Fundraising for COVID-19 Face Masks for Orphans, Disabled Persons, Prisoners, IDPs and rural poor people

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Green greetings Steemians,
We all are witnesses to this unprecedented times and we all can testify how much economic hardship, sorrow and grief the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon all humanity.

In the race against COVID-19, the poor become poorer, Internally Displaced Persons from the crisis become financially confused and frustrated, meanwhile the orphans and disabled persons are plunged into severe economic hardship. The COVID-19 virus has made these vulnerable populations to become more vulnerable and highly exposed to death.
This explains why our fundraising campaign strives to raise funds to educate these vulnerable populations about COVID-19 as well as produce and distribute 1000 reusable masks to this group of persons.

It costs 1SBD to produce a reusable COVID-19 face masks; as such, we are in dire need of 1000SBD to produce 1000 COVID-19 face masks at @ecodesigns.


We need your support. You can support us by resteeming this post or donating Steem or SBD.

Thank You!

@likedeeler @indigoocean @pennsif @adollaraday @fundition #upfundition


That is great work you are doing.

I hope our vote can help.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

Thanks very much for the gigantic vote @steemcurator01.
The vote is going to help someone somewhere in Bamenda, Cameroon in the fight against COVID-19

Good luck with the project.

Good work with the masks.

I have sent over a donation from @adollaraday to help.

Thanks very much @pennsif and @adollarday
Together we can beat COVID-19

Hello @thegreens, this is @nainaztengra Leading the curation trail for @ecotrain.
That's a very heart warming initiative. I will personally contribute to this from my account. You are doing wonderful work.

We support and encourage writers sharing quality eco-green content.
Your delegation will go a long way!


Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

Thanks very much @nainaztengra and we are inspired and believe together, we can beat COVID-19.

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