Where to find Steem to VESTS conversion ? (在哪可以找到Steem - VESTS兑换率)

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A lot of older posts pointing the answer: steem_per_mvests to steemd.com, but it seems they stop calculating this "steem per million vests" anymore. Instead, they publish SPV (steem per vests).
Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 5.31.01 PM.png
Vesting fund
191,500,815 STEEM
389,306,005,511 VESTS
0.000491903 SPV

You can also download the vesting fund data and calculate it yourself from https://steemdb.com/api/props, I found this on this post.

update: you can also pull all kinds of conversion rate from steempy:

3.3.5 Converter
class steem.converter.Converter(steemd_instance=None)
Converter simplifies the handling of different metrics of the blockchain
sp_to_rshares(sp, voting_power=10000, vote_pct=10000)

I hope this will save you some times if you're looking for the same thing.


Good Work and Thanks a lot for mentioning my post :-D

Thanks and you're welcome. I always give credit to people who deserve it

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