Curation earnings - 2/12/2019

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It’s long overdue for this impeccably groomed feline to commence tracking his account growth through curation rewards.

A couple of months ago, the Cat in a Tub powered up approximately 7600 Steem and commenced automated voting via @steemauto with view to earn a mostly passive return on his Steem Power.


Today, the Cat who Bathes Obsessively has a little over 8000 Steem Power. Meaning that his account growth is quite reasonable indeed.

Not all of this growth is due to curation however. Some has been transferred from another of this Well Washed Cat’s accounts and some has been earned through creating content and commenting on posts. But a large proportion is indeed through curation.


The Cat Who Smells Consistently Like Soap has created his own curation trail, and updates the trail once a week or so. At present, the Well Washed Cat’s voting power appears to be slightly over utilised so the number of accounts included on the trail will likely be reduced. The Tub Cat is not sorry if you are cut. It simply means that you no longer deserve this Cat’s attention.


Earning 70 Steem in 30 days for simply voting on content is impressive in this Well Toweled Cat’s books. And the Cat has noticed the monthly earnings have grown to match the increase in Steem Power.

The Aromatic Cat will continue to power up all earned Steem and frequently modify his curation trail to improve its performance. You are welcome to follow this trail.

The Incredible Cat in a Tub will also provide regular progress updates as he progresses towards the status of Double-Cat-Dolphin-Hybrid.

Stay Washed, Humans!



Well done tubcat. Now vote my witness @untersatz curate 2 because your SP might move me up a place :P

This post has been upvoted by witness @untersatz. You've done a great job!
The @untersatz witness and manual curation is under the guidance of @contrabourdon and @organduo.
Current VP: 93.11%

Why thank you, human. Tub Cat was only thinking yesterday that he has not updated his witness votes in quite some time.

The Cat in a Tub will consider your proposition.

Thank you tubcat! My witness can check your votes !witness-vote-check tubcat

Thank you! You now have my vote.

@tubcat, these witnesses you have voted for have retired (or are running a zombie server):


You have 23 witness votes left to use.

You are voting for: aggroed, ausbitbank, cryptwo, curie, drakos, jackmiller, quochuy.

Powered by witness untersatz!

Congratulations @tubcat! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You published more than 20 posts. Your next target is to reach 30 posts.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

The Tub Cat is not sorry if you are cut. It simply means that you no longer deserve this Cat’s attention.

What's that transitioning to be an alley cat whose going to sell out the plankton and minnows like everyone else for self enrichment?

Silly human, it simply means that the Cat is not sorry for who he chooses to cut. The small and/or new accounts that he supports remains unchanged. Including yours even though you no longer create content.

Sometimes it takes me quite a while to get over being mad about something. This time it may be quite a while. When someone can come on here and post pics of people waving saying on HI and be halfway to dolphin in three months that's a bit hard to swallow.

It’s probably the owners of Appics farming Steem via fake accounts. It sucks but it’s not worth investing time and energy on. Focus on your own earnings rather than their dodgy behaviour.

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cool tubcat.. how does one get the tubcat attention?

By creating high quality content, human. The Cat finds your blog to be.... odd.

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