again. Related: echo chambers.

No problem. Normal human behavior.

As for ‘yet another listing’... it’s flawed (crypto-) Keynesian thinking.

While Netcoins listing could be beneficial because it may lead to STEEM being accessible from some ATMs, as long as STEEM is listed on the major exchanges (it is on most which matter) one more listing will not have any impact.

That some traders may spot STEEM fluctuations and possibly start trading STEEM (possibly also with bots and even wash trading) doth not lead to conscious investment and HODLing of STEEM and thus contribute to scarcity.


This doesn’t lead to value increase.

as said, it doesn't really matter whether it has a huge impact or no impact, it is more the lack of community gathering aspect that is the take away.

Interesting to read this @tarazkp, since I have been thinking something similar. As I recall, there was a time last year when the community rallied to vote on twitter for Steem to be listed on Bobby Lee's BTCC exchange and there were tens of thousands of votes cast across several phases. Leaves me wondering whether everyone is purely here to drain the coffers into their own pockets, and actually don't give a damn about the future of Steem or Steemit. Which would be a very sad reflection on humanity and the so-called idealistic interests who preach how the blockchain is the future. Seems like their pockets are the only futures they see.

Perhaps a harsh indictment from someone who teaches positive intention, but it's difficult to interpret this more positively.

Bright Blessings!

most are here to drain the coffers. They want the platform to last so they can keep extracting but aren't willing to even do the simplest of tasks in an attempt to add value. It is pretty sad. But, they are also the ones who will benefit the lest when things do actually improve a lot here too.

This is a terrible way to see how lacking the community actually is. I'm not saying everyone should vote, as some might have personal reasons why they do not want to participate in anything like this.

However with the knowledge of the contest being spread so wide on the blockchain, I'm honestly surprised we do not have any more votes than this. Too many users have no intent to do anything else than post their own stuff and hope they'll get money.

I'm assuming majority of tiny users do not even read any posts and this is kind of supporting my assumptions. Even with the new users from Africa and Asia we get daily on Steemit we should be able to gather a larger number of votes on the contest.

I have just read this post by @penguinpablo and it shows over 50k active accounts as of yesterday only!

I am really disappointed,it is the small accounts that are voting because of the incentives provided by @oracle-d.

I just do not understand why the numbers are not adding up!

well, most of those transacting accounts are bots so the figures aren't correct. Still, there are more than 7000 active real users and considering the voting could be done multiple times.

Let us who have been voting continue til the last day and hope we seal the first spot!

it is the small accounts that are voting because of the incentives

Welcome to Steem and also to the attention economy gone wrong. The era where nothing is done without a reward.

Some bad news as Verge is taking the first spot and they just put an incentive of a a paltry 840$ ....

Hi, if you would like to join the English Premier league contest, Click here - :)

Indeed. it is ridiculous that so few people participated and it would be interesting (impossible) to be able to get a rundown on everyone who actually do or, perhaps @abh12345 could grab unique users who commented or posted?

The funniest thing is I voted 3 times. So divide that voters number by maybe 2?

It'd be interesting to see if Netcoins will give the amount of unique voters in the end.

As most probably have voted for 2-4 times, I could be horrified by the total number in the end.

I think there are many people in the comunity that aren't really aware of this, I've seen a lot of posts and users talking in english referencing this, but the spanish speakers aren't 100% aware and I asume that's the case for many other lenguages. The advantage of understanding english allows me to be connected to more global news regarding steem, but not everyone has that privilege

There is still time. We are on 2nd position now, but yes, I share your disappointment for the lack of involvement even from people who are active on Steem. Why, I can't imagine!

I call BS on Verge. They have added hundreds in minutes so I suspect someone automated it.

I suspect the same, they have risen strongly in the last day and a half. But if no one catches them... We had/have the HUGE advantage of numbers, but we don't use it, and that's not because appeals haven't been made.

Not so fast... while automation is possible Steem may also have many numbers still to be deducted. But remember that Pornhub would integrate Verge. If those adult users have been rallied... that’s a massive crowd. Even if only via some Telegrams and subreddits.

