STEEM "Shilling" Contest - 300 STEEM in prizes (results)

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Last week I announced the Steem Shilling Contest (round 2) to encourage people to "shill" (promote) Steem. The intention was to market Steem to the cryptocurrency world/community and potential investors. The results are in :)

The prizes for the contest were:

  • First place will get 75 STEEM.
  • Second place will get 50 STEEM.
  • Third place will get 25 STEEM.
  • 15 honorable mentions will get 10 STEEM (each).

Thanks to @jerrybanfield for donating 200 STEEM to the contest :)

Here are the winners:

First Place (75 STEEM)

@ilyastarar wins first place for writing a great article about Steem as an investment opportunity, and sharing it in the Suppoman cryptocurrency group with ~29,000 members.

Second Place (50 STEEM)

@plushzilla wins second place for responding to questions from potential investors on Quora, and helping to dispel myths and misinformation.

Third Place (25 STEEM)

@aerossone wins third place for talking on a Venezuelan radio station (93.1 FM) about the Steem platform.

Honorable mentions (10 STEEM each)

There were only 13 entries that met the terms of the contest, so everybody that submitted a 'valid' entry received an honorable mention :)

@theversatileguy submitted an article about Steem as a potential investment to
@maiyude wrote a Chinese article to promote Steem to potential Chinese investors.
@samstonehill is working on convincing his millionaire brother in Virginia to invest in Steem.
@bitrocker2020 will be promoting Steem as an investment at an upcoming event.
@doomsdaychassis will be promoting Steem with his race car that has Steem on it at an upcoming St Patrick's day parade.
@friendly-fenix created lyrics for a potential promo video "Shillin like a Villain".
@kickup008 is shilling Steem on a daily basis to everyone he/she knows.
@javicabrera wrote an article promoting Steem to potential Spanish speaking investors.
@salimberry promotes Steem through the whatsapp group he created.
@legendchew wrote an article about Steem as an investment.

Extra winner

I intended to give out all of the prize money, so since there were not enough "honorable mentions" to use up all of the funds, I am going to reward the remaining 50 STEEM to someone who I think is doing a great job "Shilling Steem" - even though they technically didn't enter the contest.

@zthomas is creating an advertising platform to attract potential add buyers to invest in Steem in order to advertise the platform. You can read more about the project here. I think this is a great idea, and is potentially tapping into a billion dollar market. I look forward to seeing where this goes!

Closing Thoughts

I want to thank everyone that participated. I hope that even after the contest is over, everyone continues to "Shill Steem" in their own creative ways.

One of the main purposes of this contest was to draw attention to the fact that we need investors as much (if not more) than we need users/bloggers - if we want the platform to continue to thrive. I know there is a big push from everyone to try and recruit their friends and family to sign up and "earn rewards" (which is great) - but we need to remember where those rewards come from. (Investors)

Steem is an amazing platform, and I think we have the potential to become one of the top 5 cryptocurrencies within the next few years. All of us that are investing in the platform right now - whether that be through time, money, etc. have the potential to see tremendous returns on our investment if we continue to work on making this project a success.

We all have to put in the work to make it happen though. We are all stakeholders. The project is what we make of it.


The advertising platform is a real cool idea. Sometimes back, I had this thought, even discussed with @drakos, happy to see someone is implementing it.

It will open a entire new direction, and will help us grow organically.

thank you so much. I talked to so many people at the parade and car show explaining what steem was. It was almost comical when they would tell me it was fake money or a ponzi scheem and i would point at the carburator on the car and say well i bought that $800 carb with imaginary money then. Suddenly they were all ears. I got quite a few of them to jump on there phones in an attempt to prove me wrong. Eventually i would show them on my phone how easy it is to do everything from transfering money to claiming rewards and making posts. I think about 80 to 85% of them finally came around. you could see the light in their eyes when i would ask them if they were on twitter , facebook, instagram and they would say "yes" and i said do you get paid for all your effort and they would laugh and say "no" ....... So i would show them my pay out history and some other peoples payouts that were much more than mine and you could just see it. It was beautiful. The tiny spark of now knowing that their thoughts and work are worth something. I imagine i had that same look on my face 2 months ago when my first tiny payment came in and I to realized that i was worth something. thank you @timcliff . i do truely appreciate it. We now have the steem logo on both cars. Unfortunatly our 1st race today got canceled due to weather.

I am very glad to see this contest has succeeded. and I am also very happy to see the @ilyastarar who occupied the number 1. I saw many of his writings are very unusual. hopefully through this contest blockchain steem progresses and develops. I hope big investors will continue to grow here. thanks so much.

Congratulations to everyone who participated. Thank you, @timcliff, for organizing this contest. As you said, investment in Steem is as, or may be more, important as adoption. I feel that our efforts will pay off the moment a positive vibe returns to cryptocurrency market.

As soon as investment in crypto space starts pouring in and the market cap starts growing again, investors will start looking for a great porject to invest in. Our best interest is in letting them know about Steem. This contest and all the subsequent efforts to promote Steem will pave the way for investors to have a look at us and invest handsome sums into Steem.

Again, congratulations to everyone who won prizes. Thanks to you @indigoocean and @abdulmanan for your generous comments about me.

Any chance we can call it something other than "shilling" contest?

Shilling has a negative connotation to it. How about "promoting steem" contest.

