How to make Steemit whales fall from the sky

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Render time: 83 hours and 12 minutes or 3.46 days on 8 hyperthreaded cores at 2.4Ghz

Do you recognize the names?

Of course you did, it's the names of the top 25 steem whales! I wanted to do something funny with all the visual effects that I have done so far, get a little humor onto the platform with all the steemit drama of last week.

Now I am also giving you guys the chance to be in my visual effects...

I will create one video with names falling down and the steemit logo crashing on top from the first 50 comments on this article. I will use the blockchain to keep track of the first 50 comments. It will probably create a big pile of steemit names though, but I am 100% sure the software can handle it, it might take some time to render, but I will give you a heads up on when it's done!

After writing this article I will keep track of the Steemit names list in this google document. Make sure that when you comment you make sure it's not a reply to another comment. I will reply to your comment when I've put you on the list. Good luck everybody!

Some wallpapers from my work!

I also create wallpapers out of my work. Enjoy!

1 - 1920x1080


2 - 1920x1080


Creative Commons License

The video and the Steemit wallpapers are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


If you missed my last post on Steemit Fire... It's here.

Watch my videos on!


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Amazing animation! Wow!!

Got you on the list!

i want to be on the list :D supercool vfx!

Put you on the list @roelandp!

Cool! I want my name to fall from the sky and crash into a bunch of steemy letters too!

You will be the 4th one to fall! Welcome to the list!

That is a great animation! Scary realistic almost. What software do you use?

I use Houdini to create the 3d scene and simulation and render with Mantra, which is part of Houdini too. But after rendering you always break down the rendered image and composite it back into the final image, while adding different trick to beautify the image. That is done in Nuke. Welcome to the list!

Did not know about Houdini, sure will check it out. Thanks for the info and the add! :-)

  • 1 from me , have funny

Got you in on the list!

Superb @thebatchman! Unfortunatlly I don't know most of them ...mostly because I just made my small posts...tutorials... and I did not check them .


From now one I will look more....because I see so many post about them...and I dont like to be ignorant forever.
Congratz @thebatchman on your work again!

Thank you for your kind works! I put you on the list!

Nice work, but the names are falling a bit too fast.... you almost cant read them...

You are right. The problem in 3d is that the more frames you have, the longer it will take. It has to simulate light and render every frame. This was 384 frames and took 13 minutes per frame to render. Hence the 83 hour render time. This video was 25 names... The next one will be 50, so that will take double the time. It takes a lot of resources, so I have to cut a little to keep render times low. I will try some tricks to get the next video a little more readability, but will probably have the same speed.

Got you on the list!

Thanks, cant wait to see it, so i follow you now, that i dont miss it :)

Flying whales?
imagine that.

:D :D Got you on the list!

Wow good job. Please include me :)

I put you on the list @mikehere!

I love your animations!
This and your fire one are awesome!

Thanks Sykochica! I got you on the list!

I feel internet famous! :P

Carry on man ! Great work.

Put you on the list @johano!

Can you create one for #beyondbitcoin? I would gladly upvote it and ask the people who join our hangouts to consider joining :)

Well, I still have 33 names free on the list. If you can fill the list with names I will gladly put the #beyondbitcoin logo in there too. I can make it crash down last if you want... Let me know, you are already on the list!

Hopefully we'll reach 50, want to see a big pile! Got you in on the list!

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