To everyone who complained about being too late to the Steem party

in #steem3 years ago

Back when Steem used to be $6 or so per coin, I saw so many people who claimed that they regretted not buying in when Steem was cheap. I heard so many people tell me that they were “late to the party”, that it felt pointless to blog because they were so far behind, or felt that they were too late to invest their fiat into Steem (Power).

Now is your time to put your words into action!

I’m sure most of you are aware that most cryptographic coins and tokens are on a bargain these days. A single STEEM is worth just under $2, which is less than a third of the all time high value, so now you get a much better value in terms of Steem Power per fiat spent. It's not that good for us bloggers, but it's perfect for investors and users who want to have more influence on the Steem blockchain!


The entry barrier to buy into Steem is now a lot less. For $1,000, you close to 600 Steem (Power), while you would have gotten less than 200SP at the all time high.

I don’t expect most people to be able to invest a lot of fiat into Steem, but at least this is a good opportunity for everyone who wished they had bought in earlier. This morning the market was mostly green for the first time in a while, so we might be seeing a new bull run again, so this might be the last chance to get in this low. However, I obviously cannot control the markets, so do your own financial analysis before investing your life savings.

Will Steem bounce back?

I’m one of those persons who believe that Steem will increase a lot in value over the next few years, as long as Steemit Inc. will deliver on all the updates that they have promised us. It’s been a long time since I gave up on waiting for Hivemind, SMTs, or Velocity, but it’s bound to be finished at one point. Right? I just hope it’s sooner rather than later, because we are all starving for updates here.


Anyway, the technology behind the Steem blockchain is great, the people here are great (with some exceptions of course), and the apps developed for the Steem blockchain are mostly amazing, so I surely don’t see any reason why Steem will not grow.

What we need right now in order to get a higher price are some new updates for the Steem blockchain, more active users that provide good content instead of looking to get rich fast, and curators who actually upvote people who create the good content. We are all responsible for the health and growth of the platform, so spend your time wisely, and remember to vote for the witnesses you think are the best for the blockchain or community.

Steem is still a great place even when the price is low

While we’re down to Steem that is worth less than $2, spending as much time writing content and interacting with people can feel a little demotivating. The rewards are obviously going to be a lot lower than what most of us are used to, but remember that while the USD value that is displayed is lower, the amount of STEEM is just the same as before.

What this means is that yes, you get less “money”, but unless less people are voting for you, you get the same amount of STEEM. As a matter of fact, it seems that less people are generally blogging on Steem when the price is low, so there are less people to share the reward pool with. In other words, those who stick with the blogging and hold their STEEM will be in for a nice surprise if the price gets as high as the all time high again.

Thanks for reading

I wonder if anyone who ever said they wished the had bough in when STEEM was at $1.50 that actually do put their money where their mouth is. For those of you who do, now’s your chance to stock up on cheap STEEM, and who knows if we will ever get the opportunity to get them this cheap ever again?

Thanks for stopping by! Have you bought any crypto in the recent bear market?


You are spot on @valth. I did purchase some steem this week. It is the blockchain I do now best and one that is functioning!
I also wrote a post yesterday in which I do explain to my readers (like always way to many :)) why the low value of steem doesn't matter if you are here for the long term. Feel free to read it!

I am very curious how the SMTs will influence the price!


Cool, I will check it out. And I fully agree, the low price might actually be very good for those of us with the patience to hold it for a good while!

I am very curious how the SMTs will influence the price!

Me too. It has such a huge potential, and if we get a few big websites to create an SMT, then the price could surge high very fast.

Lets hope that it really bring what we do expect from it!
In the mean time, we just need to try to earn as much steem as possible. It will never be easier than now!

That's true. Now is a great time to be a Steem blogger!

I got here late to the party (5 months ago ) but i just checked effective steem power and i am ranked right at 5000 most powerful account. I have $600 usd sitting and waiting for a dip to buy in . I hope to be a top 1000 account by my 1 year anniversary. You just gotta keep hustlin baby.

Where can you see those statitics @doomsdaychassis?

That's a good start! I would say that you were far from being too late to the party though, we're still in the early hours. Just wait until we have multiple million users here!

You just gotta keep hustlin baby.

Yeah, that's what it takes to get powerful here.

We bought some STEEM this week!!

That's great! Congrats. I think you will come to look back at this as a very good decision if you hold it for a good while :)

Great points @valth but I believe it will fall on "deaf ears".

I posted something similar last fall when STEEM dropped under a $1. People were complaining about being late and missing out on STEEM since they were not around to get in at 8 cents. The price went up to a couple bucks then pulled back to under a dollar.

Yet like now, few took the opportunity to buy in. You are spot on with your idea of buying STEEM to power up. I believe that even 500 SP will be worth a boatload of money in the future. There is a lot of upside to STEEM.

Thanks. You are probably right about it being told to dead ears, since the people who complain about being too late to Steem probably left again when it fell lower.

I believe that even 500 SP will be worth a boatload of money in the future. There is a lot of upside to STEEM.

I agree. It will be very exciting to see how much 500 Steem (Power) is worth in 3, 4 or 5 years. Maybe someone with 500SP are able to give huge upvotes at that point?

