As i have said before, the future will be everyone having their own "Wall Server"

The problem right now with implementing the things you have said is bandwidth. Thus requiring servers in facilities near internet junctions.
Else, there are all kinds of other solutions.

Maybe something like Bit Torrent, IPFS, like P2P, Holo Chain, etc.

Most of these do not work large scale. Current home bandwidths are 20% upload/80% download.
If we start running more BitTorrent, this becomes a bottleneck.

It's a far lesser bottleneck than centralized servers.

The real problem I see coming is funding infrastructure. ISPs not collecting rent for their pipes are going to shut them down. We need our own.

The next inter-connects won't have a physical infrastructure for connections.

But i have a real problem trying to work out how to get your packets out of a soup of all packets.
i could use cell phone array mathematics... but i do not believe that will be the best solution.

Right, could a "5g" network become like "hooli-net"?

Allowing us to "share" everything peer-to-peer and cutting the ISPs out completely?

5G is not a thing. Or, specifically, not a single thing. There is a lot of pieces to 5G.

Currently many home wifi routers use 5G, but it is really low power stuff.

Then there is the 5G that the state wants to implement where they basically bathe the entire world in 1mm band radiation.

But the answer to your question is, no, the first step in 5G is straight to the ISP.
You even eliminate your own personal routers.

Perhaps it would be feasible if someone made a "text only" (bittorrent-style) version of the steem blockchain?

The STEEM blockchain is text only.

One of my ideas would be for everyone to host their own data, and probably mirrored by some close friends.
The browser would then have to assemble the front page from all of your friends.

Perhaps it would be feasible if someone made a "text only" (bittorrent-style) version of the steem blockchain?

I highly recommend you (and you @builderofcastles ) check out holo
Its a platform/distributed internet/ mutual credit system thats being built right now where each user is also a server all interacting through a “holochain” instead of a blockchain. Everyone has their own local version of the chain that is constantly checked against its neighbors instead of one chain that is constantly updated. Very exciting stuff...

I like this idea. Holo Chain sounds like a Bit Torrent version of a blockchain type social network.

In a way yeah, it’s pretty broad in scope though. Literally trying to build a decentralized internet and facilitate local economies in a new way. Pretty interesting stuff.

It's like a decentralization of computer networks, but I don't understand because I don't know the network.

I am confident that my understanding of decentralization reveals the more decentralized something is, the more power the individuals using it have. That's freedom. I believe maximizing decentralization will maximize the happiness and prosperity of the folks using networks and currencies of the future.

That's what I want my sons to inherit.

I agree and I am a bit concerned as I was banned on Wordpress yesterday.

Damn. I've been banned on so many platforms I don't even try some of them anymore. Wordpress hasn't banned me yet, but probably only because I haven't offended them with my presence.