Will Adult Content Be What Pushes Blockchain To Success????

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It is no secret that the world of porn is big. While many have personal views against it, from a business and technological perspective, it is hard to argue against.

Adult content always seems to be at the forefront of technology. If there is one industry that is an repeated early adopter, it is the porn industry.

Back in the early 80s, the Beta machine was introduced. This was quickly replaced by the VHS machine which became the default video technology. Long before Blockbuster, when video rental stores were small, locally owned businesses, a great deal of the profits were made from the rental of adult videos. Porn was one of the major industries that propelled the Video Cassette Player and Rental markets forward. It was through the funding from porn that expansion and other initiatives arose.

A decade+ later, the Internet appeared. Can anyone guess what the majority of the early sites were? You got it....pornography. I read reports that stated over 90% of the early traffic was from this one sector. I wonder how many ISP connections were paid for simply so people could "get their rocks off"?

We saw the same thing occur with chatrooms, web cams, and streaming. Each of these breakthroughs were used heavily and early by the porn industry.

Today, this same industry is testing out robots, connected toys, and virtual reality. Some of the major technological initiatives are embraced by porn. In fact, pornography companies are well represented at technology trade shows. The companies employ a legion of technological personnel.

What cannot be disputed is the sheer volume of both people and dollars these companies command. In short, there is a huge following. Plus, contrary to the stereotype, the average consumer is someone with an above average income who is living next door to you. While still predominately male, there are also females and couples who are consumers. This is a large, well funded industry.

Which brings me back to blockchain. Can we look to the adult entertainment industry to bring blockchain to the forefront. At present, the STEEM blockchain is processing more transactions a day than any other at roughly 1.5M. This is a rather small number. The users on Steemit, the most successful blockchain app up to this point, is only 700K with 60K active daily users. While this is an accomplishment to be proud off, it is a rounding error in the numbers for porn companies.

As STEEM owners, how much impact could the NSFW crowd have on our holdings? Part of the success of the Internet was due to this industry and @ned has the goal to tokenize the Internet. We already see the Vice initiative which is essentially forking this blockchain for that very purpose.

Of course, the world of porn is wide and varied. There are many facets of it that will most likely end up on blockchain. Since it changes the entire distribution model, companies in that field have an interest. Pirating is a major problem. This is a way for them to counteract it.

Also, it is an industry where there is a lot of abuse. Hell, we are just starting to see the stories emerging of how abusive mainstream Hollywood is to females and younger boys. Can you imagine what takes place in the adult industry?

Blockchain is a way to give some control and resources back to those who are in the content. Like with musicians, another group traditionally abused albeit financially as opposed to sexually, part of the value of a post can be divided among the different parties. This is a radical departure from the present system where those in the videos make little.

We shall see if porn does for blockchain what it did for other technologies. Whether one is for or against it, the bottom line is you can expect it to show up. Porn is drawn to technology like ants are to sugar. Vice is just the first of many ventures we see.

And through it all, we might inadvertently get rich.

What are your thoughts?

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@DPorn is coming out SOON, probably within the week, you should check it out, I is running on the steem blockchain.

Check out the Discord: https://discord.gg/3b2S5b

I'm do some NSFW in my blog here. And I see many others here already. Interesting ones. Not just meaningless reposts of XXX vids, but a life blogs of models and cameramans. Even a NSFW cam show about politics and news!

Porn will boost steem. But what more - STEEM will change porn itself.

in this industry will be a success! since the volume of the market is colossal

The though of a social site to help mass adoption of crypto currencies (Steemit.com) is very valid, but probably not as effective as a porn site based on blockchain tech. Gonna be interesting for sure!

Historically, pornography has always been on cutting edge of technology. That is not likely to change anytime soon, too much money is at stake. I'm just worried about how the community can filter out exploitative forms of content. I'm fine is consenting adults preforming if explicit films, but we need to maintain some standards.

Might not need to filter it...if it is built upon the blockchain and a totally separate sight using a SMT created token, then it isnt on Steemit per se.

But if one is on Steemit posting, I guess we will have to see what the communities feature looks like when released. It might be that it simply is a different community that one chooses to join or not...like all other communities.

That's a very good point. I clarify, that when I said "the community" I was referring the users of whatever platform the videos originate on, not necessarily Steemit.