I totally agree with you mr @valth, normally when their is sale on something people will go shopping. Hopefully they will be smart and do it now also. I have not been here as long as you, only since December, but I have seen some ups and downs, like the stock market, but this have both higher ups and downs. For those who use this currency as an Investment it would be very smart to invest now. I also think the value will increase if steemit inc. does it job and continue to deliver ground braking news in the future. They will need to continue being a head of the market and deliver as promised. If @dan evil plan is going to come true they will need to guide the market. And I think people like @berniesanders and @ned needs to stop fighting like their on the playground and start acting like mentors and role models for the rest of the users.
Have a great day, and hopefully we will se the bounce back on the value soon
Best regards @EveryDayCoachC834F0CE-2FC6-48AC-89EF-84B299E3F327.jpeg

Yes, it's definitely a lot more volatile with the cryptos than it is with regular stocks. Let's hope the development pick up some speed soon, so the price can rise like a rocket ;) Have a great day yourself, @everydaycoach!

I would very much like to invest a small amount of fiat into SP. I have learned a lot about blockchain and cryptocurency since joining steemit, but I am completely new to actually investing in cryptocurency and am not really sure where to start.. If someone knowledgeable could point me in the right direction as far as an exchange I can turn fiat into steem, and pehaps some advice on a good crypto to keep on hand, I would greatly appreciate it!

The first thing you want to do is buy Bitcoin or any of the other big coins directly with fiat. The process for doing this the easiest way depends a bit on where in the world you are located, but I have been using to get mine. Just look for a trader with a good reputation on that site. There are also other options to buy directly from exchanges, but that again depends on where you live and what payment method you prefer.

Once you have Bitcoin or another crypto, go to your favorite exchange that trade Steem. Mine is Binance. Deposit your BTC to you account, trade it for Steem, then withdraw the Steem to your Steem account.

It's a bit much to do, but it's actually pretty easy once you get into it :)

This might not have been the best explanation, so feel free to ask questions if you got any!

Thank you for the explanation, it is much appreciated! I live in the US if that makes a difference, but otherwise you have given me a good place to start so again thanks! :)

You're welcome. I'm not based in the US myself, so I don't know what the cheapest or easiest way to get Bitcoin is over there. But I think there are lots of US sellers on Localbitcoins.

Good write. What I learn in life is that people always complain...good or bad. They did the same with bitcoin at 500$, 1000$, 2000$ or 5000$. The secret is to start the journey no matter the price. A good product is always a good product.

Haha, that's a good point. I guess people just like to complain when other people have made better choices than they did.

The secret is to start the journey no matter the price. A good product is always a good product.

Well said! I think that even those who join us once Steem is $10 can look back a few years later and wish they had invested more!

I'd also add that it's a great time to be here as it's now less financially viable for the scammers and spammers. I see a noticeable drop in the amount of crap I have to wade through.
You will also get more visibility as some of the big name bloggers also seem to have decreased their output meaning more visibility for the little 'uns.
Keep working and keep posting is the key

Very true! Spams/scams seem to be pretty much nonexistent at the moment - its so refreshing actually seeing the majority of comments and posts coming from real people for a change

That's a good point, @nathen007. I did't think of this before now, but I think you are right about it being less spam and scammers here these days.

There are absolutely a lot of benefits to being a blogger here right now, especially for those of us who do not depend on the liquid income for day to day survival.

Great post. I hope Steem does like bitcoin did and one day just surprise everybody!!

Thank you. I hope so as well!

Hope steem will pick up the tread soon.. And absolutely now is the perfect time for investors to invest in steem...

I'm definitely hopeful that Steem will rise again; right now it seems the entire crypto field has fallen somewhat on hard times, largely led by Bitcoin.

I guess what concerns me more is that it feels like the entire Steemit community dials back its activity level when the price drops — not only is it slower to earn rewards, but fewer and fewer people seem to be active, and they are upvoting less. That makes it touch to keep going... but I plan to do so.


Yeah, all the other blockchains have followed the "fall" or correction that Bitcoin has been facing lately.

The thing is that if many less people are voting, each vote from those who do vote will be worth a lot more, since the reward pool will stay just the same. So it might not be that bad after all ;)

Such a good post! And I agree completely with every point you made.

I got in 'at all time highs' and have been dollar cost averaging my weekly STEEM purchases for 6 months now. All in all, I'm paying an average of about $2.50 per STEEM.

So right now...It's a bargain. And I've dove in a little bit more than normal. I know how lucky I am to get prices under 2 bucks, so I'm stacking up, slowly but surely.

I believe in this blockchain and the people that love it and use it daily :)

Thank you. An average of $2.50 is not bad, and I feel very confident that it will go way over this number once the market bounces back. And in the meantime you can use it to grow your account ;)

Steem will soon rises up. Hoping for the result results.☺

Thanks for sharing this post.

Have a great day!

Have a great day yourself :) And yes, I hope it will rise soon as well!

steem will boiled up and STEEMED again :)

Hehe, yeah, let's hope so!

