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RE: Is Steemit A Rigged System Ready to Fall? Why Should a Person Have More Votes Than You? Or Downvote?

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You have a very diverse view from me. Its actually not easy for you to accumulate wealth on steemit by voting just for yourself. It woll take you hard work and a very lontime to do it manually. Moreover, steempower being purchased maintains the market and leads to appreciation of steem. More new comers is good for business.


If newcomers is good for business, then why cannot users block the rude and abusive people?

Why is anyone even allowed to downvote anything...downvoting is just not done in the real world....and it should not be allowed in Steemit....these tow things alone is actually hurting the site A LOT......a WHOLE LOT...thus Steem dollar price will continue to fall until the founder clean this mess up and change some things...maybe they want it crash? who knows...

Because in a upvote only system people with a lot of influence could game the system for themselve, this was explained to you before, nobody could downvote their collusive self voting. Downvoting stops or seeks to stop that. Because you are allowed to allocate rewards, you are also allowed to remove rewards and allocate them back in the reward pool.

Coming into the community, prophesying doom, will get you negative attention as is right, you're undermining the trust of the system with your bullshit, and to put that on top that you haven't researched anything pertinent about how the system functions and why, like reading the whitepaper, you invite more negative and completely warranted attention on your self. You have tried to rally people to bully others and gang up on them while you lied and then you spammed the same thing, and keep spamming the same copy pasted responses on numerous topics that had nothing to do with you. In all honesty I hope a large account sees this and flags all your spam.

your post is grossly misleading above about the real facts...and your many many posts of cyber bullying and name calling was rude as well...move on ....just go and move on as your posts is not entirely correct....but facts do note matter to you, move on... c ya..

You can keep lying cunt.

But as of now we can just agree to disagree that I will forever call you a cunt wherever I see you, pointing out why and how I came to know you exclusively as a cunt. bad you are hiding as a screen name and far away...I would love to have my friends in law enforcement speak to you....and you probably already have a criminal record as well....but I do understand how cowards like yourself want to feel good about being a bully and playing you little move on little man and go play in your sand box....Im done with all you want...everyone sees who you really are....just some coward punk who just behind a keyboard....shame on you treating us war veterans like you do....just move on...

Too bad you think that your connections intimidate me even after you acknowledged how desperate and pathetic you are to hide behind "your friends" and that you understand cowards like me. You are a coward hiding behind your friends right here, arguing about the futility of your friends would have on someone like me.

You can call me a punk you cunt, too bad you cannot do anything about it, and keep desperately trying to shame me and threaten me, that's what makes you a cunt afterall.

LOL...we people in the community do not really think about cowards like yourself who play these hate games and stalking...move on little man...move on...yawn....c ya

hate games? Where did I extend hate, I observed a cunt, I saw a cunt, I said CUNT, you proceeded to tell me to drop it, to move on, and threatened and tried to shame me, you are laughing out loud though, I am not (sarcasorama)

I think there is no mistake as to having the downvote button. In the real world, memories fade away. You may not have realised but memories fading away is similar to the mechanism of downvoting. The blockchain is a permanent ledger and you cant allow things to be floating around if they are of no value or less value. Im not saying some people cant abuse the downvote system. But its relevant. Just like a gun, its for protection and attacks. You just have to see it from a different angle

Not is being used to punish those who do not fall in line from a more political aspect as compared to a free speech aspect.....@baah is doing a great job proving why more authors do not use Steemit and why a block feature against cyber bullies and stalkers is needed in reality, Steemit has very limited quality content and these people are ruining the web site with this abuse and stalking....all social media has a block feature to push these people Steemit they hide behind screen names and make personal treats and more.....if the founders do not add more tools to block them, there is no way this site is not going just fail and end up into a mess.

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