No telling.

wait wait wait.......... steemit.com/pornography

do you think we can get paid for jerking off? They could send you like a mini bitcoin mining unit in a fleshlight type device with a usb you plug into your computer to produce power that mines bitcoin.
We could get paid by the stroke for the mining portion then when you finish it could count as an upvote for the video like on Dtube.

hmmm they are already making a paid to watch porn thing on steem. i forget what it's called.

EDIT: just kidding 5 seconds of search later: It's called Vice.


And that is a fork...it isnt technically going to be on this blockchain although it is going to see an airdrop to the holders of steem.

I am not sure what is going on this blockchain...dporn is a venture some are trying to start.

We will see what effect that has on the number of user signing up, if any.

Well there is @dporn whichh is essentially dtube for porn makers. Also vice is trying to do the same thing with a hardfork [edited]

I don't think Vice is an Smt. They are forking and consequently running their own blockchain. Their airdrop can be anytime until 2021 according to their whitepaper. On the other hand, Dporn will be an SMT on Steem.

Right thats what it was. Ill edit that smt part out.

So true - hell I have over a thousand blog posts, but it's my fake porn pages that get all the hits - in some cases millions - like this one:


boy does this page pull in some hits!

get hard and go off like a psycho hose beast , achieve lasting satisfaction with an anal implant, spray wonder love juice into hyperspace

One thing that cannot be denied...porn sells...and in a big way.

It has a huge following that brings a ton of traffic..very quickly.

I'm a simple man, I see Lisa Ann, I press like.

LOL I am impressed you know who that is...I have no idea...just a pick on google images.

Of course I was more a retro guy myself going back to the days of the small locally owned video rental store with the "back room" full of videos.

I'm a man of culture Task :D

I am sure it was for educational purposes only.

When I did enter the crypto world I was also looking for porn and gambling related coins. Oth made the internet. After going through al the coins, I did bought a small share a funfair.
After getting to know Steem, I was wondering how long it will take before I would stumble upon Xxx related content. Did not happen yet!
Don’t know how long it will take before there will be a porn blockchain but it will come. And probably it will be based on the ideas of Steemit and sublings. Will I invest in it? Hell no !!!

Vice is going to be a porn blockchain and that is going to happen in 2018....

So it will be happening.

I am not sure if STEEM ever sees it although from a token price perspective, it would create a lot of users signing up.

Honestly I’m really ehhh about all of this . We don’t want bodies to be generalized . I think we put things into people’s heads enough to be a certain way .

Nice post @taskmaster4450. You raised the topic that I was thinking about. I totally agree that porn was always at the forefront of tech. But at the moment I do not see too many super successful adult projects using blockchain. I'm asking myself of what could be the reason and as of now I have just 3 answers:

  1. I'm not looking deep enough and there're plenty of successful adult projects using blockchain
  2. Blockchain is somewhat special and might not be a good fit for porn business (not like VR now or the Internet in its early years)
  3. We are in so early stage of crypto development that porn business hasn't yet recognized the potential of this tech. But it is about to happen

I would say that I bet on #3, but would be great to have your point of view. Thanks!

I believe #3 is the right answer....I think any content can go on blockchain especially one like steem.

The Vice project will be interesting to see how that goes. Dporn is also starting so we will see how that does.

There would be issues with having porn on Steemit. There isn't an identity verification process or even prompt asking if you're over 18 for Steemit. Yes, you're supposed to be over 13 to sign up, but even then, there's no restriction to the NSFW content already on Steemit. I think the way it's set up, Steemit could already be susceptible to lawsuits (at least in the USA) that they're supplying pornography to minors.

Having a mass-adoption of Steemit by the porn industry could be a boost to the value of the platform, but I think the clientele would change drastically. Rather than seeing people post about food, pictures, homesteading and crypto, you'd just see porn.

Personally, I think it makes more sense for some porn company to start their own blockchain-based site rather than take over here. They'd have more control and more of the profits.

Of course porn will be here, we need something to take the place of Playboy!

Sex sells, sex makes money, sex will be here creating content, being upvoted, and maybe resteemed. 😂

We may need more than just a NSFW tag though.

Excellent article Task. 😎

I can think of a social media site similar to fetlife, but blockchain based, and that rewards nasty photos, videos and everything just like steemit rewards good content.

Its just a matter of time, and that concept will be the new way to share XXX content on the net. Rewarding the content creators using blockchain technology.

That is a very good point @dedicatedguy.

And a brilliant idea...there are many "adult" based social media sites covering all different kinds of tastes....

