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Finally someone on point!
Justin Sun only had 20% , thats not a majority. That makes him a big whale!
It was not necessary to freeze( hack) his account.
Can someone explain why the witnesses claim the Over 12 million dollars of suns new legal property really belonged to the blockchain development and not have any legal documents to prove it.
Also did blocktrades use his his customers funds for voting?
Also can anyone estimate the amount of stake the voting bot accounts control ? Also their influence with the witnesses?
This is looking more like the witnesses where more worried about their own personnel influence. They took out a big whale to protect their own whales.
If you where Justin SUn and this happen to you would you act any different?
I agree with Justin sun that the protection of your account is #1 .
The witnesses destroyed that, and cant even back it up!


Also the witnesses were able to regain control from justin Sun and the exchanges which proves his 20% had influence but not control. He was never a threat. The witnesses feared Justins influence, the new whale on the block. The community was never allowed to see and decide what justin was all about. He was attacked before any of the community could even see for themselves.