Well said my friend. It is the ideal time for investors who are interested to invest in Steem. Steem has a great future. It price will definitely rise. So once again lady luck is knocking the door let's see who grabs this great opportunity.

Yep, I feel like it's a pretty good investment at this point. By looking at today's prices though, it might go a bit lower before beginning to rise again, so it might even be possible to wait a few more days before buying in.

When the price of Steem goes down its the best time to keep bloggin -earning cheap Steem, and as you less people blogging so less 'competition'. Im competing for and 'mining' Steem for the long run so the short term price doesnt/shouldnt affect people unless they are looking at powering down and leaving anytime soon

Yes, exactly! A low price allows for those of us who likes to blog on the platform to make much Steem compared to periods where there are many people to share the pie with ;)

Yeah exactly - although at the moment I feel like half of my audience arent here while the price is down!

I think that about half the people are not using Steem these days due to the low price. The will most likely come to regret this in a few months from now.

Couldnt agree more @valth

Thanks, I'm glad others also feel the same way ;)

Recuerdo meses a tras en eso de noviembre en el steem llego a estar en un valor increíble de 12$ nunca pensé que podía bajar a un valor de 2$ que es el precio actual así que sigo tu consejo y lo doy también, si han pensado en algún momento en comprar steem créanme que este es el momento indicado.

Sorry, my Spanish is not good enough to understand your comment :(

I will make the effort to translate it. I remember months after that in November in the steem I got to be at an incredible value of $ 12 I never thought I could go down to a value of $ 2 which is the current price so I follow your advice and I give it too, if you have thought At some point in buying steem believe me that this is the right time.

Thanks. Yes, it's time to hold now, and hopefully it will not only get back that high, but even higher!

I hope so, and we all hope

Completely agree.
I used this situation to strengthen my account.

It's a very good time to grow Steem accounts with SP. Just wait until Steem hits $6+ again, and suddenly the time spent blogging now has paid off ;)

You hit the nail on the head here! If there is ever a time to get into Steem it could be now! I am a little nervous that EOS could overtake it, but I think we are still a ways away from that occurring.

I have seen a few other people who are a bit afraid of EOS as well, and @dan has said that he is working on a "Steem 2.0", so it might be a real fear for sure. But I think it will take a good while before there's a real working competitor to Steem yet. And I'm not even sure if a little competition would be a bad thing at this point.

That’s a very good point. I think competition may just be the thing that Is necessary!!

Yeah, exactly. And even if Steem does not evolve because of the competition, we bloggers can move over to the thing that outcompeted it. It's not idea at all for investors and holders, but it will probably be good for content creators. But I don't think Steem will go out without a fight, so competition will probably lead to more development.

Have had a purchase order on openledger for weeks now at 0.00024 BTC. Bought 500 steem at that price a couple of months ago. Guess the dip in BTC is making it less attractive. Ah, for the day when folks will make conversions crypto to crypto instead of bringing fiat into the mix.

Ah, for the day when folks will make conversions crypto to crypto instead of bringing fiat into the mix.

That will be exciting. We're still a very long way from that point yet, but I hope we get there eventually.

Patience is mother of all virtues...

Yes I agree with you.
When we have a lot of Steem Power, we can help others.
I love your blog.
Thank you for the advice @valth
Have a good day @valth

Lovely write up. This is indeed the right time for investors to buy some steem and keep not just steem but others cryptocurrency cos the future of crypto's is far more than what would can see now.

Thank you. Yep, this is absolutely a great time to invest into cryptos!

As they say, patience is a virtue!

Yes, that's true. I guess it's time to be patient, and good things will come :)

steem will rise once again

Carpe diem!

Steem is one the best working blockchains right now and with the user growth it is seeing, it will only grow higher and things only look more promising.

I think this dip is definitely a good buying opportunity for most crypto projects. I personally only like functional currencies so the only thing i am buying is bitcoin, ethereum and steem. Plus any promising ether competitors, cardano and eos. (Eos cant trade right now but it dropped enough just before the launch).

I think you're doing a smart thing by investing into functional blockchain that actually do something. EOS still has to prove itself, but it's looking really promising so far, and it's created by @dan who also made the Steem blockchain. It will be very interesting to see how the markets are in a year or two from now though!

Yeah i hope what i am doing turns out to be the smart thing. May be i am being too risk averse but i think first mover advantage is immense. Yeah, have some exposure to EOS. I did think that the VC like model was excellent. I hope it does live up to the promise.

I hope so as well (because I hold a lot of the same cryptos). First mover advantage is obviously very good when it comes to technology, but a better product can also shatter that advantage if they are much better. I have high hopes for EOS, and it will be very exciting to see if it will actually "steal" dapps from Ethereum, or if Ethereum will still be the biggest smart-contract chain.

Yeah, that is why i also have some exposure to eos and cardano. There can still be new projects that can be built on these blockchains or improvements of existing projects. Projects built on ethereum will eventually slow down if ethereum's scalability is not resolved. I have also gained some exposure to regional heavyweights- neo, icx. Right now its like being a vc, get exposure to all great projects. If one of them thrives, one will end up making way more on that than what one would lose out on the other projects.

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