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I buy at any price, up or down, cost averaging with steem and letting it build. Steem is a long term hold for me, so I am not worried about the daily price so much. Compounding is my game for sure. These are great prices, just waiting on some mining reward payouts for LTC then putting that into Steem! And we need to just gain more Steemians!


Agreed. I just thought this was such a buying opportunity I could motivate the hodlers to pull more off the table.

What is needed is more of a marketplace structure that lets people transact with steem and SBD, that way you have more moving around.

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True. The other problem is opening a Steem account and trying to buy Steem, if you have never done it before, is way too difficult for newcomers.

Exactly this, I think Steem has more to improve before going mainstream, new projects need to pop up. The learning curve is too dificult for average people that uses social media like Instagram or Facebook.

If you remember when Bitcoin was 20k usd, Steem almost touch the 8 usd, that's a huge jump in price.

Yeah the sign up process def needs some work. All of the different keys are confusing, etc. But Steemconnect really helps bridge the gap, but if people had the ability to create at least their own login password would I think change the game.

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They can, but is not a wise security advice given that you have a wallet.

Wise or not it is a barrier to entry for old people like myself. I had to get a millenial friend to get me on Steem.

Good point. Neither of us are right or wrong. Both points are true, I guess the question is how it should work from a pragmatic perspective.

Hey Logical, I noticed you are a musician. What instrument. I was a rock drummer in several garage bands since the 1980's.

I am an old sound engineer and I used to do underground electronic DJing as well as live and studio production. I played guitar back in high school until I found technics mixers and vinyl awesomeness, then DJing became life, Lol.

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