Steem Featured on Yahoo Finance Media

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Steem recently featured on Yahoo Finance, the news article originated from and was then picked up and syndicated by a lot of news outlets including Yahoo Finance.

The news source is cited as Steemit, Inc which is encouraging to see that they are stepping up and showing a passion to get Steem to another level, HF21 is almost under the belt, SMT development has started again and now it seems they are ramping up PR. This is certainly a new side of Steemit, Inc that we are seeing and hopefully the trend continues and they keep this up.

With @elipowell at the helm, it seems that the once struggling company that laid off staff in 2018 has rebounded from strength to strength and is proving their mettle.


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cool! no steem leo tag?

I didn't think it was investment related but will add it now on your advice.