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Steem is a platform for blogging, and it is a fantastic platform for that purpose. I wrote an article some days ago dealing with Steem as a platform to reach a broader audience, but today I would like to think of and discuss Steem as a good opportunity for investors. Do you know why? With no work at all, you can get a 10% ROI on your Steem investment per year. With some diligence and luck, it can easily touch 15%. Would you like to know more?

My own personal example

According to SteemWorld my account is currently worth approximately 1400 USD, which is approximately 7000 Steem tokens. In other words, if you would use 1400 USD to buy Steem tokens right now, you would get approximately 7000 tokens.

Any cryptocurrency is a volatile asset, meaning that the price can fluctuate a lot. Just a few days ago, the price of one Steem token was 0,25 USD, while the current price is 0,20 USD. In other words, you might buy at a low price and get a fantastic interest on your investment, simply by holding it and selling it at a higher price. Of course, the opposite might happen as well, meaning that you purchase at a higher price, only to see a decrease in price, which again means that you will lose money. But, that is true about all crypto assets, so it is not something that only has to do with Steem.

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Let us return to my example again. If the price of Steem would remain steady for one year (which for sure will not happen), then you could easily enjoy a 10% ROI in a year with your investment. Do you know how?

How to enjoy the 10% ROI on Steem with no work at all

If you create your Steem account, transfer your Steem to the platform and power it up. You are ready to get a passive income. You can earn passively simply by voting for 10 random posts per day, or by joining a curation trail where someone else will do the voting instead of you.

With every vote you place, you will use "voting-energy." The more you vote, the lower the energy, and the worth of your vote will decrease. 1 vote given at max strength is a 100% vote. Each day, you can place ten such votes (1000% in total), and the next day, you will be at the top of your strength again. If you place more votes, it will take a longer time for you to be back at the top of your power. This might sound complicated, but it is actually quite easy.

Just by placing 10 votes per day, you will be guaranteed a 10% ROI on the platform. However, if you vote for a post that is later upvoted by others, getting a higher value, then you might be rewarded for curating and discovering the post, which will result in a higher reward than the standard reward. In other words, the annual reward might turn out to be 15% as well if you actually look for great pieces of writing that you want to vote for and support (which is later discovered by others as well).

But, this might all sound complicated with the voting and so. If it does, join a so-called curation trail which will make sure that you vote exactly the necessary amount per day in order to get as high rewards and support as good content as possible. If you want good suggestions, write a comment. But, trails such as Project Hope, TravelFeed, OCD, and others can warmly be recommended!

What is the conclusion?

Steem is an attractive place to be, also if you just want to get a nice passive income. You don't have to touch anything, just invest, and let the money work for you. Of course, the price of Steem might vary a lot, so you can be way richer, or a bit poorer in a year from now, but if you measure your riches in Steem Power, then you will for sure be 10% richer in a year from now if you invest like described in this article and place those 10 votes (100% value) daily!

Recently, there has been some discussion about whether it would be wise to change the curation system or not. If it will be changed, it will only be for the better, meaning that the percentage you will get per vote will increase, and not decrease. In other words, eventual changes should only do you good, if they ever will come.


What you say is definitely true @unbiasedwriter although I personally prefer to take a somewhat more interactive and active approach. Still, for those who don't want to be involved with writing and engagement, it can be a good approach.

Of course, a more interactive way is better, but for those who are just in it for the investors part and who want to make money while sleeping, that is also a way to approach it :)

Very interesting, I had not seen it as a way to earn passive income in a year. What is also positive for an investor is the time in which they can PowerDown their account faster and easier.

Excellent publication, the explanation regarding the votes per day and others gave me a lot to think about, thank you!

The quicker power down is for sure a good thing for investors, because it makes it easier to get your Steem into Dollar. :)

That's right 🎯

But, that is true about all crypto assets, so it is not something that only has to do with Steem.

Not just crypto, this applies to just about anything in existence.

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