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RE: Steepshot releases new feature allowing creators to post short videos.

in #steem3 years ago

@steepshot do you guys reward your users with an upvote?

Do you guys ever User test your application before deploy on mobile devices? Lots of rage quit issues with your iOS version.

Unsure if your aware of this issue! Would love the upvote for participating as QA on your team for sev2 iOS conflicts for product experience


I've received several upvotes from the Steepshot account over the past couple months. Do you use the #steeply tag at all? the Steepshot staff watch that tag for weekly curation.

As for the testing, I couldn't tell you. Not on that dev team.

aha! new info! thanks for sharing!

We are glad if you will take part in the testing and picking up the bugs. And in the future we can add you to the closed group for testers.

User test for free? No thanks