rolling out new Post Editor features, the development continues!

in #steem21 days ago continues to roll out new updates and upgrades

The latest being a bunch of new tools and new slick post editor layout.

What was once pretty plain, now looks like this:



In all honesty I think I preferred the old layout since I am a minimalist by nature. However, to those of you looking for top notch blogging tools, this is right up your alley!

While the features by themselves don't get me that excited, what this means does get me excited.

It means there is development going on under the surface here that perhaps wasn't clear before.

Basically since we got the TRX implementation a while back things have been pretty quiet on the development front.

Seeing things like this let me that there is still a team hard at work looking to make the best that it can be.

While we are on it, I think we can make steem and great by adding a little defi...

But, that's just me :)