STEEM is going to follow the other old coins to the Moon, and here's why

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People wonder how or why STEEM is going to moon, here's why

For anyone wondering why I think STEEM is going to fly, my answer to them would be simply because everything else is.

If you look back at the old coins, the coins from 2017, they are creating a similar pattern.

They are creating a giant cup and handle pattern.

STEEM's chart can be seen here:



This chart only goes back to when STEEM was $5 but it actually got as high as $9 at the peak.

Many other charts are doing this same pattern and they are going all the way to the highs and then some...

More on that can be seen below...

The dinocoins are all setting up to test their old highs and STEEM will ride along

So many coins out there testing their old highs.

They have created a giant cup and handle type trading pattern.

It looks something like this:



Does that look familiar to the chart of STEEM I posted above? It should, it's giant cup and handle pattern with the price going all the way to the top of the cup.

This a weekly chart and looks like a lot of the other popular dinocoins.

The dinocoins are basically any coins in the top 300 or so that were around during 2017 and are still in that group today.

STEEM fits that category to a T.

I suspect STEEM may move later than the others but it will eventually be pushed to the top of that cap pattern.

From there it will either form a handle and then go higher like ETH is currently doing, or that will be it and it will crater from there.

I wouldn't be shocked to see either depending on when it happens.

Either way, it implies STEEM is going to $10.

Are you ready?


As I mentioned above, there are a lot of other old coins that look very similar to the STEEM chart, the one I posted above is just one of many.

Take a look around.

STEEM may just move later than some of the other more popular coins due to it being lower in the ranks.

Basically, at this point, I can't see how STEEM doesn't go to at least $5 on this chart and probably to at least $9 on the other charts.

As long as nothing derails the bull market, that's what's coming for STEEM.

So, we just need to cross our fingers for no major black swan event and STEEM will fly.


Yep, it sure looks like a major rise coming our way. With the strength of our platform and its sheer value, the price tags are going to be flying higher and higher over the next few months, drop for a few months and then launch for the Moon, if not the stars... We shall see.

Namaste :)

I totally agree... the more people join this awesome platform the more the demand of steem wil rise and in turn the price of the coin will rise.

One of the biggest factor that steem WILL rise to at least $2 again is that it has a purpose unlike dogecoin or those other ****coins lol. These are purely based on hype and once people realize this and start selling the price will come down faster than you can blink and people will lose alot of money.

Can't wait on the well deserved rise of steem :)


I would like to think so as well, plus with other mainstream platforms like utube & fbook censoring everything why not come to Steemit

mmm steem @ $5

alt season incoming!!!!

Alt Season is going to BOOM! That's for damn sure!

All i can think about is the tens of thousand dogecoins i poured into this steem account. Lol.