I would be really interested in learning who the money grabbing whales are that are still around. Maybe some would surprise me. Maybe some wouldn't. Hope to see you in the chats sometime

Several consensus witnesses ran some of the most profitable votebots that were disruptive to the Steem community until HF21/22 ended the votebots completely, including @themarkymark, @therealwolf, and @aggroed. Whether or not you consider that money grabbing or not is up to you.

I have chosen to not support those witnesses and others that have done things for financial reasons I feel has done Steem harm as a social media platform. I hold the view that social means society, and that means people, not bots. All automated voting is a harm to the people voting IMHO, and I vote accordingly.

Be well.

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Instead of doing the right thing to secure the assets, the witnesses are whimpering and writing open letters ... standing in line to be sacrificed like sheep. They had free infrastructure and development from the STINC, which is why we ended up with witnesses posting about movies and games and travel instead of development and risk management protocols. They enjoyed the status quo, and no one took us seriously when we said that the voting mechanism for witnesses should be revisited and changed.

The community, in my opinion, bears a huge part of the responsibility for what's going on right now. People have embraced the culture of profiteering and destroyed all chances of true decentralization by supporting the wrong people.

All of this could have been easily avoided ... but what can you do, we have an apple polisher in each corner.

While every word of that is true, we have not yet destroyed that opportunity. We have failed to fully take advantage of it, but @justinsunsteemit's benevolence yet allows that opportunity to linger. As I point out, that is a time limited opportunity.

There's no point in dwelling on past failures and pointing fingers. It's highly likely that witnesses that have failed in the past to well prosecute their responsibility will prove to not be able to meet this challenge, and will be replaced. This is an existential threat to their profitable futures and them as can will do.

I reckon that most of the extant consensus witnesses are highly competent to rise to this challenge. @yabapmatt, @timcliff, @aggroed, @ausbitbank, @gtg and the rest are all extremely intelligent and have proved their competence time and again. I must apologize to those I have failed to mention, and should include many other witnesses as well as current consensus witnesses as provably deserving of our confidence in exigent circumstances, but in truth I have simply proxied my witness votes to @krnel and remain functionally ignorant of dynamics of witness modalities.

While we have yet to deploy our common authority well to grow Steem by optimizing retention, I expect this is not due to incompetence entirely. Decentralized social media, cryptocurrency, and particularly their confluence vis a vis Steem, are novel and largely untested technologies. This engenders an expected level of nescience that is not ignorance, and the last few years has certainly enabled Steem's best to become the absolutely most competent folks to manage Steem governance. I expect @justinsunsteemit realizes this and hopes to well benefit from that expertise available nowhere else.

Too long @ned's benign lead has lulled our best into complacency and driven them to take advantage of his lack of predatory self interest by maximizing their ROI at the cost of growth of Steem and optimizing user retention. I am not convinced presently this was any failure on @ned's part, as it enabled time to learn how to govern a decentralized social media platform that will benefit us growing forward (pun intended).

We now are at this crossroads that we have not been at before, and the bridge before us will burn that connection to legacy centralized financial mechanisms we must leave behind us. No one has ever gone down this road before, and I am confident we are the best to first explore it due to our experience with this path to date.

It will be fascinating to observe what our best accomplish as we absorb the lambent brilliance of Sun, who is certainly intent on fueling our growth and fruition to the best of his ability.


I think a lot of people are spreading FUD (not facts) of what may or will happen, based on very limited information at this point. Looks to me that nobody has learnt the lessons from the media manipulators and their crypto FUD campaigns of the past. Here we are wilfully replicating that right now (not everyone, but certain sections of the community).

I'm not saying we shouldn't be cautious or concerned about what path this takes, but losing ones mind with irrational rants serves no purpose other than protecting certain people interests around here. I guess it pays well too. Some people are crying about the very thing people once campaigned for, and it's making me wonder what everyone really wants. I don't think some steemians really know what they want at this point. Well actually they do, but that's an entirely different conversation.

For years now, everyone has been bitching and crying about Ned, steemit inc's incompetency and their lack of commitment to this blockchain, as well as their inability to fund new projects at a faster pace. Isn't this the opportunity for all of that to happen?

Ned is gone. I thought everyone would be celebrating. Steemit inc will now get an injection of funds to further develop and push new developments onto the blockchain. So what's the real issue here? I really don't buy some of the FUD that's being thrown around by some people. Are some of the profiteer's deliberately whipping people up into a frenzy because they have the most to lose out of this?


Well, the first thing we all saw was the announcement by @ned, and then we saw tweets from Sun indicating there was gonna be a wholesale integration of Steem into Tron, and our money replaced with some new token.

If that were the actual plan, I'd be rounding up torches and pitchforks myself. Sun didn't buy Steem, and he sure as hell didn't buy my Steem, or me. This however has changed and I suspect that multiple misunderstandings and translation issues have contributed to the outrage and confusion.

This post is my measured response after @justinsunsteemit's introductory post, the AMA, and the witness discussion hosted by @aggroed yesterday, and no little reflection on all that info. Not everyone has all that info, or has had time to consider it, so if the initial communication that Steem was becoming an app on Tron and their money was being replaced with some new fiat token from Tron is all they have to go on, I understand their outrage. I shared it for a minute.

We'll let them catch up with new facts as they are able, and get up to speed.

"Ned is gone. I thought everyone would be celebrating."

I'm not actually. @ned did some very good things, and single handedly invented being CEO of a new kind of business on the fly. Lotsa folks have lotsa criticisms, but I don't think many of them would have done better than @ned did. He did a lot right IMHO, and most critics don't give that a thought. With 1/3 of the Steem (more at the start) he never once sucked rewards up using stake weighting. That speaks pretty loudly to his character IMHO, because almost every other whale did.

He was integral to the creation of Steem and that development is a stroke of genius. He may not have been the most hard bitten CEO that ever made a profit, but he had ethical standards far above most of his peers on Steem, and created this novel offspring of crypto and social media we have come to love.

I'm deeply grateful to @ned, and always will be.


Thanks for your response. And BTW, this is a very well written article with a lot of good points that I agree with.

Well, the first thing we all saw was the announcement by @ned, and then we saw tweets from Sun indicating there was gonna be a wholesale integration of Steem into Tron, and our money replaced with some new token.

I think that was mostly PR myself. Playing to his Tron crowd and the markets in general. That's how I saw it myself at the time anyway. After all, he is a business man that's well known for his marketing skills - so it was to be expected. People put way too much emphasis and faith in one tweet and comment and came to some interesting and unfounded conclusions. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm cautious about it too. But without more to go on, what's the point in going ape shit like some are doing.

We'll let them catch up with new facts as they are able, and get up to speed.

I think it would have been wise and responsible for many to do this first, rather than be whipped up into a frenzy without much information and continue to spread the same initial FUD. That was my real point here.

But like I said, I think many are just being opportunistic about it all. Trying to make hay while the sun still shines (oops pardon the pun).

Anyway I chose to come to your post and comment, because I knew you would give a measured and well calculated thanks:)

I appreciate your feedback whenever I can get it. I've been long impressed with your ability be reasonable, and generally learn from everything you say.

Thanks! That's a very nice thing for you to say, and the feeling is definitely mutual. I do wish I had more time to devote to this blockchain and some of the conversation that go on, but that's the way it goes in life sometimes. I just hope it didn't seem like I was attacking you in any way. It wasn't my intention:)

I avidly seek criticism, as only that enables me to correct my false understandings. If you attack my ideas I do not feel like you're attacking me, because I need to attack my ideas, and the more people that attack them the better. Science can only disprove false hypotheses, and I don't want to continue believing false hypotheses.

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