So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

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I came in on Christmas Eve 2017.
I put my all into Steem.
I earned and powered up (no outside inputs) nearly 4500 SP during that time. ALL HARD WORK. NO buying!

Then, a bugger (scoundrel) named Justin Sun came in... (2020). He decided that with his money he could buy not only Steemit itself, but the whole Steem blockchain. He swapped all OUR community witnesses for his own paid witnesses (highlighting a fundamental flaw in the Steem setup) and basically flipped the entire community off with his fat, arrogant middle finger.

When it became clear that a grass roots initiative could only limit damage, but not oust Sun completely, a sister chain became inevitable. Hive. Hive hive hive hive HIVE!!!

But hey, the world is big enough for Steem and Hive. Right?

Maybe not.

Although I had originally planned to continue crossposting to both blockchains, the subsequent audacious moves of Justin Sun to CENSOR all posts which promoted HIVE changed my mind. (Sounds like a nameless dictator, not a CEO or good leader!) In particular, was a downvote by the steemit account to the tune of 339 SBD against @lordbutterfly.

(I kept and included this because it's clear looking at the original post that the amounts upvoted/downvoted are now hidden.)
(screenshot courtesy @enforcer48 via @lordbutterfly)

This was the moment when I knew that I could not post anything more on Steem - except this little farewell. I highly encourage everyone reading this to join us at and This is where the community is now. Yes, the community has issues. No, it will never be perfect. But it is free for people to express their opinions and even have little feuds between various people. You can't take the good without the bad, but we can have freedom to be a community again. At Hive.

So long and thanks for all the fish. (No thanks to Sun.)

For anyone who is still Steeming instead of Buzzing, come over to Hive. It's easy - and your Steem posts (until March 20 or so) are already there too.

I've written a bit about how to get there on Hive, though I'm not the best teacher on this.

When you're done with SteemTron, then here's a lovely tool that will allow you to flip your middle finger back at Justin Sun in a way like no other...

SteemPruner replaces your Steem content with a link to the Hive version of the same content. Very simple... and very easy. Give it a try!

Until then, remember this lovely beekeeping sketch from Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese... Hive hive hive hive hive.... hive hive hive hive HIVE!!!!

Time for the Sun to set around here. Buzz on over to Hive!


To Hive!

(I definitely wanted others to see that stupid downvote.)

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