We don’t have those communities though. We have echo chambers and autovoters.

We have echo chambers and autovoters.

By the result of this vote, I tend to agree.

We don’t have those communities though. We have echo chambers and autovoters.

Very well said.

Agree that the penetration rate of this contest from users is disappointing. I was initially skeptic as I do not like to put my email on every website out there but after reading more about the platform I thought it was exciting to see the potential of having Steem listed on platform where merchants can accept Steem as payments. This is a essential if we all truly want to become entrepreneurs on the ecosystem we are creating. However, it continues to demonstrate how little some are willing to do to help the platform but probably still complain of the reward distribution.

Honestly, people should just do this sort of thing, with out having to be pelted with reminders. Not sure why they aren't.

I agree. I think that there is a lot of complacency here where people assume others will do enough so they don't have to.

If so, then a lot of people need to wake up and realize that everyone's success sits on each of our collective shoulders. Nobody is too small, or too large. Everyone should be working for the same thing, our mutual benefit.

Voting for this is simple, and it may have no effect, but it may also be beneficial in the longrun. Well worth the effort!

Well defined @tarazkp, all of us should participate in this competition for the future of Steem. I am really wonder that a very little quantity of people from steemit take part in this competition. I have a keen intrest to see Steem to the moon and hope for its big win. Here is my 4th Voting Contribution for Steem.

I haven t been on steemit for a very long time , it s all due to my health issues ,, however , i came to vote !
Steemit deserves to be nr 1 !

Hope you are feeling better at least :)

Exactly. We have thousands registered members, 9.6k votes (current number) seems bit less.

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It does show how few are really engaged.

only 7366.

we could do way better than that! Our community is one of the biggest out there, I dunno why more people don't vote:/ I vote each and every day in hopes we take this down! Good luck to us!

I don't get it either, it is not like it had a high degree of difficulty.

I hope this isn't the number that also shows how many people are really committed to Steemit :/

if it is, it is still okay as those committed are the ones we need and at this stage, not so many are really required. Real onboarding is yet to come.

I don't know whether people have problem with voting in general. Even on steemit, some people find it had to vote, their voting power is always at 100% even while they are active.

I was thinking this too, it is really a shame that at this point we are not over ten thousand in votes and yet we brag about a million user.

Well I will be casting my fifth vote in a couple of hours. Thanks.

I think I will cast my 4th. and still only 7000.

Yea, so that means, it would have been way less than 7000 if we had to vote once.

I was among the first people to vote and truth be told I am disappointed by the numbers!

We have even been running a #twitterstorm under the hashtag #LoveSteemVoteSteem and still we are not yet at 10k votes!

What this small, small test has uncovered is that there is obviously a lot less people willing to actively promote Steem even though all it required was an anonymous email address. That is very disappointing.

Some folks do not mind about the growth of Steem ,so bad.
I hope we take first position though as we are already leading.

If we hit above 10k votes then Steem will make news on other crypto outlets when we are announced winners.

& again

I fully agree with you...
It is really a shame...I wonder if maybe the data we think is correct regarding number of "Real" active users is actually so far from the reality...

from reports a few months ago there is somewhere between 15-20k real users per week transacting so there could definitely be more votes than this.

I'm voting again in 30 minutes. :)

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I noticed that too... With this many of us I thought we'll have at least 20 thousand votes already. But to be fair I think many of us voted incorrectly.

I put my email in nomination form and I thought I was upvoting for Steem, luckily I learned it was wrong fast, but other people might not have noticed.

Perhaps but I can't imagine so many making the error and then also not correcting it like you did. (the error was too easy to make i think).

Yeah, I agree.

Nobody visits the Trending Category anymore because it's filled with "contests" and "get-rich-quick" advice. All these "get out and vote" posts look just like the "buy-1-get-1-free" posts because they use an over abundance of exclamation marks, "sales-like" wording and pictures of people with fake, overly excited smiles. I actually clicked on your post because it is one of the few that doesn't do this.