Stuff like that can easily end up on the blockchain and have a way of being tied to the content/reward system.

Very intriguing thoughts. I think porn is a double edged sword. On one hand, it would help put Steem into the mainstream. On the other, it could lead to a bad name of Steem.

I hope we dont get too much of it here, its just so hard to keep focused without added distractions : )

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Very doubtful

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

well tokens are in phase of ico so hopeful that porn dtube would make a big change. and it would spread like wild fire in a jungle.

in my view porn dtube will lift the crypto industry to new heights.

Sex is big business in Nevada where I live. Back when phone books were still being used the yellow page ads in Las Vegas for "escort services" took up more space than any other service or industry (law firms came in a distant second). I currently live within about a half mile of "Moonlight Bunny Ranch" (a legal brothel) just east of Carson City. I jokingly call our little community "Bunny View Estates".

I fully anticipate sexbots will be introduced soon by some enterprising soul... probably resulting in another thriving local business. However what I think will make all other forms of sexual delight obsolete will be VR. Those who predict technological advances tell us that by no later than 2040 VR will be indistinguishable from "reality". Can you imagine the impact this will have on society? In the interim, I suspect some observant individual will take a look at what has happened with Steemit and will create a similar platform featuring sex, in most of its forms.

I don't know if sexualizing Steemit is a good idea at all. I would hope that our community stays committed to the theme of lifting up humanity not serving it's base desires. Or am I oblivious? Does this theme (lifting up humanity) even exist here in Steemland?

Actually, thats a good question to ask. Is there a purpose to Steemit other than it's two basic functions: providing a means to create income and providing a vehicle for ones creativity within this fantasmic community of ours?

Jesus Christ if that is the telos of decen count me out

It is so true that most tech advances are made for the adult industry. It makes sense here!

If it happened in the past and the "new technology" succeeded, then why not once again the Adult content industry help a even better technology to explode to the world, all the help is welcome.
I think we can see this industry being one of the first succeeding in blockchain technology and after that many would like to follow their steps.

indeed pornography is one of the most profitable businesses. I think that this industry can not be avoided on platforms like ours. porn is earnings, and the block is then a platform for earning. everything is logical) upvote and a resteem.

Some ico coin will come in future

Exactly good logic.I appreciate your thinking .Porn industry are bit and whole over the Internet spared it.But they should keep it different category and I mean it can't make a proper possible on blockcain technology .Thank you

Wow amazing post....i like your post..... thanks for sharing......

This is great analysis about he porn industry. I knew from Your analysis blockchain system is growing up by different way where many industry is being interested to it.

Wah a lovely article
I enjoy reading it
Its educative
Thanks for sharing

My main question to this problem is what would happen with the illegal pronography?

What do you mean?

The possibility that someone uploads to Blockchain child pornography or something similar.

That isnt on the blockchain. The blockchain only takes text. Anything loaded to Steemit like pics goes to an Amazon Web Server and DTube has a server company.

They can take that kind of stuff down.

It is only text that is in the blockchain meaning that it requires the 21 witnesses to agree to remove it.

mmmmm, I had not caught that. I always had that doubt about it, now that you say it is pretty obvious.

I believe that yes porn will be what takes crypto "mainstream" and really brings real world use of cryptos to MILLIONS of people.

Pron will help crypto gain major STEEM hehe

The fact that the porn industry is so interested in blockchain and that Steem is being chosen as at least one avenue to use the blockchain, is definitely a postive development. As you pointed out, porn has historically been on the leading edge of new technologies, and they typically get things right once they decide to deploy capital. I'm excited (and not just by the picture of Lisa Ann - how did you know her name Max?).

I don't think that adult contents like pornography can pushes blockchain to success. it's a community for many kind of people. many people has many talent. this community shouldn't allow adult content...

What if adult content, and the unmutable element of the blockchain, is what leads to issues? Possibly even lower value of the involved currencies.

Imagine "videos found anywhere and uploaded", rights holder issues, but more so even the topic of revenge porn is a real issue if the adult sites allow user uploads. It won't be long anymore before uploading of media is decentralized too.

That said, adult entertainment adoption will undoubtedly increase interest and improve the longevity of the whole sector, but it's also a genuine minefield.

