The ramblings of a Cat in a Tub

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Unwashed Masses! It is time for you to listen (read) to the intellectual ramblings of a Cat who currently resides within a Tub.

Why must you listen (read) to this well groomed Feline you ask? Because you are unwashed and require educating (cleansing) in regards to the wisdom of this Most Clean and Nice Smelling Cat!

And what is the Ever Mighty Tub Cat educating the Unwashed Masses about upon this Eve, you ask?

The Well Cleansed Cat is here to inform you that Steem is surging in value right now! Observe the run in the price of Steem on!


That is right, humans of questionable hygiene, Steem is performing mightily well at this moment. The price is surging ahead, as it should.

In this Cat of Incredibly Appealing Odour’s previous post, He spoke of powering down his Steem Power. Some humans of questionable intellect may assume that the Mighty Tub Cat will cease his power down after this most impressive rise in Steem value. No, most foul smelling humans, the Cat of Most Impressive Cleanliness will take this opportunity to convert his Steem to Bitcoin while the ratio is in His favour.

And The Cat Whose Intellect Matches his Hygiene would recommend that those who hold Steem may also consider this approach.

You see, the Cat Whose Coat Gleams Most Appealingly is all about diversification. Most of this Cat’s cryptocurrency holdings currently reside on the Steem Blockchain. And most of this Cat’s cryptocurrency was earned on this blockchain. And so it is time to diversify while the conditions are favourable to do so.

Of course, The Cat Whose Time is Mostly Spent in a Tub will continue to spend time on the Steem blockchain in some form or manner so fear not! This Cat will always be observing, disapproving, and offering unsolicited advice.

Be well, humans!



Better hurry up who knows what tomorrow will bring with the place being sold to Justin Sun.

Yeah found about that this morning. Crazy news. I won’t be able to power down much before the switch happens which is fine. I’m curious to see what happens so happy to retain most of my Steem for the switch.

@tubcat, sorry to see you have less Steem Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Minnow!

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