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Any topic is fair game. Comment with the link to the Steem article/video below. The most popular comments will win a big upvote for their favorite Steem content creator, and I will fish around and upvote some of my favorites as well.
Also, @themarkymark has volunteered to give out upvotes as well!


I loved this article from @curly-xu, where she shows us her phenomenal work with children at the Art Center.

These kids have talent. @curly-xu is doing a lovely job with them. 😊


Amazing creators! I really liked the blue rose.

I liked the Gambling Fish a lot! Very creative! 😄

Hi, I don't know if it counts because this time I suggest a post of my wife, @koboldd-djawa, (so of course I am biased, and for sure it's no problem in case you won't upvote it). :)
She painted some pictures for the room of our little daughter, and I think she did it really well:


If I had a cooler way of saying ‘thank you so much @plantstoplanks, this is an honor to be considered by you,’ I’d put it right here in big bold letters!

You truly have a gift dandays! And an awesome name! :)

Thank you! I’m really glad you think so. And thanks for initiating this curation on your page, I’ve seen your name a few times now which, by the way, cool name dude 👍🏿 and you’re always doing cool things.

Thanks for stopping by @theycallmedan.

It was a really great post, so a no-brainer for a top pick!

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I enjoyed this. The editing was amazing and the food looked delicious. Very interesting topic as well, that I am very much interested in exploring more. I think Steem has great potential to connect worlds and help people everywhere. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

Haha definitely more reason I chose it, I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you bro.

Hello Dan,

I appreciate your effort in spreading the steem love.

This post talks about how to buy gold, and silver. And I have always wanted to buy me some silver bars, so this post does it for me this week.

This one written by @zipporah about her ailing brother and her mental journey through it. Currently sitting at a weak $1.80 for the emotion and time put into feeling and writing it.

Aw thanks for the recommendation

You're welcome.

I like this post by @felt.buzz:


In it, he describes the process that helped 8 steemians just get into a published anthology on Amazon. He also gives a shoutout to freewrite for helping him get started with it.

This is the power of steem for me and I am so proud of all those in the anthology.

In Portugal there are a small Steem community but with good people :)
Have a nice weekend! :))

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Agree :D Very nice people and community :D Let me share other post from this amazing community
Thank you @theycallmedan and @themarkymark for this great initiative :D

Brock's STEEMIT debut maybe? Well... I'm still torn about him because of the Mt.Gox mess. I'll say I really liked @kaerpediem 's Article video "Why are you here?" https://steemit.com/dtube/@kaerpediem/vwnem8os for her

Thank you so much the for the shoutout :D


People tend to be fearful in life. This posts tries to discourage people from being fearful in life.

I love this topic, because the approach of this account @childrensclothes, uses a philosophy of charity, entrepreneurship and social vocation, to children of all classes, also that enables us to perform simple tasks from our homes.


Here is the video in this post of @wil.metcalfe
Video is very inspired me and also lot of people. I think every body must watch and share this video
Once again thanks to Wil. who share with us. 👍

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This guy keeps thrilling me with amazing stuffs on #steem. He is poised to help students in Nigeria integrate their careers to #steem. His latest submission on Steempreneurs is worth a read. Here is the link. Thanks @Theycallmedan for this opportunity.

Thanks @Evegrace for this recommendation. I appreciate. I hope @Theycallmedan could find this post of yours an amazing one. I read through and it blessed my life on becoming a good steward.

an original way of doing social work. with children and at the same time create original designs.In addition we accept payments in steem and sbd.


Who said Saturdays on here were quiet. They are normally but your blog is flying. Nice initiative and thanks for doing this sort of thing as it really helps inspire the community.

I love this videos... Please check @honest-vote i always upvotes and follow...
Here is the article link :

This twilight photography just my 1st choice photography and twilight situation is my favorite ..

That's post same like..


I love this @toufiqurrahman32 dtube video. I liked each of his posts well. But there is no one to choose. I made this post choosr. @ toufiqurrahman32 He is a very good man. I noticed all his posts. Always work to keep the environment clean. I hope you also like his work.


I choose this:
@julisavio promote steem a lot on twitter. Its very important


The post encourages us to not live in anxiety and worry rather we should always live life believe that things can only get better!

For me it would be a photograph 😅 if its ok with you here it is https://partiko.app/@brianhphotos/focus-stacked-macro-141-blossom

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greetings, @theycallmedan

I choose this topic of @behelen:

I chose this topic because, since I am a psychologist, I think the subject empathy is very important for us to develop and be able to live in society. Putting ourselves in the other's place, seeing that each one has different pains and different ways of dealing with them, will cause us to become more human and respect others, including animals !!

Thank you and good evening!

I Think this is cool .
IT is about drugwars


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Hello ( ^_^) / Dear @theycallmedan!😊
I like this article. because he represents everyone’s laughter on steem.😊


This one is actually about you @theycallmedan...I think you might want to see it. It is lovely and I enjoyed reading it!


Thank you for projecting this. @Theycallmedan is really worth celebrating.

The above article is an expressive and elaborate analogy of the Greatness Creed of my State - Akwa Ibom. Its quite amazing and deserves some love curation.

I am new here i hope I will have some good encouragement from you

I like this post by @englishtchrivy. Who doesn't enjoy signs of spring after the cold winter? So many other things come to mind. Also calling flowers 'bee bars' ㅑs so creative.

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My article which I am telling that I am just a lactose-intolerant person which makes my life harder @theycallmedan

Salute to dan for always taking things up to a new level and Wowee mark is joining the band too! Kudos!

Here is a little project of mine in hopes to give value to the Steem users and the blockchain.

Meet Steem Camera:

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Well another chance to share the link with best steem article/video, my choice is----- very well said @rehan12


Maybe this would be a little interest to some.
Building the Home:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I don't how many parts would this be, but he's still on Part 3.
Thanks for your help always!

i think this one of the best article for steem and steem holder

Obviously for me this is this best @tarazkp

https://steemit.com/photography/@nelsonchalbaud/went-to-the-mountain-to-relieve-some-stress I love the pictures that this guy made! they are really good and is cool to see new people on the plataform doing good content, so this is mine

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I love this article hopefully this man always time share very good photography and good article


Happy weekend @Theycallmedan. Below is the link to an article she wrote about communing with God. Observing her grow her writing prowess over time gives me so much courage on her potential on STEEM. Please curate.

I like this video and watch him cook the fish and make me hungry.

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This. It's SOOOOOOO FUNNY!! don't drink while watching


Pollution has not only been disturbing human lives on the planet for a decade or so, but it is also disturbing other livings as well. The post I am sharing is posted via Steemhunt by @dayleeo.


This could be considered a very small thing, but in reality it is a very innovative solution to the problem which is causing hundreds and thousands of Sea/Maring creatures loose their lives.

When I saw this video, I realized that there was beauty near us that was sometimes not realized.

Although she only uses a smartphone camera, the results cannot be underestimated


@theycallmedan, Kindly find the below link to read the blog post shared by @luppers and in this post we can find points regarding How comparison depress our joy.


Stay blessed brother and blessings of light is with you.

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Master comedy @emsonic!! https://partiko.app/@emsonic/3ligwzwz
Look this video and laught😀

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This video attracted me so much @inesafreedom ..I don't know why but ....

I want to share this beautiful post by @snook, also do check out the 3 wishes @guiltyparties challenge. Pretty cool stuff https://steemit.com/threewishes/@snook/three-wishes-guiltyparties-challenge

awwwww Thank you @blind-spot HUGS