Hive Five!

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Quick announcement regarding @tipU and Hive :)


1. @tipU on STEEM

@tipU will continue to operate on STEEM as before, no changes are planned. Mainly because this provides me and other investors with funds that can be used to support Hive :) Also I believe that there is a certain group of users that are not fully aware what is happening and they're gonna need time to decide if they want to move to Hive - I would like to run @tipU for those too.

2. @tipU on Hive

In view of recent events (and most recent: Justin censoring steemit) I'm totally dedicated to run @tipU on Hive but this will take some time. I'm not a pro-dev and I'm gonna need 3rd party libraries (python) for Hive in order to run @tipU. I'm planning to create @tipU community on Hive to keep you guys informed. Also generally I'm planning to move my activity to Hive but as mentioned before, @tipU will continue to run also on STEEM.

3. TPUs

I don't know yet what guys from steem-engine are planning but I imagine that they will integrate their side-chain with Hive main chain. If this happens, when @tipU will be operational on Hive, TPU holders will receive profit shares on both chains :) so STEEM and Hive payouts for holding "one" type of TPU tokens. I'm not planning to create separate TPUs for Hive only.

See you in the Hive!


Resteemed, so I can remember to join @tipu communiy on HIVE.
Thanks @cardboard for your good intent to provide info to "sleeping" users! ;)

O.T.: I received this message just now: isn't it cool? ^_^


Hello, if I have TPU, when am I going to receive HIVE payouts also (in addition to STEEM payouts)?

good one, to collect both, i will start on hive from Friday

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Glad to have you on board!

May the force, erm TPUs be with you :)

Very big for TPU.

Appreciate your continued support and interaction my friend... thank you!

!giphy Awesome

giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

@tipu what will happen to our SP on hold after this fork?

You can start power-down on Steem and trade $STEEM for $HIVE... at least, this is my simple project. ;)
Cheers & !BEER

Hey @nisiryan0522, here is a little bit of BEER from @amico for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Love it !! @tipu curate

Can't curate itself :p

Right.. ok. :)

Great to hear that, I will use @tipU in Hive as well ✌️

Cool! Thanks for the effort!

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