I'd honestly be surprised if pron didn't make it's way over to blockchain asap. How much more would people want to watch porn if they got paid for it and didn't have to look at ads or deal with malware. I'm not super excited for this other than for the massive number of people who would be migrating over. I'd be really surprised if this didn't come through in a big way, but I don't think its the only reason cryptos will succeed

No doubt in my mind the adult industry will be huge into blockchain in the future. How could it not? Blockchain and the adult industry are absolutely made for each other. Steemit and dtube are perfect for adult performers. Its so simple to use, and like taskmaster has said, adult performers will have creative control over their work, and most importantly, their bodies.

I fully expect to see a lot of adult performers here on Steemit in the future.

Steem could tokenize the porno part but I'm not sure with current 7 days reward window mode. People won't be willing to spend days for producing a porn scene just to get rewarded for 7 days only. Something need to change to adapt this new model.

That can bring in a lot of steam to Steemit. But at the same time, let's say Steem based Porno Network would overpower all content and Steem would rather become famous as Porno Crypto

Just a thought :D

From a purely scientific stance, I've looked at the NSFW posts here on Steemit, and I've been surprised to see that they don't bring in much in the way of upvote rewards.

I think you're clearly right - that porn is at the forefront of all technology involving media. And clearly, the industry brings in a ton of money since there's so much content out there. But I often scratch my head and wonder how they make their money.

I easily understand the demand. But with the internet, ​everyone has the ability to see plenty of porn for free. So who is spending all this money, and why?

It's questions like these that made me want to write a graphic novel about Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space...

Pornography as an industry has been an early adopted in media technolgoy all the while and it never faces a dearth of customers. So no surprise there when it's been leveraging blockchain technologies to delivery content here. I won't be suprised if you have a very popular cryptocurrency also coming up that with a utility token that can be used for purchasing content on blockchain based pornography websites (taht's a swell idea actually).

well this is a big industry and the recent project seem to have given it a huge limelight so it will be massive on the steem blockchain for sure

people go crazy when they hear porn lol

Did you bought some pornd tokens yet?

i don't read at all sorry but i saw lisa ann there so quickly opened this post lol

and there will be no problem of watching your fav. stars and interacting with them ;)

Blockchains like Steemit can only run but cannot hide. It is strand of life that promotes and sells brands. I just hope there will be a kind of regulatioñ.

This could be a giant leap forward for the industry if used right, although people are notorious for findings ways to bend the rules :)

Funny seeing this pop up just a few days after watching a 2009 movie that mentioned something along the same line.

Was watching Tropic Thunder a few days ago and this following quote from this scene made me laugh but after reading this post, it's really making me think..

Kevin Sandusky: Now, if you recall that whole hullabaloo where Hollywood was split into schisms, some studios backing Blu-ray disc, others backing HD DVD. People thought it would come down to pixel rate or refresh rate, and they’re pretty much the same. What it came down to was a combination between gamers and porn. Now, whichever format porno backs is usually the one that becomes the uh most successful. But, you know, Sony, every PlayStation 3 has a Blu-ray in it.
Kirk Lazarus: You talkin’ to me this whole time?
Kevin Sandusky: I was talking to whoever was listening.
Kirk Lazarus: Jesus Christ, man!

Now this is a movie that's came out almost 10 years ago, and as much of a joke this may have been for the scene, I could imagine the validity of it.

The evolution over time for all media seems to be pixel rate/graphic/audio improvements alongside what screen/reality(virtual/augments) alongside now where this content will be distributed. Moving forward to combat piracy and what not, Vice I guess will be the first to make or break the example, but let's see.

Whether this relates to porn, the future of media, etc, like you've said,

Blockchain is a way to give some control and resources back to those who are in the content. Like with musicians, another group traditionally abused albeit financially as opposed to sexually, part of the value of a post can be divided among the different parties. This is a radical departure from the present system where those in the videos make little.

Let's see what this develops into..

Interesting read!

well i dont think so that adult contant is good for all of us we should try to be clean of this thing

Hi @taskmaster4450, what do you think of PornHub on Steem blockchain?

I think that is what Vice is looking to fight...all the hub sites since they basically pirate the content.

Blockchain might make the hub sites like that go away...If the content producers put their entire library on the blockchain, then the hub sites are SOL.

I definitely think if used right blockchain can adapt to restructure any good business platform so essentially yes porn would be a great place for Blockchain projects right now! @dporn is steemits answer there are icoa and other platforms actoss the net trying to make that a reality so heck yeah. Nice post!

How'd you get my photo? LOL :p

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