Shilling is often referred to promoting a coin "without substance" just because you own some, which is often done by trolls.

I don't seem promoting steem as shilling. I see it better than that.

It's a fine line, but I think we should drop shilling. It's counter productive. Do you agree Tim?


we have a phenomenon known as “shilling.” This particular endeavor revolves around tricking as many people as possible into thinking a particular coin or token will be valuable in the future

...this doesn't apply to steem. :)

Good point. In the original content post, I made it clear that the name was being used in a joking way, but that part seems to have gotten lost along the way.

Ahh, yeah, I guess that was bound to happen. Thanks for taking my comment in stride. :)

Wow! Thanks for the 10 STEEM Tim. Wasn't expecting that at all. back to that suborn brother of mine!

the emotion of being among the first in a new topic for me is great! the truth that in just one month this platform has gained a place in my heart, on our side here in Venezuela the steem is helping thousands to carry a load, we are spending the year on the radio for a week thanks to @dariomac34 and Many people have asked about the subject, thanks to people like you @timcliff and @jerrybanfield for supporting our platform and making it great with such noble gestures to promote everyone as a community, greetings and God bless you!

congratulations to everyone for participating in a contest where in the end we won all

Congratulations to all winners! Whether a prize given or not, we have to continue believing of what we do. The more we do well, the more investors will come into the platform. Lastly, thank you to @timcliff for the generosity.

Congrats on the honorable mention. I still think the Workspace and promoting steem there was and still is a good and valuable way to bring in investors to steem. But happy that you got a mention.

Thanks @bashadow for the recommendation to participate in this shilling. Promoting on Steemit will be still ongoing even the contest is ended.

Shilling steemit is a non stop job. I'll be chatting up a store owner in a couple days, letting him know about it, and that he could use it as a "special" discount place. People in the local area give a vote come into the store with proof of user name, and get a discount type thing, if they gave an upvote.

That's a great initiative. We have already use it as ecosystem for services, food, and even tour within our local community.

Thanks for arrange awesome types of contest, need to know all the system of the contest

Awesome to see @ilyastarar, one of my favorite steemit bloggers, take first place! Great contest.

Wow! Good to see @ilyastarar winning the first prize, Congralution all,

Congratulations to everyone!! Hopefully I get to enter the next contest!!! I have been working hard shilling Steemit!!!

Thank you very much sir @timcliff, we will see what happens to the video project. The idea is put out there, and I am in communication with steemit rapper @paulmonn410, listen to his freestyles and give him some love folks:

Thank you very much for the mention obtained @timcliff, it is a pleasure to contribute this type of content, where we all win, I started to post the marketing in all the social networks and other means of communication.

Whenever I have the opportunity, I invite future exponential investors to do it, explaining the cryptocurrency to a detail, steem it´s trully a great platform with a huge future, the mission does not end here, this is just beginning.

Excellent initiative @timclif, @jerrybanfield ...thanks for contributing so much to the platform.

¡let's continue working!


I read a couple of lines from the winner's article and its very insightful stuff. I wasn't aware of when the contest started for whatever self inflicted reason but I'm glad to see people promote the platform. I do some promotion that I don't quite document in blog posts as well but its all good. Forza steemit 😁

I'm a complete noob to Steem, here mostly because of censorship on other corporate owned social media platforms. After using the platform for a few days I've discovered other reasons to be here as well. I did promote to my FB friends, not that that's worth much. But still. Glad to be here.

This contest is very useful for the novice steemians, congratulations to the winners

Due to an eye problem I could not participate in this contest that I longed for; But I will make a proposal and I will put the appropriate Tag and I hope you like @timcliff; and congrats to all winners.

I as a novice wants to follow the contest like this, maklumlah I just know and just follow you, the idea of great idea as you can be made, the motivation for us to be creative and try to do the best in order to be champion.

What a brilliant idea... we had a chat about the need for investors on one of @ilyastarar 's posts a few days back (the one that won him this comp actually). BTW: Have you seen that he's giving away some of his winnings now (which is where I saw learned about this post)?

I really wish I'd seen this post sooner (Although I'm not Irish, St. Paddy's is still quite a big thing here in South Africa). :-)

Anyway... I know it's too late now, but FWIW, I have high hopes for Steem in the long-run and besides promoting it to my YouTuber group (and even attempted to create a bot that would help them move from YouTube to @dtube), I also promote STEEM to my private crypto-trading group (unfortunately no-one has budged just yet... but at least they're aware of it now, and hopefully when the price takes an upswing again, it will be on their radar).

Last but definitely not least: I've got a fairly unique idea for a charity bot that I'm developing that will require a fair amount of SP to work (which I intend canvassing from fiat investors). Watch This Space :P

P.S. Congrats to everyone that participated!

to all winners

Congratulation to all the winners @ilyastarar, @plushzilla, @aerossone & 15 honorable mentions.


Very true,without the investors the platform is likely to collapse..had no idea about the contest would have been a partaker @timcliff
Congrats to the winners all the same

Nice .. Post Im resteem

Nice post, nice to meet you @timcliff

this is excellent! I'm sorry I can't participate this time, but I'm sure they picked the best one.

This is great and rewarding

Valuable informative related post. It's a good to see this type of content.

Congrats on the honorable mention. I still think the Workspace and promoting steem there was and still is a good and valuable way to bring in investors to steem
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