Trending is a shambles at the moment but it will change when the interfaces decide to not do it on reward alone or take out the paid votes. The draw on the pool for such nonsense is ludicrous.

But if few ever read anything here, how are they supposed to know about the netcoins thing? Just another sign of the times.

It does appear so. At least overnight there has been an increase in the voting numbers which I hope is due to a few more people paying attention to what happens on the platform.

I'm doing my part and hope this works out. I also hope that minnows and red fish understand that this is one area where their lack of SP doesn't give them a smaller voice. This will be good for all steemians.

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I also hope that minnows and red fish understand that this is one area where their lack of SP doesn't give them a smaller voice.

Most leave all tasks up to others in life and wonder why they don't get what they want.

Yeah the numbers are feeble for such a "big" community but what would suck even more if we lose votes in the last moment due to people using the same IP

Yeah, there is likely to be adjustments although due to the IPs. I didn't think about it and my wife voted too but we have the same router.

Maybe the IP is different if voting with phone? Especially without wi-fi.

It should be.

Yep you shared my thoughts exactly

I voted, steem is behind as I write this.

every 24 hours. today is fifth day for me

Verge is back in the lead. Get out the vote!!!

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Yesterday when I voted, I went number 6397

@tarazkp, I find it hard to comment on this without going into a semi-rageful diatribe.

The closest I can come to saying something semi-meaningful is to bring up the old marketing truism that you get EXACTLY what you ask for.

The "establishment" of Steemit went out and threw all their focus at the approach of "Get paid on Steemit!" and attracted a million users looking to "Get paid on Steemit!"

As such, we now have a million users (yes, I know, we don't have a million active users!) whose primary interest and allegiance is to "Get paid on Steemit!"

Stated a little more specifically, they don't CARE about "building value" and "building stake," their eye is entirely on next week's pizza money.

It's also why the Steem token is struggling to maintain price, let alone increase. There is huge selling pressure from thousands and thousands of people who want to "cash out" every time they have 5 or 10 Steem to their name.

I think that in time this will change because it is going to get harder to get hand out earnings here as those with stake start using it for other things. wait for the fuss to be kicked up then.

and still only 7366.

I kind of had similar thoughts when I saw the number of votes. And that number includes those who voted multiple times over the last couple of days (which is good!) and those who voted with multiple email addresses (which may get filtered out at the end...). A pretty poor result, given the number of active accounts on the chain.

possible to see:

How many individual accounts posted or commented on a netcoins post?

puh, but that's a hard one... not everyone voting writes about it, not every reply to to the dozens of netcoin post is a voting confirmation and my Steem experience tells me that even that number will have a decent share of black sheep in it ;)
Interesting idea, though! Can't spare the time right now to give it a try :/

That is the point. I would be interested to see how many different accounts commented. Looking at the vote count, it shouldn't really be more than a couple thousand. I would say that there is a massive amount of overlap too where people are posting their vote picture on multiple posts hoping for votes.

base on analize Steem was the highest. this posissition would increase Stem price??? what is your view @tarazkp??

My view is that it the Steem community analized it pretty well.

most of my commuty left Steemit now,,, but I still wait and see its price

In general, I do agree. However, I think besides the obvious carelessness of members of the community, the biggest mistake that has been made so far is to not communicate the purpose. Yeah, getting Steem on Netcoins would be nice. But why? Anybody used Netcoins yet? Will anybody actually buy Steem via Netcoins? And if so, what would be the likely effect on the Steem price and therefore the benefit for the community and each of its members?

I, personally, have been lacking a bit of such background info. I obviously voted anyway, but generally don't expect people to do so just "because they can".

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I think we are only 1k steemians upvoting #STEEM for several times.

It should be 60k plus active steemians,but i think others did not get what we want,and others was new also to the platform..

If you are 1-2 years on steemit and didn't even participate by voting steem to netcoin

One thing i can say, Thank you! *for letting us done with success!

God Bless!

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Go! Go!! Lets VOTE together!!!

VOTE IN!!! (^_^)

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