Hostile Takeover's Always get Resistance Justin!

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TroN/Justin has tried to hostilely take over the STEEM blockchain!

Now let me get one thing straight, I am not anti TroN ass whole I am against the actions that just happened yesterday. I do have tron, use tron, and I love STEEM end of story. Alot of things have happened with in the community which really shows the strength of numbers when something we all love is in jeopardy. Well the giants that's tried to execute this takeover found out pretty quick that the STEEM community isn't to be under estimated I have been in on the PAL meetings in discord to hear the plans and solutions to the crisis we are all facing. Biggest thing and I and others cant stress it enough use those witness votes you have I used mine and took a stance.

Witness Voting.png
Witness 21-40 on top regular votes

Now about me thinking positively about Justin Suns acquisition of Steemit Inc, I seen it mainly from a way to get more users attracted to the STEEM blockchain and everything it has to offer for its content creators and readers because above all we have to admit the TRX has a huge following that are not bots and exposing them would be beneficial. But I also had my worries about it as well, number 1 being exactly what happened it turned into a business level from 0-100 really quickly and it became obvious they were planning a take over under false reasons to bigger exchanges which in turn compromised their own integrity by using user funds to power up accounts. But after the backlash from use steemians have made a statement so far with just natural voting last I looked we had gotten 4 genuine witnesses back in the consensus which is the real goal here having a community governed STEEM blockchain. Here is our response in just 48 hours!

We have voted back in rank 1-4 and a close 6

This is what happens when big money meets determination and motivation for resolve and to over come the tyrannical actions that Justin and his band of "Thugs"like I said hostile takeovers have consequences and well this is your pill to swallow now. Whatever resistance you receive is well deserved and only do to you by yourself and your greedy actions. So STEEM community now that you have another perspective of the situation I say this. We need to do our part to keep the integrity of the blockchain and the decentralization of the blockchain to continue because that's the whole point of this whole thing is not one single entity having power so that they aren't making greedy business decisions with no regards to community members that have been on the platform longer then some were successful. Live and learn from this experience and use your available votes to get those that are not our witnesses but Justin Suns the hell out of there!

P.S. Nice try releasing it was done to stop a hacking attack! It was laughable at best in a entertaining way. Figure a smart rich man like yourself would be smarter then that unbelievable story with the users saying how it really is!

And With that I hit this bong and let this negativity be gone. Stay High my friends.

Thanks for reading







Very good analysis, thanks for the good post @veteranforcrypto, I think that this is the way most of us feel.

thanks brother its appreciated.

The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

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