The Steemit Pile of Names

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Render time: 114 hours and 24 minutes or 4.76 days on 8 hyperthreaded cores at 2.4Ghz



I want to thank all of the people that donated their names to be embedded in this video



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why are you render times so high. did you use mantra?

Yes I did use mantra. I think the render times are acceptable, although I only have render experience with V-Ray and of course Mantra. So i cannot say which or what engine would have been faster. One frame took about 13 minutes to render, but that was because I wanted the shadow quality to be as nice as i got it now. I was able to do the render in about 5 minutes a frame but that left me with very clean primary rays, but noisy shadow rays. Trying to fix that I had to emit more secondary rays to clean the shadows up. That upped the render times to about 13 minutes a frame. What render engine do you prefer?

ah okay, i work in the industry and if i had a render that long my boss would cut my ####s off xD? I my self really enjoy arnold

I am actually very curious on how it all works in the industry. Do you do visual effects for movies? Because that is the way I would like to go. I've heard that in big studio's when intense scenes are being rendered (smoke, explosions, fluids) they can crawl up to an hour per frame. Other then that I've heard very good things about Arnold. I might play with it soon if I have some time.

unfortunately i only do work for adverts. which can still get quite crazy. yes you are right, with fracturing and smoke or fluids a single frame cant hours! but luckily big studios have render farms! my company only has about 20 nodes but pixar for example has a full warehouse

Did you see your name in the pile?

Tottaly cool , thank you :)

Cool right! See you in Steemspeak @patelincho!

I especially like the sound effects :D

Haha yeah, It adds a little humor to it. Glad you liked it.

Very cool! So happy to see my name falling! :) (not a common sentence)

Not a common sentence indeed, hope you enjoyed!

That is so awesome and to be included!!! Nice!

Glad to have you man. I just wished I could pile up 50 or even 100 names. I just know the software will handle it like a pro.

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