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RE: DTube Airdrop is coming... How many DTCs will you receive?

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Great news and airdrop! It is a huuuuge list and I am happy to b on spot 142 :D

Just because I think, this post, list and procedure to claim the airdrop is important I will mention the top 141 in my comment. I say sorry in advanced to all people who consider that as spam:
@thejohalfiles, @tombstone, @kpine, @v4vapid, @glitterfart, @exyle, @acidyo, @pressfortruth, @harshilpatel, @singhcapital, @tanbay, @nathanmars, @coruscate, @phoneinf, @clixmoney, @bitrocker2020, @joythewanderer, @elsiekjay, @priyanarc, @corbettreport, @jodipamungkas, @adventuroussoul, @reseller, @jeronimorubio, @dbroze, @titusfrost, @intrepidsurfer, @mvd, @jamesc, @freedompoint, @art.visuals, @davidpakman, @tribesteemup, @bowentroyer, @dollarvigilante, @hauptmann, @fundition, @hendrikdegrote, @thelifeofjord, @hafizullah, @nanzo-scoop, @knowhow92, @jongolson, @sergiomendes, @joeparys, @cryptospa, @canadian-coconut, @xr-hammergaming, @adamkokesh, @theouterlight, @yuguers, @adetorrent, @romafedorov, @kalvas, @sndbox, @scottcbusiness, @boxmining, @surpassinggoogle, @jaybird, @rehan12, @josediccus, @cyberdemon531, @atnazo, @old-guy-photos, @redpalestino, @broncnutz, @ivansnz, @lukewearechange, @teamsteem, @future24, @terrybrock, @world-travel-pro, @anomadsoul, @ninjavideo, @madushanka, @denniskoray, @thekitchenfairy, @captainbob, @minnowbooster, @acromott, @adsactly, @d00k13,, @dirapa, @marketingmonk, @oliviadejeu, @emsonic, @hodgetwins, @maneco64, @surfermarly, @themoneygps, @gisi, @fulltimegeek, @rt-international, @flauwy, @teamhumble, @chesatochi, @allasyummyfood, @mcfs, @roxane, @joshsigurdson, @travelwithus, @thefarmerswife, @steeminator3000, @paulsmuts, @gaborockstar, @clove71, @dontstopmenow, @prettynicevideo, @ejemai, @karensuestudios, @kevinli, @voxmortis, @toddjsmith1979,, @mattsanthonyit, @steemmonsters, @boomerang, @grantcardone, @ranchorelaxo, @maneki-neko, @waybeyondpadthai, @investing, @taskmaster4450, @danmaruschak, @afrinsultana, @freecrypto, @certain, @cryptoctopus, @furiouspete123, @rozioo, @mariusfebruary, @steemsistershow, @travelgirl, @alokkumar121, @rem-steem, @delso, @hmetu, @steemed-proxy, @mrviquez, @cleanplanet


Those mentioned here are the only ones eligible for the Airdrop?

No, open the link from the article for the full list and DTC amounts ;)