Elon Musk wants to create a "Don't trust... verify!" website for media outlets... why not use blockchain?

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I just got caught up on the latest Elon Musk drama earlier today, and found out that the media is continuing its unwarranted hate on the man, in order to rake in them clicks of course.

After the latest crap spewed on him, he tweeted that someone should create a website that verifies the credibility of reporters, bloggers, and main stream media types.

So I immediately thought, why not build such a website on the Steem blockchain, or a blockchain in general, because everything is public and decentralized on blockchains... well most blockchains anyway?

What say you guys and gals, would this not be an awesome project?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and feel free to check out the video below for a more in depth, albeit sarcastic rundown on the latest Musk drama.


Hey @tolkatore, I think it is a brilliant idea! Are you going to make it and share it with us?

Ha ha, definitely not, because I personally don't believe a single word traditional media says, so I'd be too biased for the job at hand.

That verified twitter "journalist's" tweet reminds of what Matt Christiansen did to a MIC "journalist" awhile ago. The Lady asked for stories about Trump Supporters committing hate crimes on twitter so he sent her a fake but believable story just to see if she wouldn't fact-check the story. She ended up completely taking the bait. It was a great video. [Link below]. People should really start doing something like this more often to these activists masquerading as journalists. The common people have to hold these people accountable.

That is an absolutely beautiful thought. But Elon Musk might be out of his depth on this one.
On or off the blockchain - the project is of a truly gargantuan nature. If we consider an article with it's veracity reports and references to be in excess of million words. The only 1 % of those words would be actual article and 99% would be the reviews and ratings and references.

To treat the idea as mere rating system would undermine it and to treat it to it's right extent would result in a behemoth of a project. Maybe it can be done but Musk's resources are extended thin at this point. Would depend on the collaborators he could get.

I think what he wants, is a website that has reporters, bloggers, and other journalists listed, and then they would have a rating attached to them based off all their passed work, and if they actually told the truth in the past or did not.

That is actually a reasonable approach. But for it to be of any meaning to us, we would have to see how much of it is community driven and out of the hands of a centralized figure/organization. Blockchain can resolve this particular aspect beautifully.

Now I see your point ......... if this happens then we need it on the blockhain. Because creating fake reputations has been the most seriously developed art form in past 30 years. No level of scrutiny is truly gauranteed to result in a foolproof system but with enough concentrated effort, this project can be worth the while.

Exactly what I was thinking mate.

Well i read about it on The Verge and though it a nice idea, they gave it a negative review. It may lead to bad information if misused. Its just like steemit where the post with the highest upvote trends, not necessarily the best post

Ahh, very true, and I think most people should just feel the way I do about professional media... they're all bullshit.

Big time bullshit, they are used by the powerful tk sway the opinion of the masses. The truth is long time dead

You are really a quick thinker and this is a very good idea but how does it get ti him. Perhaps you could reply his tweet with this great idea and maybe, just maybe you might get him to consider using the blockchain.

Elon musk is a dreamer who is good at making his dreams come true and i am so certain this would sokn become a reality. Its not the first time and this wont ve the last.

With a guy like Elon, it is better to build it first, then contact him.

Amazing🙏🙏. Elon Musk is a crazy guy. Recently his resume went viral and now this idea. Media write lot of shit for publicity stunt and trp not bothering about the values and culture of media and journalism....this would be an interesting idea to rate media and bloggers,writers...I think using blcokchain is a good idea since it is decentralised and no one controls it.

I covered also the subject in a previous post and I think it's a well thought idea. The fact that media manipulates almost anything is not a mystery anymore, but when you come up with a website that points precisely at these manipulative ones and make the media environment more transparent you kind of give the power to the people back as the media is considered one of the most influential powers in a state.
You went even further with this idea by proposing a blockchain based and decentralized site that might be more than just a classic web site for sharing opinions on bloggers, editors and other journalists. Why not suggest to Elon Musk directly? He seems pretty open to this kind of interaction on twitter.
For more details feel free to read my post on this topic:

I promise it's not long and you won't get bored :)

This will be great as long as he finds a way to achieve transparency. It will be nice just to see all the affiliations and conflicts of interests for various sites

100% right @tolkatore ... Of steem based website increased, than steem price increased... Specially to survive of all other currency to build steem based website...
Have a good day.

I think bit is an innovative idea. Although bit could have immensely positive or negative impact on vital issues. Let's wait patiently till it's launched

Nowadays the thing which is popular is truth..

Absolutely right ... If steem based website increased, than steem price increased... Specially to survive of all other currency to build steem based website...

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Well, great idea!
That'd make Steemit more interesting..

yes I agree with you, and I hope you will soon make his web in blockchain. good luck friend.

I love this man he is so smart

Fore me this is a great idea every thing become more beneficial for those who has knowledge about it.The block chain idea is good.

it will be more attractive and usefull on blockchain
that would have been a very good idea
still ,this website will be usefull !